CAMPFORGE August 24-25 ’09

Wall-Of-Text, only for RVNCC

Campforge was awesome, for me at least! Hafta make this quick cos a lot a lot a lot of homework waiting for me 😦

Reached school at 5.55am (retarded, cos Papa suddenly wake up say want to fetch me. Yay wore No.4 to school, but couldn’t show off, hahaha.) then passed Wenhao his boots and kept Kay Vin’s present in the locker.

Talking about that,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAY VIN!!!! (haiz this is the 1st year I nvr wish you happy bday at 12am. Nevermind. There muz be a first for everything *comforts self* hahahaha)

Anyway, then retied my bootlace and stuff liddat, then the girls started coming in 😀 Bought my Ice Mountain (which disappeared afterwards, waste my 60cents have to buy another one wth) Lmao Kenny Khoo came in wheeling a luggage to the canteen and it’s like I was talking then I saw him.. and suddenly paused. Then everyone stare and all the girls started laughing hysterically AHAHAHA

Okay anyway, our Sgts passed us Kinder Buenos 😀 And left for Campforge, YAY~!!!!

So it’s like, sat with Gertie, then surrendered handphones and stuff, talked and chit-chatted around. Very fast reach HQ =DDD My bun sucks man. So damn loose. Haha I tie one. & I stomach ache -.- it’s like, every 10mins will suddenly have a sharp pain in tummy for abt 30sec before it “disappears”.

Seperated into 6 platoons after falling in at Block 246. Platoon 5, w Yijie, Wenxuan & Presley & Kenny & Kah Kit. To be honest, I was a bit unhappy at first, coz it’s like, UGH, seperated from my dear 1Cians! 😦 But then Hehehehe, I like having Wenxuan in my plt honestly, he’s such a nice guy. Not like Presley “DO I KNOW YOU!?!?!??” oh go die PAPY.

Got Henderson Sec, Pioneer Sec, ACSI, Fairfield, Clementi Town Sec, Dunearn Sec, Jurongville Sec, wat else har? We’re the only girls unit. So out of 33 ppl in my platoon me and Yijie are the only 2 girls wth. So much for “you will not be the only girls unit”. AND KENNY KHOO IS LIKE. god. a joke man. He sat in front of me when we falling in then it’s like, the moment I see his luggage, I start vibrating like siao loh! Seriously I see his luggage then I start laughing. Then the Sirs all go disiao him ask him which country he going, then ask him what it contains etc hahha AND THE BEST PART IS THAT above his luggage is another luggage bag -_-” Seriously.

Then were sent to bunks to put our bags, take our shoes + water bottles then fall in at carpark again 😛 and the 7mins break given, I went to shit hahahaha the cubicle was damn small and I made the toilet damn smelly oops ok this is gross but anyway I felt really really really very relieved after I did that big business of mine LOL + no more stomach ache = 😀

Will make this quick from now on..

Went to Paintball station to take picture first 😛

Sorry for poor picture quality I took this using my camera cos yes I don’t have scanner -_-” Whatever I know very !!!! Will try to upload this asap once I get a scanner, cos I’m afraid of losing this picture…
Thanks Presley for the clear pic quality (that he sent to me!!!) yay now no more shitty quality using my camera without flash hahaha thanks so much Mr PAPY this is the only time you are productive ok just kidding la to be fair to you since you sent me the pic anyway! Thanks so much!

Then we did the low elements, then (sucks) HIGH ELEMENT, rock wall. paintball, archery…

Low elements was easy, just that me and Yijie had to do alone on the balancing thing cos we were girls cannot anyhow touch touch guys. BTW I SAW JIAJIE! In plt6, and then that Nuruddin guy from 6/2 in my plt haha. & sing baa baa black sheep ._.

Then I think it was all the way until lunch alr, and it was quite delicious. Shit I forgot what we ate. Can anyone tell me, to fill this slot in ._.
Yijie: “chicken+spicyfishballs+friedrice+cabbage+tofu” thanks~

Afterwards, continued w activities. High element was WTH SFSDGFDSOGDN. Presley was first to go, and he gave me so much confidence cos he walk like v easy liddat. Then I see Yijie, walk tremble the whole rope shake shake shake then my leg also start to shake. Then I go on top hor, WANT TO DIE LIDDAT, DUNNO HOW TO CLIMB. The moment I step on the bloody rope, I fell all the way to 1/4 through. Then tried standing up again, SLIDE ALL THE WAY TILL HALFWAY. Honeslty I was very hpapy becos OMG I DON’T HAVE TO WALK HALF THE WAY HAHAHA. Then started walking bravely (ya like real)

Reach the end is like omg I want to come down alr then the Sir keep saying “YOU DON’T WALK FINISH IN 10 SECONDS I SHAKE THE ROPE” and I’m like S#$^%%$&%^& DONT DONT DONT I WILL I WILL but my leg just can’t move cos it’s like numb and stuck there ._.

After I got down is liek OMG I ENDED MY NIGHTMARE so happy ._. Then everyone like laughing at me liddat. ASk me why I tremble until liddat. OI HELLO, @$@#%#$$%& BEN XIAO JIE NVR CLIMB BEFORE!!!! Of coz scared la.

Aftrwards rested a while and went on to rock wall (I luv this) becoz I climb and touch the elephant super fast! Then the woman don’t let me climb further alr 😦 Seriously it’s like damn easy and becos the guy beside me was struggling like siao so it kinda make me motivated LOL

Paintball kinda ok lar. I managed to hit 2 bottles haha. Stupid fat guy said “Aiya the girls sure CMI one lah” when we went into the paintball arena. Wth you go die loh, you all bomb your paintball that ball so fast, what a waste can!

Afterwards Maam brought us to Archery and ok I admit I was damn noob at it. Starting I didn’t even know how to shoot! Thanks to Maam Ain could control the bow and hit in the end and even hit the red portion of the board! Then I kanchiong want to go in and take the arrows when people still shooting. Haha. Stupid guys in Platoon 5. Can’t stand them. Throughout the whole camp I totally ignored all the guys in my platoon. Don’t even know their names lor. Seriously WHY BOTHER MAKING FRIENDS W THEM.

Was dinner next I think (nice Bee Hoon :D), then slack for very long after that, and I was in diam position all along. Everyone called me statue and the girls started running to me saying “STOP IT, YOU ARE MAKING ME FEEL VERY ASHAMED” hahaha I luv you all man!!! Then ppl started trying to make me laugh, trying to have staring contests with me (thanks to the stupid Jiasheng). Stupid red bean bun. Then Sir talk to us awhile, tlel us about our bunks area and stuff cos there were guys staying on same level but they were not allowed to cross this and that place. Our bunk was at Block 245, a staircase away from 246, and the 4th level =_=” very funny. Climb climb climb climb. You think very funny izzit. Reminds me of march camp lo.

That night was not awesome at all. 9pm sent to bunks alr. Bathed and stuff. FORGOT BRING SHAMPOO AND SOAP TO TOILET -.- Thanks to Jiawen for her soap! And thanks to Yixin for attempting to pass the shampoo to me rofl SHE THREW IT OUT OF THE TOILET DOOR HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, lights out for us was at 10pm cos girls.. hehe. But still, how you expect me to sleep at 10.15pm! Then talk talk talk talk shine torchlight shine here shine there talk…. spooky stories. Then the ppl at the other side of the bunk were so irritated with us (Yixin Huimin Annqing Jasmine Yijie me) they screamed and shouted over and Gertie even cried becoz we were making a lot of noise and she couldn’t sleep D:

Ok anyway, slept in the end at 11pm+ NOT BAD HOR I MANAGED TO SLEEP OK but kept waking up during the night to hear ultimate silence then I just sleep back. Jieling said 2am+ she heard the door open, and then it open, and she slept back. 4am she wake up again the door closed alr D: I better hope it’s the wind or else I might not be able to sleep tonight either.

Anyway woke up at 5.30am to settle our boots, brushed teeth and whatsoever and then it was raining! At first wanted to fall in early go down and drill as a platoon (and show off?) but then.. STUPID RAIN!!! ruin our plans. Then ended up drilling outside our bunk and going “WAH LAO CANNOT BANG LAH OI DONT BANG LAH WALAO SO SQUEEZY CAN YOU MOVE THERE A BIT AIYA 2 LINES LA 2 LINES LA!!!!” and the last + best line is “AIYA DON’T DRILL LAH!!!!!!”

Had our breakfast 😀 Nasi Lemak. Not too bad. But we had it in our bunks cos it was raining, so we ate as a girls platoon, damn cool right! So sometimes, it’s good to be the only girls unit. Anyway, we were accused of leaving the breakfast boxes beside the dustbin by those Platoon 6 retards! I MEAN SERIOUSLY, WE BROUGHT THE BREAKFAST BOXES DOWN TO THE DUSTBIN, and sir came to tell us that the guys said we left the bloody breakfast boxes beside the dustbin. WTH?!?!?!?! THAT’S LIKE SO SHIT OF THEIR ATTITUDE. Totally turn me off that morning. But the Sir LLW was nice la. haha never scold us can alr ;\ but seriously the guys who accused us.. go die!!!

Anyway went down ultimately in half uniform (original) then was sent up again to get our shirt for obstacle course ._. The milo scalded my tongue. Effect still there. Okay then we did water cheer lmao attract loads of unwanted attention then faster went to get our shirts to change into.

Came down again to get my sleeve pulled down by Yenting ugh I feel like killing you. Nvm. Ok so fell in in respective platoons and was sent to MPH to slack and stone. Then went ahead for MOC which was quite manageable in my opinion. Managed to clear all stations (as a girl) 🙂 Climbing up the stupid thing must use the boot middle. Then walk down. omg scary. Then climb over the tyre. Omg my boots the leather came off 😦 anyway then cleared the courses (got one climb up the rope hehehe, and the water swing) ok la not too bad. And the one must use your hand to go up one. LOL!!! That one, the guy beside me a lot of difficulties, then I like purposely suan him liddat, go up very fast hahaha.

Then went back to slack again, before flying fox fox fox yay ~ 🙂 Slacked for very very very long, then fall in, then woo, I kanchiong, then me and Yijie got to go first becoz we got “initiative” WE GO ASK THE MAAK (bu yao lian) whether can go alr or not hahhah. Aiya I didn’t want to risk losing the chance to go on flying fox wat. Went up with Zhang Yijie, then it’s like, we had to remove that thing and wear again becos it was coiled and twirled and whatever. And the thing was so damn tight I had to move both legs at one time or else I couldn’t move, then I had to hop my way to the sitting area there.

Ok so the sir was like “WHERE’S YR SUPPORTERS?!?!?!” then he asked me to wave and everyone started shouting “HUIPING JIAYOU!!!!!” then he said “WAH LAO SO PAISEH, ALWAYS SHOUT THE SAME THING” lol!!!! And he said what, wait for us very long liao, cos if girls can do it, then guys also can =DDD Then it’s like he said 3 2 1 GO!!!! then I totally hopped off my seat and flewwwww and shouted “RVNCC ROCKXCXZX!!!!” and my throat went kinda hoarse. And the best thing is that when I swing back, Yijie haven’t even leave her seat yet. And when I reach, SHE HAVEN’T GO DOWN!!! Wah at that time I really wan to slap her man. Seriously if I were a guy I will really slap her. You know that ._. PART IS LIKE OMG DAMN TIGHT DAMN PAIN ALR HANGING THERE SOMEMORE GRAVITATIONAL ENERGY ACTING THERE and it’s like you still have to wait wait wait for so long!!!!

And the guys were playing w my legs. Pull my boots from left to right left to right -_-” Purposely one lor!!!! Nvm. Better than hanging me there.

Ok so completed with flying fox (so sad, that few seconds was the highlight of the whole camp) then went for lunch. Was damn nice 😀 After that Sir LLW (haha) marched us back to Block 246 – and I dunno why I go kay kiang time the first thingy. Then he said “CHANGE TIMER! THIS TIME, I want a louder one!!!!” WA INDIRECTLY SUANNING ME LEH ._. then I don’t dare time liao. And we had to wear our berets. And ewww my beret sucks like horrible wow Chef Hat style No.2

Ok then got our pictures for the paintball station thingy, then ran up the staircase, then the Sir TCK call us back to get the pictures for Yixin Gertie Jiawen. Haha. “yay” YOU’LL SEE WHY WAIT WAIT

Ok then we cleaned up our bunks and stuff liddat and waited for bunk check outside. Then Maam nvr come. And rmb, Jieling,

“Eh, have to clean the corridor and toilets!!!”
Everyone: Sian la….. Haiz.
Everyone (or rather, me): OK EVERYONE LET’S GO CLEAN IT PROPERLY

hahaha it was so hilarious damn funny la. But seriously our whole plt (not only me) think he’s handsome lor. AND YIJIE THE PURPLE.SHIRT.GUY.IS.NOT.HANDSOME.PLZ.

So in the end the sirs did the bunk checking instead, and they damn lenient with us because hahahaha we are girls anyway ~ They can’t really knock us down =) Sir LLW and Sir TCK was doing the inspection. Then ask us wipe mirror wipe cupboard etc etc then sweep the bottom. Honeslty I thought our bunk was damn neat loh. Ok whatever, then we did what they instructed and stuff liddat, and we actually managed to dig out $1.90 in our bunk!!! And we (Huimin & me) asked “need to clean the windows or not?” then the sir said “DUNNID lah, very dangerous, later you fall how.” then after that Sir TCK said “clean the ceiling” and then me + huimin’s first reaction was look up at the ceiling. SO DUMB RIGHT?!!?!? I think our brain wasn’t working at that moment. I was like wondering “hmm how to clean no ladder” after that few sec more I finally understood e “joke” I was like “omg sir is being lame”

Then the Sir LLW go dig the $$ from the dustpan cos we threw them inside, and he went to buy 2 can drinks with remaining somemore LOL!!! Then we shared the 100plus as a plt and gave the other pink drink to the guys. Are we nice or nice man.

Okay, then bunked out. Before we left we said “GOODBYE CAMPFORGE!!!” then some extras came in to “I LUV YOU TOO!!!!!” hahahaha hilarious la. But whatever, campforge was over, but it feels very ‘just now’, that I was in school, giving Wenhao his boots, putting the present in my locker.

Feels weird, doesn’t it? The others didn’t really enjoy Campforge, but I really enjoyed it. Not the activities, not my platoonmates, not my whatever, but there’s just an essence in Campforge that really attracts me. Not the shuai sir either!!!! (I admit he got contribute a little part also lah hahahaha) But we won’t get to see him anymore what so no difference anyway~

Haha. I dun think anyone will read the whole thing (unless you are in my platoon) cos you definitely won’t understand certain terms. Created new henta khaki cheer, created new “EAT BREAD” cheer, created new cheers. Thanks to Yijie Presley Wenxuan for making my platoon5 life fun =) Becos I really don’t want to interact w the other sch guys. Seriously after coming back from the campforge ah, I REALISED THAT RVNCC GUYS ARE SO HANDSOME OMG I LUV YOU ALL SERIOUSLY. Other school hor.. no comments.

Luvluvluv Campforge, we will never get to go back again =) but still… it was an experience. A wonderful experience. Even though I have a lot of homework left, I still spare 1 hour to type this 2k+ word long blog post. Sacrificed it D: Why? Coz, I want to leave this in my memory… permanently as long as this blog exists =)

(picture thanks to Sgt Vanessa)

Ending with (once again),


& now I have to go back to my homework again…


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