1st National Day Celebration in RV

Just now was obviously National Day celebration and its honestly sibeh inferior compared to CPS lei ._.

What, they only have a few songs (is RV that poor to afford other songs?) and then couldn’t sing as much as I wanted to 😦 Hey, it’s one of the only few times I will open my small mouth to sing ok. Everyone say I sing the loudest in class during the Don’t forget the lyric thing hahaha //proud of myself + Singapore 🙂 There’s no Will You or watever, damn stupid loh. Sibeh hyper and crazy this morning, totally sang to every tune and everything hahaha. Changed my orientation T with Yixin! Now I have 34 and she’s holding my 36, eh Yixin your shirt got the ‘Yixin smell’ hahahah

Then there’s the “JEWEL IN THE OCEAN” song which I am probably going to repeat and repeat later until I memorise the lyrics (I shall make this a tradition for every year even though the song may be sucky)

Stupid Kay Vin penalise my group cos the ‘One People One Nation One Singapore’ I filled in Let’s reach out for Singapore, join our hands forevermore instead of And reach out for Singapore, join our hands forevermore~ Chose We Will Get There afterwards, and then LOL THE ULTIMATE INDIAN SONG XD MUNEERU VALIBAAAA etc etc lmao damn funny la the whole class dunno.

Shall spam NDP songs again afterwards, yYAYYAYAYAY~!!! 😀 So patriotic right.

Then was @ hall for observation ceremony + performance. Waw. Went back class for snacks and PDP lesson (silly, Hotel81 vs the Dubai 7-star hotel) omg WOW THAT WAS BORING and I wrote “I am proud to be a singaporean because of the food” hahahaha TRUE WHAT TRUE WHAT SINGAPORE FOOD VERY NICE COMPARED TO ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES I’VE GONE TO OK

Went out with my dear Alpha girls (waited for Yixin for very long) Gertie & Zhangyijie nvr come. Didn’t take picture as planned before either cos many guys went home already -.- Had some stuff planned out hahaha Delta Delta plz be curious =DDD

Wow met so many specs at Vivo can. Staff Kendrick, CPL Shuwei, Sgt Major Qiaowei, Sgt Liqin. Whenever we see them we faster zao, afterall we’re settling their ROD 😛 I was like so shocked whenever they said they saw a spec loh! But then other than that the whole thing not very interesting ba hahaha was going to fall asleep at Jieling’s house alr (after going Vivo we went there).

Ohwell can’t post much becos I know some specs are reading my blog hahahha so so so so wait till after ROD then I post! 😀

Hey Alpha girls, where are the unglam or glam pictures you took of me ah, I want post up 😛
Send me if you have any ~ Kthxbai 😀

I suddenly feel obliged to chase after that unrealistic dream of mine that will never be fulfilled.


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