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Getting pictures?

I know I always promise to get pictures but nah I get nothing in the end (ahahaha haven’t get my Teppanyaki pics yet)

Okay so tomorrow is NCC Day and I can’t find my black belt oh shit and I polished my boots alr and now my maid brought it to the cobbler which means I have to polish again tonight oh shit another 1hour? Oh shit. Not forgetting I still have one Chinese presentation as well as the script to do.

Okay so I went to the doctor’s just now and 2 types of medicine costed me $51 oh my god oh my god oh my god I just bombed like so much money like that!! Heart pain can anot. It’s like my allowance of 2 weeks lo T_T The clinic damn exaggerate. EVerywhre got paper and posters and whatever hahahaha wanted to take picture but I was the only one so I decided not to be a psycho lar.

Am so sleepy zzz but I have to do my presentation 😦 I’ll be done with the information before I nap lar hopefully. And the wins thing is that I haven’t bathe since I came back from school yey.


Time passes fast.

It’s been 8 months, isn’t it?
I still miss. Yes, how sentimental.


Will update the post below soon, I mean the STALKING OF FT ISLAND WOO WOO I MISS THEM ALR ;\ Hongki alr hosted Inkigayo today zzzz they’re already in Korea so fast right? When I was sleeping they alr arrived wonder which crazy fan fetched them at 4am/5am++ Actually I will if SHINee came la.

Hmm, I still remember that random photoshoot they did in the middle of the streets. Haha.

Rushing homework (Chinese) like mad now. Sad la Tuesday CCA still cancelled. Hate you H1N1 just close school once and for all. Why must cancel everything except school?!

Changi Airport + TB

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Today went Tiong Bahru to watch movie with RVNCC -.- but before that went to eat… Kopitiam. haha. Hokkien Mee ftw. And Presley, nice coin aiming into Yixin’s shirt 🙂 Ooops I hope she doesn’t kill me~!


My fringe nice hor. hehehez

Watched movie (Transformers 2), but buy wrong timeslot (elaborate tomorrow). It was like Yixin told the person 2.40PM, then last 2nd row, then we just took the tickets and left. Then I think Yixin had a hunch that we received the wrong tickets, but we only realised it at 1.40PM. We were given the 12.40PM timeslot tickets -_- Then Yixin took the tickets and faster go change. However 2.40PM only first 4 rows left, so we took the 3.20PM timeslot instead, having the same seats as before.

Omg I slept. I slept!!! I ACTUALLY SLEPT IN THE MOVIE. WOW. & at GV outside I saw EunSeong, Marc, Caleb, a lot more that I didn’t see actually. Wow, they were watching Transformers 2 @ 2.40PM, first 4 rows according to Gordon. Walao, if I change for 2.40pm timeslot, won’t I be hearing all their stupid noises and sounds and everything alr? Hahaha, don’t want la, later my RVNCC friends know how childish my primary school friends are. 😛

Okay the movie was not ok because as you see I slept and I was counting down to every minute to the end -_-” After that came out, then I beg and beg mummy to let me go airport T_T Cos that whole day I was super duper uber siannn-ed because Mummy don’t let me and sister go airport, cos she say will get H1N1 -.-” Lame right. And then my balance ran out while talking to my sister halfway so I exited the MRT station and went to get top-up from Papa shop, then go beg and beg again. Maybe that’s fate. In the end mommy relented and Papa also let, so Shihui you better thank me if not you are alr at home saying “no choice la…”

Fan account
(don’t read if you’re not a fan of korean artists because you won’t understand anything)

Then went Changi Airport, hehehe. Journey seemed shorter than usual. Okay stood for around 2 hours before they came out.

The crowd? Thankfully we were there cos we were one of the last ones to b able to reach the first front row to see thm 😀


Anyway, yes I am that strong hahahaha okay lar for the sake of the Korean stars, anything will be okay~!!!! 2 hours = peanuts! AND WOO I SAW HONGKI!!!!! Omg they all wear mask la, damn classic. Then they all like DBSK like that, hide from us lo. MINHWAN WAVE AT US HAPPILY HEHEHEHEE. That manager hor, keep coming out first, then I always mistake him as a member and I’m like, OMG SINCE WHEN FT ISLAND SO OLD AND UGLY ONE. -_-” WTH STUPID MANAGER WILL ELABORATE MORE AFTERWARDS.

Then after they left, we went back, sister looked at the fancams while I chionged some work before sleeping early that night becos we were gonna go stalk thm 😀

Then I woke up pretty late and then 2pm+ we left home to go to Singapore Flyer to stalk them. Wth, then my sis’s friend received news that FT Island was alr on the Flyer at 3pm! At that point in time I was still on the bus near Holland Village, and I was like mentally slapping myself for not coming out earlier. Wth, they keep eating cuttlefish, and I tell you the Flyer turn turn turn, confirm got very nice view of them one lor, am so jealous of those early birds T_T & JAEJIN WAS SUPER COOL.

Okay we missed them by a few minutes. We cabbed there and rushed there as fast as we could and when we came out, the whole place was empty. O_O, empty like empty. So we suspected they left alr. Then we went to ask the ticketing office. WTH THEY REALLY LEFT A FEW MINS AGO! WAS SO PISSED AT THAT MOMENT LA. Wasted cab fee 😦

Then from there, we decided to cab to St James Power Station to meet Sharon & gang. Then we cabbed down there, and they said they were at Vivo cos FT Island returned to hotel to probably change or sleep for a short while or something. T_T; Then we were running to and fro VivoCity looking for them, running through the MRT, and by the time we saw them, we were already breaking out in cold sweat. Harbourfront & Vivo both got Subway -.-“

Okay then we watch their Flyer fancam and we were so envious lar. 😦

Anyway we then trained down to Ritz Carlton and we were walking for a vry long distance. Then we saw their personal van and we got all excited and I ran towards it. Of course la, it’s empty, but at that point in time I just saw the plate number – 8228, and super happy and excited alr LOL. Then we went to take picture with the van, me and my sister, haha.

8228 ftw~!

Then I was standing at the side of the engine. Suddenly my leg there super hot. Then I turned behind to see the lights turning on. Then I ran to the front of the hotel TO SEE THEM WALKING OUT OMGOSH.

We were so lucky! The moment we reach, then they come out, haha. WTH I saw the manager again. I’m so pissed, he always waste my few seconds of being able to look at the other stars, DO YOU KNOW, WHEN LOOKING AT KOREAN STARS, EVERY SECOND IS DAMN PRECIOUS?!?!?! Then they vanned to dunno where, so we cabbed down to St James Power Station again (peak rate T_T) as they were rumoured to be rehearsing before 8pm. Then the pub was opened for business when we arrived there so they were NOT going to rehearse! So we went to Vivo again, and then hanged around for a little while (FT Island went to dinner) before training to Ritz Carlton. When we reached Citilink there, we received news that they reached the hotel already! Aiya, should have been faster upon knowing that they wear slipper (sister saw -_-) confirm won’t go too far one lo.

Okay, so we were there at 8pm, and we believed that they won’t sleep too early given their busy schedule. Nicole & gang rocks, haha. They booked a room, zai right! There was this Japanese woman who said they saw them swimming at the swimming pool at 5am, ZOMG?!?!?! She was chio la. And the Thailand group, haha. Got one girl damn chio!

So we decided to hang around in the hotel lobby until 10.30PM when Mummy scream at us to go home T_T Okay, so we went home reluctantly, but of course, we were back the next morning 😀

Hwoever the rest of the group who stayed had information.
Whrere they were suspected to stay in. They say got camera flashes. Then the curtain opened, after that the camera flashes suddenly stopped. They prolly got spotted. haha.

We decided to book a Maxicab from 3.30PM onwards ($45/h, but shared among 7 people) PA5697L, PRIVATE VAN WOO. And so we trained to St James Power Station in the morning to hang around and look at them come in. Unexpectedly, they came in from the entrance and straight to the backdoor! So when I saw their empty van,I was like OH SHIT, FORGOT TO CHECK THAT ENTRANCE!!!!! Haiya, foolish of me isn’t it 😦

Where they came in from. 😦

Okay then we were bored and we were not going showcase so we went to Vivo to hang around and sat in that corner where we chatted. Then a Korean tourist came along (saw his guidemap) and then we brought him to the monorail. Then he was like “Why do you like FT Island?” Cos we told him FT Island was in Singapore! And the girl beside him was like REALLY? in Korean, and I don’t know how to spell it 😛 Hahaha. Then he said, “How about Super Junior?!” THEN THE 3 OF THEM (SHIHUI + HER 2 FRIENDS) went crazy lmao

After that I asked, if Australian tourist come along, what they will do. Then I said I won’t bring them to the monorail, and they said must put a post to say “KOREAN TOURISTS ONLY” hahahaha

Okay, then we hang around till 3pm+ we went to St James Power Station.

The blank space leading to St James Power Station where we sat around for little while before leaving at 3pm.

Everyone was inside at that point in time alr, then the guard outside was taking out posters and everything -.- their gifts a lot leh!

The guards and their presents! JaeJin didn’t really have many, quite saddening.

Anyway, the guard opened the door for us, so we had free audio preview outside (MINHWAN’S DRUMMING + HONGKI’S VOICE = LUV), and then he gave out free posters and some people came along with free Media tags and my sis’s fren got it LOL. PLUS HONGKI WALKED OUT LIKE THRICE WOW WOW WOW.

The place where Hongki&his managers&organiser walk out. Couldn’t catch them in time! 😦

Anyway I wanted the media tag leh, but nevermind, I got 4 posters lmao. Then I gave 2 away to Nicole and (OMG WHAT’S YOUR NAME?!?!?!)

Totally dun regret NOT going for the concert. Had free audio preview + free posters + free tags + FREE PREVIEW OF HONGGI WITHOUT MASSIVE SCREAMING OR WHATEVER, you tell me shiok ornot!

Free tag.

The 4 free posters we received.

That poster outside.

Okay, then we rushed into the cab, and then when their personal van came out we were all going crazy and screamed at the driver to follow them.

Their presents in the van.

I think like got 7-8 maxicabs following them la. Haha. Then we followed them to hotel where we waited for very long till they came out (1-2hr+). What were they doing sia! The Uncle John is super nice lar, help us throw rubbish, give us insider information etc.

Then we tailed them to Manna Korean restaurant and they took random photoshoots in the middle of the streets!

The resto they ate for v long. 3 nights if I’m not wrong?


HONGGI~!!!! I watch ihm host Inkigayo the next day then he never really say anything, hahaha.

Minhwan~ sis still whining that he shook her hand w a lot of force, AHAHAHA. Drummer huat got many many muscle

Minhwan & Jonghoon..

gorup group group CHIO

Some of them. The next will be picture spammings…

Hahaha, at that corner. Walao why they go ulu place to eat~! And eat Korean cuisine somemore. Singapore cuisine vry bad meh~!!!!


But I must say the view is quite nice, although it’s a ulu singapore street. Haha, then I stood in front of them!!!! Totally nice and clear view, and super close to them! Then they went to eat and the photographer came out after an hour plus (which meant that they were also gonna come out soon), and he took a picture of the fans on our side!! Haha. Shiok! Okay then subsequently they came out, the all access guards keep playing w the soft toys they receive lo.

Inside the van, those all access people go sit. They got TV, etc. And I saw headphones + PSP. I think Jonghoon play lah, cos it’s ‘his area’.

With my sis 😀

W the whole group 🙂 Made friends w them at the hotel~!!!

Then tailed them to airport where they tried to shook off many vans, but then we followed them successfully, HEHEHE. Cos we were slow. They were travelling on the 1st lane. Then all the stalkers on 2nd alne and etc. then suddenly, never signal, the van suddenly turn to the left. Then all the silly vans just go straight, HAHAHA wonder what was their reaction. “OH SHIT.” “F***!!!!!!!!” etc etc? Then we followed them all the way to airport where they kept making rounds and rounds and rounds to distract us fans 😀 Ya we were tricked actually. We got off and they didn’t, -.- but eventually they did!

When the person wheel their luggages and instruments in, we were the only one around them so we keep touching and touching and touching lmao, THEY TOUCH MY HANDPRINT LEH. Then the stupid guy dropped their stuff so I helped to pick them up, WAH TOUCH SOMEMORE, DAMN SHIOK. Okay then he wheeled off and all the fans started screaming so I believe they were here. Then I was also running together w the rest and then I was pushed away by a bunch of plump fans but I saw Minhwan being squashed and giving out a forced smile, aww, so sweet of him.

Then I was squashed away and thus I couldn’t wave goodbye to them at the immigrations there, and I gave up squeezing to the front because there were too many people. But I hope, they sure enjoyed their time here in Singapore, and hope they will come back soon!

Thanks to all the people who helped me in this, the “Nicole gang”, the hotel staff, and thanks to all those people who refused to divulge their SECRET INFORMATION to us, becos you all suck. Selfish fans! Ever heard of sharing is caring?

Okay, that will be all. Will upload pictures when I have them (tonight?) and will update more and write more information if I remember any. Am off to take a short nap now, cya!

Aiya quite lazy to blog now, will update this post tomorrow (with pictures?)

Edit: HAVE NO TIME TO BLOG RIGHT NOW – has a lot a lot a lot of homework to complete so I’ll chiong through today and tomorrow (hopefully I have enough time to finish everything and tie up all the loose ends)

Will update w pics as well as how we went crazy….

Here are just the certain notes, maybe you can make out things from some of them? Haha.

Our taxi – PA5697L, theirs PC8228 something and 8282 NICE NUMBERS,
AND EVERYTHING. MARINA SQUARE, RITZ CARLTON TILL 10.40PM, the seeing of them taking pics in random places (Manna!!!!)

WILL BE UPDATED SOON, probably when school reopens, cya!

Those pics you see w credits belong to my sis’s friend, Xinying :}

RVNCC dreams…

Recently my life has been revolving around NCC (even my dreams, ugh!) I dreamt of NCC 3 consecutive nights (thankfully, not anymore last night -_-)

And it’s rlly rlly ridiculous and I will die if I share them so I shall not. Okay one of the ridiculous one (quite long ago, can’t remember many details) was that I dreamt of Sgt Shirleen skiing???? That skiing place is imaginary though, I don’t know how I even dreamt of it. OMG I SURE MISS KOREA SO MUCH ;( but wow, why the heck Sgt Shirleen appear in my dream? & I dreamt of Yixin and SOME PERSON got scandal lmao YIXIN DON’T KILL ME but don’t worry I find it ridiculous too.

& then there’s another movie trip tomorrow with the usual people (Yixin.. Huimin, thanks Alpha girls, why all of you always cannot make it one ar) together with some of the guys. A lot of people cannot make it cos everyone chionging homework -.- DAMN YOU WEEK4. Well me too, but hahaha, THERE’S ALWAYS A TOMORROW (quoted frmo Wenhao XD)

FT Island’s coming tomorrow and I won’t say I’m really excited but sure, I do await their arrival and will be turning up at the airport tomorrow to receive them. Sister thinks of stalking them, shall we? But ugh, loads of homework are still awaiting me. 😦 Hmm.. do I have a yellow shirt? Tomorrow go check wardrobe ba. Yellow jeans got, but dunno how to pei leh.) AND THE FUNNY THING IS I DON’T KNOW ANY OF THEIR MEMBERS EXCEPT HONGKI, WOW.

K look am so bored now and it’s 2am (yea, it’s 2am, THE COLDEST TIME OF THE DAY, HAHA SHIHUI JOKE.) and my brother sister mother father sleeping and I’m so lonely here in the room, with my brother taking every opportunity and chance to chase me out 😦 I wanna ton overnight and watch transformers, but so lonely lo! Aiya, maybe I shall ton overnight la, DON’T CARE ;D

Okay, having a movie trip with Alpha tomorrow, so I will go off nao to watch Transformers 1, in case I don’t understand the movie tomorrow. BYEEEEEE.



I just slacked the entire morning (and afternoon) away. RESTAURANT CITY YOU SUKZ YOU ARE WASTING SO MUCH OF MY TIME, and bloghopping LOL I AM AN EXPERT ALRDY.

I found like MSG Joycelin’s 2 old blogs, Sgt Shirleen DNT KNOW HOW MANY COUNTLESS blogs, Staff Feei’s old blog (alr dug up long ago actually), Staff Shereen’s old blog, CSM Alan Yeo’s old blog, CSM Qiao Wei’s old blog, WOW WOW I think I am damn pro. But I believe there are still many out there to be discovered (by me) hahahaaha

WOO WOO WOO and found quite a number of their pictures ba. Okay I sound totally dumb now but seriously, they look damn cute la!!!! (cadet saying this to specs?) Okay I think 3 years down teh road I think I will think I look like a fashion disaster & a horrible looking idiot who camwhores shamelessly but srsly, I still wnna take more pics while I still look dumb (like a primary school student no doubt) HEHEHE

And CCA seems to be cancelled this entire week, because of the stupid H1N1. OI RVHS/MOE, YOU WANNA CANCEL, PLS CANCEL EVERYTHING INCLUDING SCHOOL, DON’T JUST CANCEL OUR CCA OK. We want to go for CCA and not school, but why is the opposite happening? Ughzxzxzx.

Seriously Oh-Mai-God and I wish that a miracle will happen, CCA will commence (does that mean that there’s no more NCC Day parade? zzzzz) OI I STILL WANT TO WEAR MY NO.3 FOR THE WHOLE DAY (and show off) 😦


Huiping, go do homework right nao

I woke up at 1304h today (1.04pm) GREAT OR NOT? I don’t even know why, since I didn’t sleep that late last night (okay la, 2.51AM) HAHA. Maybe I am suffering from post-chalet-syndrome. Cos I slept rlly vry little during the chalet lorh. I don’t know how all the guys managed to sleep so sweetly (and can even continue sleeping when we open the door to wake them up)

Aiya so when it’s 5pm later I will get two feelings.

1. OMG IT’S LATE!!!!
2. But I just woke up 4 hours ago.

LOL WHATEVER. Sian la, today is Week4 already, you HEAR THAT, IT’S ALREADY WEEK 4!!!!!!

AND WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR MY HOMEWORK?!?!!?!? GOD. Huiping you really ought to get on that book and start reading (you know, I wanted to read 100 pages yesterday, then I read to page 8, stopped and went to play Facebook apps.) OHMEEGAWD, WHAT AM I DOING!?!?!? Somemore my brother bought Sims3 at the bloody wrong time. Oh god. So it’s like, “I WANNA PLAY SIMS!!! I WANNA GO FACEBOOK!!!!”
And the other side of my brain saying, “No, you complete your 100 pages first.”

AND TOMORROW GOT CCA?!?!?! WOOOWOOO OMG I CAN’T WAIT LEH TOMORROW GOT CCA OR NOT?!?!?! I totally miss drills and pumping so much alrdy I’m always banging wherever I go. & I totally miss my platoonmates uh!!! How long have we not been together already? & I miss those from chalet!! 😛

Anyway, thankfully the book is quite easy to understand, but I tell you the starting is a bit stupid. They’re drinking coffee (?) talking about loneliness (?) talking about how gender is important in making friends (?)????? Maybe it’s not that easy to understand afterall, a bit confusing leh -.-

FT Island’s coming to Singapore this weekends or earlier, JIAYOU, HUIPING, I ALSO DON’T KNOW HOW YOU’RE GONNA COMPLETE YOUR HOMEWORK.

now, do it, VOTE FOR EXTEND HOLIDAYS @ ChannelNewsAsia! See the pollbox in the bottom left of the page?

Now, you’ll be surprised 89% of the people in Singapore are in this with me. WOOHOO CMON PPL, EXTEND THE BLOODY HOLIDAYS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! MOE WHERE ARE YOU?? RELEASE YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT RIGHT NOW!!!!

But then again, will NCC day be cancelled? I hope not. No.3 whole day, WOOHOO, EXCITED!!!!

OO wow wow finally starting on homework.

Yesterday went Tiong Bahru for my 2nd dinner, kinda, wahaha. And woo woo woo my brother bought Sims3! Comes in its original packaging. From Challenger, haha.

Hmm, had Mango snow ice again. Pictures with sister, will upload, next time, vry vry long. Hahaha. I’m quite bored ba, so here’s a pic of the books I borrowed -.-

Don’t ask me why all 3 are Chinese. That’s for my homework. And don’t ask me why 3, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t borrow the wrong genre or whatever, so I bought 3 just for security, so if got this book is the wrong type, I just change book can alrdy lo, hahaha.

And those who went chalet + reading this, PLZZZ PASS ME ANY PICS YOU HAVE from the chalet, in order to make my post look less like a wall of text hahahaha THANKS!! You should have my e-mail and number ba. :O Or just tag me :D:D:D

Now I feel a little bad pushing my chalet “experience” down because everytime I visit my blog and I see it, I can’t help but to glance through my post again and kinda reminisce (ALTHOUGH IT’S ONLY 2 DAYS AGO?)

Thanks to the stupid guys lo, don’t want take picture with us. Now we got very little pics T_T Wanted to take picture at Changi Airport so it looked like we just came back frmo a camping holiday with all our camping bags and stuff together with some guys who brought sleeping bags, but haiya, THANK THE STUPID GUYS LA~~!!!!

Okay am going off now to sleep for a little while before I wake up to play Sims3 😮 And shit I totally forgot about uncle’s dinner tonight, haha. Aiya later then settle ba, am so lazy right now.

And did you notice I changed my font size + font for my blog? (I bet you didn’t) Ahaha, Arial of cuz, size 10 was because size 8 looks like an ant.. Ant reminds me of “ARE YOU SHOUTING TO AN ANT!?!??! I’M NOT AN ANT!!!!!”

Okay sibeh random, I shall rlly go off now. Bai bai. And I think I will post less frequently because I don’t feel like pushing my chalet experience down and gone forever unless you dig into the Archives T_T I mean like I want it to feel like “just now” kinda thing. But once again, if I don’t update my blog once a day, how am I gonna keep track of my life, and know what I’ve been doing when I read my blog 5 years later? Hahaha.

Am so glad I started blogging from P2. Makes me feel so pro. ❤