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June Holidays

One whole month to myself. The escape from dreaded school, the escape from bearing with all the crap that I receive and the escape from just everything.

And then again, I will treasure this June Holidays a lot. After it passes I’ll probably be yet another lonely girl again. Sister brother will be down for exams and tests, the other one I don’t feel like mentioning, and everyone has to start mugging too.

After that will probably be another dreaded year, and once again they have to be busy again. 2 more years, and it will be my turn to be busy again (Year 4). When will I finally be free, and when will I ever have the chance again?

Being away from all those dreaded troubles, spending all my days at home is definitely boring. Only with some obstacles and challenges will you be able to grow up and have fun, you may say. But nah, I’ll choose the peaceful way. I’ll choose to stay at home and rot for one entire month than to be anyway near school. That excludes NCC activities because I truly enjoy them.

It’s funny how I used to enjoy school. It’s funny how my classmates enjoy school so much. And yet I don’t. Perhaps it is just me but a tinge of loneliness is always brought up whenever the name ‘school’ is mentioned to me. I’m not used to that, definitely. It’s not that I loathe school entirely, and it’s not that I loathe RVHS. I can’t adjust. Even after 6 months. How funny.

Truly luv RVNCC, the main thing that keeps me going, something that makes me look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays. Something that I feel secure during, something I feel at home at… It may be tough and tiring but sure, there’s just this unexplainable fun in it. With all the great friends that I can make. Suffering with them, crying with them, the joy of meeting them unexpectedly in school. The image of them is just too perfect to me.

Have never regretted putting NCC as my UG choice, and will never. 😀

And nah plz be clarified this is not an emo post but I r just emphasizing on the luv I have for RVNCCAlpha (last line of previous post) 😀 Oh ya I post vry weirdly nowadayz. Like my Internet language is vry vry weird so juz bear with it LOL I haz been learning many new words. Okay this totally broke the “emo” my previous post sia.

Cya gotta eat dinner.


Isn’t it so horrible when you and only you work so hard for something only to let the credit be taken away by someone in the end?

I wish I had more rights for everything. I wish I had the power to stop them, and scold that person. But nah, everything’s just impossible.


RV Open House

Today was a rather busy day and I’m feeling quite exhausted now so I’ll probably go to sleep shortly after I post this.

Lol I was crazy la, told my platoon to gather at 7am ahahaha. 7.30am was the fall in time mah 😛

Learnt some new yang tiggi drill, and it’s super nice hahaha and the commands are super not nice hahahaha seriously I don’t get the commands and I just go in order. Like cos they cannot possibly randomly command you in your positions mah. Or can they? I dnno sia, haven’t learn.

Then had COMPANY COMBINE. Seriously I dreaded that la. It was all so terrorising seriously.
Then went play captain ball with the guys. Eeeee they so ungentlemanly can.
Keep snatching. Whn I holding the ball they just pull it away from us WTH IS THEIR PROBLEM!!!

RVNCC Part A guys for the phail. 😀

Um, then went aircon classroom to slack. -.- The guys kena chase out BY STAFF AND SGT lol it was damn funny seriously they fall in outside e classroom. Thn Staff Kendrick n Sgt David got chased outta the classroom by Sgt Shirleen. Oh she was kinda pissed LOL by our noise.

Thn had break and god.. the part which I hate. PART As combine~!!!!! omg sickening. The guys drills really cannot make it sia. They learnt vry little drills only but yet they don’t even have nice drills for the “little drills” that they learnt sia.

But I like e combine company becoz the shouting = shiok. HEHEHEHE. Hentakhaki is naise but hor e guys timing hor ish nvr nvr constant. Sometimes fast sometimes slow walau S HUIMIN ISH SUPER ZAI ONE LUR RIGHT RIGHT ALPHA. I hopez the guys will be vry vry pro faster then can combine company more often :}:}:}

After on went to West Mall with Huimin, Annqing and Jasmine to have KFC (again!) had OR Fillet + Cheese Fries. Then walked around before going home. Walao korkor chased me home lor in the end I have to run home from the MRT. Not bad la, normally should take 15 minutes to get home, but I took only 5 minutes to run hoem :} Got stops in between somemore.

Thn went Orchard Cineleisure Sakae Teppanyaki to celebrate Yang’s bday hehehehe (and of course I bathed before that). Will upload pictures tomorrow(edit post). Teppanyaki ftw it was my first time eating that. Sibeh suaku right!!! Aiya it was nice la.

Then had dessert at Tiong (kns larh my brother siao wanna eat more) before going to papa’s shop. N i slept soundly on the chair :} Wonder how many people saw me sleeping heheheheh cus I was sitting outside.

Aiya wutever siah I also want to sleep riao. Tomorrow haz pictureessss. Once I get from ChongPeng larh. hahah.


I ♥ RVNCC Alpha ’09 :}

Progress Report

WAH SO FAST SIA. Another term liao. I remember before Term 2 started I was still whining that it meant 10 more weeks before we would get our long-awaited holidays. NOW IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE AND IT’S COMING IN A FEW DAYS (I shall count Saturday as a schoolday because I has to go back to school for CCA)

Hope can go back more often during the holidays, for the last few times w our specs? Cos they said they won’t be seeing us after June holidays anymore.. Haha… Aww that’s so sad lor. No one in the right set of mind will be looking forward to them ROD D: New specs.. all over again? The people who helped us enjoy NCC (kinda?). Hahaha. WILL BE MISSED D< My face bng touched WILL NOT BE MISSED OF COURSE but evrything else will be missed. The teasings and Staffeei's laughter. OI DON'T YOU FIND IT COMICAL.

If only ours was as frequent as band’s. 7 hours and 8 practices, total 56 hours. Call me crazy but rlly, I rlly don’t mind. I miss all the pumpings and drills that we had done. OI I THINK PUMPINGS MAKE NCC FUN OK. Recently nvr pump is like sooo boring, no kick, go home also don’t feel vry satisfied (feel tt nvr burn many fats?) SO NCC MUZZZ PUMP OR ELSE NO FUN :}

No one squealing “KIMBUMMMMMM” anymore during act, no one disiao-ing us anymore during act, and new people to teach us drills. Can adapt or not? Plus plus will miss the pink water bottle that Sgt’s always passing around for us to share HEHEHEHE.

Term 1 Progress Report (my post 3 months ago larh)

Wow. 3 months. Hahah. Flew by fast. Anyway I got GPA of 3.6. got pulled down badly by crappish CA1. LOL MY MYEs is like fricking 4.0 GOSH bUT ok evryone did vry vry well so what am I tlaking about?

Even people who get 3.3 are sad too. But hahaha I shall b satisfied for getting 3.6 as an improvement from last term’s 3.2 and hope to get a 3.7 in Term3 :}

From top to bottom, left to right: Jasmine, Gertie, Yixin, Annqing and moi.

(courtesy of Yixin. And god Yixin your cam is good, the size is so fricking big can.)

Picture frmo the JP outing with my platoonmates yesterday :D:D:D I THINK ANNQING SIBEH CUTE LOR. AND WHY IS S HUIMIN NOT INSIDE T_T stupid guys who don’t want to help us take picture and ended up leaving the restaurant in the end!!! Yea guys you all suck man!!! Dnno how many countless times we asked Jiajun, or Waiyuin to help us take picture. And they just stone there looking at us giving us the ‘diao’ expression. OI WHAT IS SO WRONG IN HELPING US TAKE PICTURE?!?!?!?! ALSO NVR ASK YOU GO FEMALE TOILET N PEE RIGHT.

Ok no relevance. But still I’m sooo pissed that we didn’t take a picture w Huimin 😀

Hmm, shall go off to bathe now for the 3rd time in the day. Aiyar just now went to Ngee Ann Poly to eat dinner LOL damn nice ok the Jap cuisine especially cos she’s treating me. Sister brought me inside and walked aroud the school. It’s so fricking big and cool and whatever larh seriously and seriously poly life looks so fun, appealing and evrything. For all you know I may consider a transfer outta RV in Y4 just to go through poly life. Haha. She gnna have 3 yrs of fun life!!! I’m definitely envious (isn’t life meant for enjoying?), cos I will be going through 2 horrible yrs when my sister is enjoying!!!!!

Will talk more about that when the time comes. HAHAHA. But for now, of cuz muz perform well in RV :}:} as a small fish. Yup, seeing the Y4/Y5s in school wearing the JC uniform makes me cringe because it makes me feel so small wearing that nurse uniform.

Hmm ok I drifted so offtopic la. I shall go off to bathe le. Hehe. Byeeee~



Anyway today was XCountry got a shittish position -_-” 48th leh >.> But okay larh I shall console myself by thinking there were 300 people who participated and I am in NCC not Xcountry or netball or whatever CCA that runs themselves to hell.

Walao Centaur last LOL First from the bottom of the list sia!! Shall nvr wear my Centaur Tshirt in school anymore HAHAHAH
Today’s pace was quite smooth and steady, just that Ching Ling had loads of difficulty and she looked as if she was gnna die anytime. Then she said she will catch up so I just run run run run run then when I look behind I was like ?! where is chingling?!?!?! lol.

Thn went JP to eat with platoonmates + the guys for the first time. Wooohooo we went to eat KFC -.- Huimin & Gertie ran away!!! And haha aft that Huimin & Annqing and I keep talking and talking and talking totally didn’t wanna go home but now I’m right home and I miss them so much ahaha ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG AM I LESBIAN?!?!?!?


Look forward to the nxtttttt oneee :}:}:}


Sorry for neglecting arhh I haf been busy the past few days with Dance Practical + YOG Project + NCC Chalet so so so had no time to blog!!!

At least I’m done with 2 of them so I feel super song now. IT’S THE END OF OUR DANCE MODULE!!! WOOHOO!!
NCC Chalet is yet to be settled but shd be settled..soon. haha.

Yawn tmr is XCountry and my legs are super suan now due to so many hentakhakis just now.

WHEN WE HENTAKHAKI srsly they give command I will just blank out at the timing when I’m timing. CONCLUSION IS THAT HUIPING MUZ NVR BE A TIMER!!! Seriously I forget all the timings and evrything. When I become IC also. Omg I suck I must kick this!!! Or else nxt time sure die alr D<
Ummmmm, shall rest well tonight and forget about all the homework I have to do. hahaaaa go to hell~!!!

Maybe I’ll settle NCC Chalet today. Sian! Have to bug ppl again.

Sian at home.

Well I’m not blogging nowadays because I’m rotting my life at home and HUH THERE’S nothing to blog about?!?!? Do I have to share with you about how I argue with my siblings?? Lol~

Hmm, been posting loads and loads on my platoon blog recently. Sorry to neglect my main blog but hey it will be there and it will always be there so don’t worry :D:D

Been addicted to Restaurant City for a while. Anyone wnna trade ingredients w me? 😛 And gosh tmr’s the deadline of the YOG Project and we haven’t even start. Tuesday’s the deadline of the dance assignment 3(we have to create a dance la) and we haven’t even done 35seconds!!

We are damn fricking pro and I find that I am always in a group who does last minutes -.- Well I’m also a last-minute person but this time there are really TOO MANY LAST-MINUTES!!! Gosh one day I’m going to explode into many many pieces then people are going to piece me up and then find that I exploded due to too many rubbish projects.
Okay wth am I talking.

Jiayou jiayou jiayou and chiong chiong chiong man~ SuZann wanted to do YOG tomorrow recess LOL and then I found out that I chiong also not so CHIONG-ish. Okay wth am I talking I’m going off to bug Jane to go online. HAHAHA.


NCC = Slack?

Hmm I haven’t bathe so I’ll make this a very short one. Or maybe. Hahaha.
Health check was likeee fun we were screaming through the whole corridor playing stupid games playing this playing that truth or dare or chilli chop whatever. Then got echo somemore, the feeling is sibeh shiok one.

Aiya then CID got some rocket competition slacked all of it away. Tempted to sleep but the grandstand was so hot lor, how to sleep!!

~gosh i feel damn cold now, suddenly~

okay larh, then NCC today was -.- totally slack. :X Did drills then play Captains’ Ball and before we knew it it was alr last parade. Totally nvr knock at all, nvr pump at all, no PT at all. I was actually pretty amused when they told us to march at the grandstand (aren’t NCC activities supposed to be in the sun?!?!) and then I started smiling. Ya I smiled so much tday I ought to slap myself. Today they kept giving us wrong commands and whenever we do wrong also nvr pump. It was like soo odd lur they just laugh laugh laugh. Because normally all we hear is, “PART As KNOCK IT DOWN!!! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO …….”

Then keep getting disiao n I suck I keep vibrating -.-. Ugh I nid to stop smiling. Gosh my face tio abuse D: Andandand they told us we were gnna run 8 rounds for xcountry. I was sooo tired after doing all the drills liao then suddenly tio bomb with one 8 rounds. I was like sian diao and totally dreaded that moment, then I got mentally prepared. And wow the moment they said 8 rounds so many people fall out, instant stitch LOL but rlly I was scared too.

Then suddenly they tell us that they were just bluffing us and well, we played captains’ ball. Still tiring though, running to and fro the teams and jumping like a monkey while the person stones w the ball is definitely not fun. Maybe 8 rounds would have been better.

OH!!! I SURVIVED BEING AN IC!! Sorry Annqing it is definitely not fun because I was trembling throughout the whole thing. After that still trembling cus the moment I tremble, the whole day I will be trembling, can’t get that “thingy” off me. Yup but my personal drills according to staff not vry good. That I understand becos well, I DON’T PRACTISE AS MUCH AS ANNQING, HAHA!! And yay I didn’t laugh didn’t laugh, made many many mistakes but erm I kind of corrected them :}:}:} Wow I turned to say “Gd afternoon Sgt Ma…OH SHIT!!!!” ya rlly I rlly said that -.- wth what was I doing? and then she turned back. Then I faster diam pltn and turn to greet again HAHAHA HOW STUPID IS THAT??

I was panicking while we girls were gathering at the piano before CCA because I was ilke, “WHAT IF THIS?? WHAT IF TT???? WHAT TO DO???? WHO ABSENT??? EH HOW COME ONLY GOT 10 PEOPLE????? WHERE IS YIJIE???? OMG WHY JIELING NOT HERE???” like a crazy maniac lur. BUT WELL I STILL SURVIVED HEHEHEHE I almost said “Private Lee Annqing” though, cus I keep practising the Private LeeAnnqing[she taught me anyway] thingy and I recite it to myself -.-

//needs to stop the habit of smiling. BUT OMG I GOT IMPROVEMENT, tday dnt have like outburst of air or anything and I’m so glad~~!!!! now the smiling part muz fix alr & yay my vibration also cut dwn alr altho still have larh!!

MUST LEARN FRMO LIEWHUIMIN&YENTING HAHAH hmm till then for now I am sticky n stinky and i has to bathe.