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Oops I slipped

Accidentally let people see that I’m listening to Chinese songs hehe.
Didn’t want anyone to know but whatever, I was not at the computer anyway.

Chionging Chem now 😦
Planned to finish Lang Arts revision by this weekend but no it’s kinda impossible.

and I have done 0 Maths revision. & I feel so guilty because I can only depend on Math now to pull up my grades. Not that I’m showing off but seriously, I think Math is the only one that doesnt “A1 one moment next term C6” *coughlangartscough*

Fasterfasterfaster ar.
0 Maths Revision 0 Chinese revision hardly any Lang Arts revision hardly any Hist revision only Geog + Bio + Chem?!?!?!?

Hui Ping what the hell are you doing?


Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Mid Autumn Festival celebration in RVHS Sept 25 ’09

It was pretty awesome (and fun!) Yes, even though it was all cliche. But don’t you think going around the school in lanterns with your friends, playing w candles are super fun?

Then process of making the lantern and etc. Like everyone chionging to finish the same thing, just that the guys were wasting the coiled wires turning and turning and turning and creating humans (wth?) but then… we had a lot of spare wire in the end anyway 😛 Almost no plastic. But we managed to dig some out haha.


The hardworking Huiping + LingSheng + Prisca. hehe. We submitted 2 different lanterns for competition. At first Huimin also created one. But dunno why never submit. Nevermind. Paiseh can see my PE shorts in one picture hahahaha


A group picture taken with the lanterns we submitted for the competition! 🙂


Wenhao with all the food. Hahaha they came with all the pomelo mooncakes crackers rolls drinks etc etc and then Waiyuin said he dropped 6 to the floor and then just picked them up and put on the plate omg wth. Tehn after that 2 dropped again and he just put thm back LOL. I pity those who ate them sia, hope you build strong immune systems from that!

And then we also gave part of our mooncakes to 1B because none of us wanted to it. 1B… wow, how come everyone so sport sia. My class all this don’t eat that don’t eat, when I took 1 pandan cake and 1 chocolate bun and 1 Green Tea, I felt like a greedy pig. I’M NOT HOR CMON! (emphasis!)


And Yew Teck finished 5 bread omg. I ate 2 is like bloated until really want to explode alr, Yew Teck actually stuffed 5 bread into his body!!!! Wow man. No wonder his shape never changes (hahahaha)…. Ok la just kidding don’t be angry. Lol whenever Yew Teck gets angry the whole calss will make a joke outta it.

And then we went lantern-walking after the riddles and performances and everything. Put up our lanterns, then got the lanterns provided by the school. Must thank WWY for bringing a big box of candles. Then took our sticks. And then thanks to Mr Zhai for helping us light up our lanterns haha. And for the first time they were not sexist plz. According to Mr Wong, Mr Zhai told him “Eh where’s the 1C girls ah” WAH SO NICE unlike you Mr Wong.

Then we walked through the field to the toilet (they want to find ____) which I felt a lil uncomfortable but I’m not going to emphasize. We created a ruckus after that we went back, and then walked around. Then we went into an area of tall grass but were then chased out cos we weren’t allowed 😦 So much for walking around the sch. So we were confined to the track + field, but that’s ok because we were sent back quite soon.

Went hall and they gave out the prizes for the lantern making competition, and to our shock + surprise (i don’t know what) we actually got 2nd!! IT’S THE FIRST TIME 1C WON AN AWARD LEH!!!! So happy lor. It’s like our efforts kinda paid off =DDD So Huimin went up to take the prize. Yay.


Our prize and used lanterns given by the school ^_^


Lingsheng me Prisca ^_^


Whatever lah not looking at camera so unglam. Cos this was taken using LLS’s handphone (next time I get from her) then Prisca wanted to take also.

Then we were dismissed and allowed to go home. Then before going home… we cannot forget…


Opening the prizes!!! Hahah WWY so glam. Am hidden in this picture. We decided to everyone put the hand on the wrapper then peel them off together. And so… 1, 2, 3 we unwrapped the prize~!!!


If I’m not wrong, there were 5 files, 4 blue pens, and 5 colour highlighters. As for me, I took the PINK highlighter hehehe ^_^ Sorry to those who wanted it!

Overall this was enjoyable, although not as memorable as Primary School’s last year, but still as memorable, and from this I can feel that we bonded quite a bit together 🙂

I officially claim…

I ♥ 1C!!!
(I just realised most of the times us 1Cians tend to use red so I shall do the same
opens up – let’s have a red class tee if we ever do? hehee.)

And of course once again,
Credits to Prisca for the pictures 🙂

I cut myself

Haiz I was feeling real emo and depressed just now can’t blame me.

Nevermind can keep as a memory.
Lame la hahaha I hope no one fell for it hor, it’s the paper frmo the Bio textbook that I lied on -_- I won’t so stupid la cmon my penknife is rusty leh ohmygod.

Ohya thats my jockey cap by the way hahahaha
Shall not show how I season my beret hahahaha (I dun dare) hahahahahahahah

Going crazy – mind boggled

Kranji Tekong 4 national taps weather elements deciduous trees drip tips weather elements rain hail rain malaysia sedimentary rocks erosion volcanic core mantle solid liquid indo-australian eurasian plate convergent divergent rises to the earth’s surface fold mountains subduction

Non-violent protests Salt March spinning wheel one system of coinage one central government 8 rules and measures strict measures independence of India Mahatma Gandhi Son of God caste system Vietminh Literacy increased business flourished emotional turmoil more jobs more opportunities economy got better

poems readers response connotation and annotation neighbours read carefully essay writing mrs frisby sing to the dawn 窗边的小豆豆 西游记 私函 格式 作文 情景作文 开头 文化转变 理解篇章 综合填控 好词好句

Solution colloid suspension tyndall effect particles settle on standing solubility curve xylem vessel conducts water and mineral salts root hair cell finger-like projections long and narrow protrusions circular and biconcave shape plant transport osmosis diffusion higher water potential concentration gradient suction force transpiration pull agar block phenolphthalein hydrochloric acid entry of water magnesium nitrogen dicotyledons network veins leaf petals mitochondria organelles centriole

arithmetic sequence angle= 180(n-2) mx + c x and y axes labelling solve factorise conversion of units line graphs line break parallelogram trapezium parallel sides alternate angles corresponding angles alternate angles kite quadrilateral regular polygons number line

It should be quite obvious which subject I hadn’t revised for ugh

Jiayou Huiping seriously, 6 more days and there are so many things you are unclear of.
I think I have no choice but to pangseh my platoonmates tomorrow for lunch, because I totally don’t want to waste any more time (tomorrow alone is a waste of time ;[) and I wanna maximise the time I study.

LohLingSheng let’s study at library outside tomorrow.

I realised I never ever blogged about NUGU picnic

Been quite long since I updated too… (hearing quite a number of complains also ;x) Aiya people mugging lah or should I say slacking?? Haven’t actually done any revision this weekend because of all those homework and comprehensions + jianbaos + memorising of some rubbish that suck my life. + Why is Flash project due in the middle of exam?!?!!? & I want LHuimin’s Science notes hehehe


So here’s 2 pictures from the picnic! 😀 (August 1 ’09 ._.) that’s long

Were told to bring packet drinks haha, while the rest brought food (sandwiches snacks shaker fries etc etc)


Forgot much of the details already so will await our next outing – which is after the end of EOYs 😀 Let’s go Zoo or smth. Night Safari 😀 or Bird Park yay! Been quite long since I went to those places wahaha Young Zoologist Young Entomologist whatever I still rmb!!!

& I want to eat Greentea Icecream ;\ Have been craving for it since like March Holidays and until now I haven’t eat?!?!?!

It’s not widely available that’s the sad case, petrol station don’t have. hai hai hai

10 more days to EOYs,
21 more days to freedom!


Two pictures from Beach Cleaning yesterday.. Let’s see.

Ling Sheng ah, why you cut yourself off? PS: She took the picture.

Wah shit I’m the darkest again. And my position is so awkward. What the~

I am determined to improve my gym because my groupmates are just so good D:
Guess what I can’t even do bridge omg maybe the only thing I can do is forward roll?? Oh yes puppy roll and pencil roll also.

I tried doing bridge just now and I hit my head on the floor. Somemore I kneel down on the floor only leh. Huiping very pro~~ *clap clap*

Picked to perform ._. though I am quite sian about the embarrassing part (everyone’s gonna look at me jump like some retard cos even my jumping got problem!!!)

umm, if only Ling Sheng was Ng Ling Sheng, then we’ll all share the same bench in Science prac~ woo!
(but I have to admit it sounds ugly)

Well I must really say thanks for everything 😀

Crying for help

At night, it feels so helpless when you need help desperately but yet no one is there to help you.

How am I to survive through it?

2 days were okay.
I’m not sure about 2 weeks.
What’s even worse is 2 months -_-“


I’m pretty sure that won’t happen anyway.