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Time is not at my luxury unlike last time

I shouldn’t have woken up that late. I should have woken myself up at least 1 hour before, but I can’t do anything but to regret now.

Because now,

every minute every second spent seems really precious to me,

and from now onwards, I will no longer have the luxury of time.

and I still miss those days when we could sit back and relax and chat, instead of rushing everything we have to say and then immediately going off to sleep after that by a time limit.

Even 2-3 minutes are precious.

And if only, a day had 48 hours.


"Today never pump"

CID NO ASSESSMENT! PHEW SCARE ME. Which means, we still have one more week to fix and modify our car before the assessment! WOO, I DUNNO HOW HAPPY I WAS when I heard that the assessment was next week during CID. Cos my car still didn’t work after like 6 HOURS OF MY EFFORT WTH WASTE MY BLOODY TIME YOU KNOW I COULD HAVE USED THAT 6 HOURS TO SLEEP MORE.

Slept at 1.11am last night and today totally no 精神. I tell you honestly, I seriously ALMOST (or did I? I think I closed my eyes and fell asleep for a few seconds) fell asleep in Chinese class today. Oh gosh, Chinese class leh! Something that no one ever sleeps in, becos it’s the most interesting lesson out of alll the lessons in the timetable. But at the end was damn funny. Jiasheng went “Eeeeee” over the 子宫 and Wenhao went “BIANTAI!!!!” Aiya they still in Primary School la, hahaha. When every body part is considered as an “eeee” thing. Wow, I totally laugh until my stomach gna burst, I think hor, no wonder my NCC inclined pull ups my stomach a bit suan. Must have laughed too much before that.

Submitted PSL form alr, hope I succeed in e interview or whatever!

Yesterday was suddenly announced that we had to bring No.3 just in case we had a photoshoot. So I was like, huh, not possible sia, they won’t announce only at this time (was 9pm++ then). Then I looked for all the specialists on my contact list, all of them say no. So I lazy to prepare, and totally didn’t care. Then everyone in mass chat at that point in time (Jasmine, Yixin etc) all went to chiong find their stuff. (I was actually kinda worried cos I don’t have my belt!) Then Sgt Peijia suddenly SMS, say don’t need anymore. It was a total joke to WongWaiYuin, but thankfully, I didn’t bother digging out my stuff at all, hahaha~!

& THANKS SGT SHIRLEEN FOR YOUR BELT OMGGGGGG I m srsly so touched. She was like “Eh huiping huiping, I found a belt in my home, you can have it.” but a bit different from “HAHAHA HUIPING I KNOW YOU DON’T LIKE PPL TO TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!!!!” *TOUCH TOUCH* But quite sad for them la, their last time wearing No.3. There are still many chances for us hahahahaha Okay lah don’t say this already later time pass too fast – and we’re Delta by then. Then NCC should have changed to the seaweed uniform. HAHAHA I’M SO GLAD I’M USING THE CAMOUFLAGED ONE LOR, THE SEAWEED UNIFORM IS LIKE DAMN EWWWW.

Today’s NCC act was kinda joke to me at least, becos of my stupid answers hahahha & tugging at YentONG’s skirt!!!!

The “today never pump” with an instant “HUIPING GO THERE AND KNOCK 10 JUST KIDDING” and “today weather is very hot, my feet burning” is classicz by me must remember my name ok everybody~!!! Learnt new kekeri pusing during marching (finally a new drill) but then haven’t perfect it leh (I can’t give command or timing yet). Will practise at home when I’m free.

Am quite busy this weekend. Let’s see the tasks I have to do.

1. 1800 words 剪报 T_T
2. Geography Worksheet (ok lar quite peanut cos alr finished most of the parts)
3. Memorise 默写 34-36
4. History Worksheet
5. Journal (sian essaya again)
6. Science Practical book.
7. Chinese comprehension

Actually, is like totally no homework, IF IF IF IF the Chinese is removed. Wth 1800 words. Haiz, 4 articles. Haiz. 李老师, dont so hiong leh. Maybe I shall comfort myself by telling myself that it’s for my own good (lol @ Sgt Vanessa)

Also, not to forget the picnic with NUGUNUGU tomorrow at Botanical Gardens (yay sibeh excited!) Someone remind me to get 16 packets of drinks from Papa tonight. Also I wanna cut my hair, hahaha. It’s getting too long alr, if I don’t snip it off soon I may just be tempted to snip it off myself ;P Seriously I like the sound of the scissors is like literally snip snip snip hahaha.

Okay lar, I very tired now. Wanna sleep 🙂 Will blog later or maybe tomorrow about my NUGU picnic woohoo!!!!

Shit, my library book due tomorrow, and there is no way I can go library tomorrow to return the book. (cos I’m like busy the whole day tomorrow unless I make it there before 5pm, or maybe on the way to NUGU picnic I return)
Shit my 15 cents gone haiz heart pain like siao. Nevermind luckily 1 book only. 15cents ah!!!!!!!! You are gone just liddat…

& despite my unglamness (stupid hair what is it doing at my forehead), here’s the picture of my unglamness (for the sake of my memories I shall do it)


Oh gosh I just posted a hideous picture up T_T The WORST thing is that it’s on Facebook. & FYI I’m tip-toeing hahahaha

Sibeh lengthy post liao, kena forced to take pic – sibeh unglam

Sorry, didn’t blog yesterday. Was either lazy or didn’t have the time to. I forgot.

Anyway I cannot remember much details from yesterday alr but I know I’m really in a very, very, bad mood today. 😦

Today was horrid. Stayed back for CID (last minute), but in the end Gladys went home w her frens, and Hui Wen had CCA. Zzzzzz, last day alr. so 2.30pm I was working on the car (skipped lunch) all the way to 6.30pm when I was chased home. Like y’know, the school chased me home. When I was going home, I realised my masking tape was gone. Which meant that, I won’t be able to do anymore further development on the car. Which means that, I’m gonna screw up my CID grades for this semester.

Screwed or what? Haiz, feel so demoralised now. Nothing that I do would work. What is it lacking, I don’t know. I just know my CID grades are really gonna be screwed tmrw, and I can do nothing to salvage it. The sun has already set, and my lamp doesn’t work. There’s no way I can get my car to work anymore. I don’t have masking tape to secure my motor down either.

Which idiot stole my masking tape, you made me emo for the whole day. Was almost on the verge of tears already, I totally screwed up everything today. Everything. And I just realised I forgot to disconnect the circuit from the solar panel. Sigh. Why am I such an idiot?

Nevertheless thanks HuiMin/Jamie/Wenhao/Zhicao(??)/YewKong for helping me as much as you can. You guys were rlly a great help (except Mr Zhai who made my styrofoam corrode D: ok lar kidding, you did help too)

Feel better now after hearing that another group also never complete (ROFL) Okay la don’t be mean but seriously am glad we’re not the only group loh.

Mr Tan you didn’t have to tell me the sun set already T_T Made me so demoralised.

New chairperson was elected yesterday! (that is, if Kay Vin has to step down from his position due to his SC committments) And guess what HuiMin was successfully sabo-ed (by me) to become the next if there is any free position so I’m quite sad for you huimin, SAIKANG JOB YOU got there!

Yesterday Jiasheng & Wenhao offended me like siao am not gonna elaborate but you can check it out here -.- Damn sick. Shit lah 1C guys you all pollute me.

Okay la nothing much to post alr this is really long because of my complaining nature hahahaz Speech&Drama is getting moremoremore boring 😦 And Chem module is ending this week; don’t know to be happy or sad. Becos it means Bio is coming upsoon (sianned or what?)

Was doing car just now when Sgt Major Alan (still) was there. Then Zhai Wenhao came back from his math test. Sgt Major went to “poach” him, then he walked to us with his bag. Then Huimn was like “OMG DIE LIAO DIE LIAO FASTER FASTER LETS CHANGE TABLE” then he was like “Eh, Sgt Major say want you all to take picture” and I was like. OMG. GG. Then we refused! So Zhai went back and we were like “yay~” Then Zhai came back WITH Sgt Major and ugh it’s like

“Your Sgt Major Qiaowei took yesterday alr,
Your Sgt Shirleen taking tomorrow,
Your who take alr,
Your who take alr,
Just take lah, we won’t do anything to you,
Just want to take your picture only,
And you can write on the board”

bla bla bla so it’s like ugh aiya Sgt Major ask us take then take lor ._. Was so reluctant and forced to, becos the bloody ZWH wrote “a kaka fan” beside our NCC?!?!?!?! Wah lao, totally not relevant to me loh! And I look so unglam after fixing the car for so long. My hair was so messy, and AIYA DONT WANT ELABORATE LIAO MAKE ME SAD ONLY

Ok this is getting really really really long so I shall stop here now and bye !

Huiping finds school a bore

Aiya school is like 越来越 sian even though the tests are over becos it means EOYs are coming up soon and ugh our Bio module 😦 Not looking forward. Herz it’s more boring than Chem (really cannot imagine alr) and hafta memorise a lot of things (how can a last-minute person like me do memorising!)

Cikgu Hussain got sacked lmao aiya it’s a 早晚的事 but I don’t like the new teacher becos I can’t sleep during her lesson 😦 At least Cikgu Hussain I can sleep late the previous night and then use that 40minutes to fall asleep and catch some nap before Geog 😛 C’mon he just took our contact list last week and now he’s gone HAHAHAHA I knew it he would definitely be gone very soon, cmon he doesn’t even teach Malay lor. He teach us rubbish, ask us contact list, promote himself, advertise his services etc, hi Cikgu Hussain I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU HELPING SOMEONE TO GET OUT OF THE “COMMITTING SUICIDE” THOUGHT OOOPs sorry why am I saying this you’re alr gone 😀

Now Mondays and Tuesdays r busy days 😦 Not looking forward. Cos now Malay change to some CGS-alumni teacher and then she’s very serious in her teaching la must teach us teach that make sure we know. But ok lar, at least better than the previous 2 Cikgus, cos Cikgu Jeha only let us copy copy copy and never let us really use Malay to speak yknow.

Tina became the new I/C 😀

Although they never change me out but I feel as if I’ve been relieved of my duties haha. Cos if Tina doesnt come Annqing will end up being the I/C instead.

Haizxzxz I’m spooked out just now marching at front row w Jieling and dunno who (was it Annqing?) then cos they take very small steps and me very big steps, I keep going out of alignment. Then once I get out, I will hear someone saying “Huiping” then I will move and align w the row. This continued for several times becos I just keep forgetting to “smallen” my steps. Water break that time I told my platoon “THANKS AH THE PERSON WHO REMINDED ME TO KEEP ALIGNING I KEEP FORGETTING!” and everyone is just ?_? amd O_O at me and “WHERE GOT?!?!?!?”

I think I just imagining la.

Ok larh nevermind nth much to say alr, am going off now. Wanna edit my post on the platoon blog hahahaz
Okay lar our PC and APC not too bad baz, hopefully can adapt soon. PC Sgt Peijia wasn’t here tday and it seemed like the whole thing became quieter becos now there’s only 1 person to scream at us 😛

Hi NEW specialists stop bringing the old specialists up during start of act end of act or anywhere during act alr, makes me feel awkward + emo at the same time (not so depressed until want to cry at the mention of their name la but still….) Aiya kennot explain la. I know I will get over it huan hahahas. Must think this way. 5 months only. Twice a week only. 3 hours per session only. Nth much lo.

But I still miss la, cannot deny. Hahahaha.

Took pictures after act today with our specialists (only me, Yixin, Jieling) cos we thickskin and went back to find them to take picture (1st act with them OFFICIALLY afterall wanna make a mark on the calendar or smth with my bewtiful peektures hahaz) okay la, later I want get from my Sgt alr hahaha Will post up after I get them later 😀


Stolen from Sgt Vanessa.

Solar car

Today was a joke. This morning National Anthem Jiasheng banged during sedia. LOL. BANG DAMN LOUD, WHOLE CLASS like stun tio, and Mr Loke was smiling hahahahahs ARHM CHIO ARHM CHIO.

Maths Test was manageable but nth to boast about, but Lang Arts test came to me as a surprise (cmon la I totally didn’t expect they will make us BE THE MAIN CHARACTER IT’S SUCH A DIFFICULT ROLE cos like Dawan emo emo one then I m a vry happy girl mah right so it’s very difficult for me to write yup yup yea right)

Was colouring at outside-library area just now with Huimin when suddenly the-Kenny-Khoo, Loke-Kah-Kit & Wen-Jia-Xin guy from my Physics CID cluster “arrived” with their solar car.

Seriously hahahaz damn funny cos they just come and barge into our space and “land on our table” but their car could work in the end :((( Mine still cannot. NEvermind later I find Korkor help HAHAHAHA Electronic Engineering ok, Korkor you muz 自动一点!!!!

Then it started raining and I was so excited and everything like a lil kid squealing and “WOOOOOOOO FOR THE FIRST TIME IT RAINSSS I SO LONG OUTSIDE HERE NEVER RAIN BEFORE” and all those stuff but seriously I was really very excited cos rlly never rain before loh 😀
You promised. July 25 ’09, mark your words.
Coloured practically the whole time I was there hahaha the Haiku thing was a joke I think mine wouldn’t work but I think very funny and that’s what matters because afterall I’m not really serious in doing it ba :P:P:P Then Annqing came to join us at a later time until 6.30pm when we went home 😦

Shit got a little stomach ache 😦 Just now dinner got Otah and dunno what else shit food cooked by my maid and then I ate ice-cream (DAMN LONG NEVER EAT THE JELLY JELLY ONE ALR LOH, LIKE SINCE LAST YR?? NO LAH NOT SO EXAGGERATED, at least EH NO LAH I THINK FROM LAST YEAR NEVER EAT ALR) cos my parents sddenly brought home yesterday, woohoo, confirm finished by me in damn fast one 😀

Okay lah, I quite tired now, wanna sleep 😛 Slept so comfortably on the bus (about 18 mins, I got set alarm one) until Dover MRT. Is 刚刚好 one lor, I think my body clock set alr, 刚刚好 at Dover MRT I woke up (2 stops to “家乡” HAHAHZ NOT 家乡面 PLZ)

Bye bai ~ Tomorrow got CCA with our new specialists. Suddenly don’t look forward to NCC anymore. No more Staff Feei no more Sgt Shirleen to take us. Suddenly everything seems so sian…. And I just received notice for tomorrow’s attire lol. So contradictory…

Yawn. 2 tests coming up :(

Was at library with Huimin & Yixin just now (and scalded myself with Hot Chocolate ugh Yixin you die for making me try it) but that tiny straw with two openings was very interesting hahaha (the couple straw) forgot to take picture!!! And it came cheap, like $3.50 only.

Anyway was at Childrens’ Section at Jurong Regional Lib (as usual?) and the table was like WOO UPSIZE DAMN NICE. Compared to the tiny one I had last week, but I was in front of the stage, free storytelling last week? Aiya this time didn’t have cos we only arrived at like 5-6pm, everyone go home alr, the moment we entered Huimin was like “Is this the Childrens’ Section?! Why so quiet?!?!” HAhaha.

She was a lil pissed together with Yixin (I don’t know why) and kept irritating us to let her go home from 8.20pm thanks to me drag until 9pm XD – and I stole her handphone to make her stay hahahaz and I managed to complete my jianbao but it sucked so much my handwriting as well as my content 😦 Feel so insecure but nevermind, I don’t have the time to bother. Have to study for my 2 tests tomorrow (Math + Lang Arts) studied mostly of Math alr, but Lang Arts very scared leh. Aiya Lang Arts study what you tell me. Study the bloody book and Minfong Ho picture hahahaz reminds me of Chen Jiasheng during S&D “SING TO THE DAWN! MINFONG HO!!!” to Gertie when she questioned him on what book they were doing on 😀

& Yixin was like entering every shop to listen to the music damn hilarious when Huimin reacts lmao don’t feel like elaborating cos I’m quite lazy nao~

Sianz so sian now (I sure sound really sian I can sense it myself lor) so I’m going off to dream of my 2 tests and the equations and the whatever structure la in my sleep and so wish me good luck for my tests tomorrow ~ I know you wish alr la okok thanks thanks I luv all of you.

Wah emotard liao

謝謝你們 那些愛過我 傷害過我的人
成長的路 總是需要 快樂悲傷的犧牲
不怕挫折 我也不怕 結局結尾太殘忍
只要活著 還能說著 這一切都不算什麼

A bit not relevant to me at the moment (cmon la I’m not lovesick) but put there for fun cos I think it sounds very meaningful hehehez – I write one! no la, it’s from a song hahahaz not that I listen to Chinese songs but I saw this extract on PPF 😀

Delta ah, Delta ah, why you all leave like that PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket. I think whole RV Y1 – Y3 are the extreme ends of their emotions now. Either they are “YAY MY SENIORS LEAVE LIAO!!!!!!!! WOOHOO NOW I DOMINATE THE CCA ;D;D;D;D” or “zzzzz my seniors left so fast haizxzxzxzx :(:(:(:( why leave so fast I can’t bear it haiz I am so emotard now”
You know I haven’t changed. You know I haven’t jumped. You know it.
& hopefully, we overcome the emotional barrier together, and emerge even stronger than before.

RVNCC Alpha ’09, we know we rule,
& I luv all of you, including the boys. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Stop giving me the O_O face, and those girls in my platoon, stop being sexist. Becos admit it, will it be fun if there were no guys in your life? NO GUYS? Wow a “PURELY-GIRLS” life. I’d rather not live. Those who don’t agree keep away from me because I’m straight and I don’t entertain lesbians.

Hannah hannah kidding lar, go eat dinner liao, byebye.