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PSL Camp + delicious food

Deprived of KPop fandom these 2 days can’t stand it
I nid some SHINee now.

Anyway this shall be a wall-of-text post cos we didn’t get to take pics during this PSL Camp ): But nevertheless even though I think I missed at least 50% of the fun (elaborate later), it was sure enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚ Wna blog about it cos I never wanna forget about this ๐Ÿ˜€

Started the day with school + results slip anyway. And if you haf been following my twitter feeds, 3.7 hahaha was so happy and elated and O_O when I saw my report card. Cos I expected smth like 3.4 (which I will b happy over) due to my Term1 Term3 3.2 and 3.1 respectively. Shall not elaborate more.

Hurried for trainfire (changed into No.4) took my own sweet time hahaha. Fell in @ porch and was sent back to get our ez-link cards. And we had to run through the big heavy rain cos we placed our bags in e shelters near the NCC room~!!!! But it was very shiok and cooling cos we were all perspiring before and when we ran through the rain, it’s like the water evaporate from your arms and face, super cooling pls~

M16 was ok ok la. Hehe. Strip & assemble rifle. Horrid la I so slow. The rifle lol very oily. And it’s the last time we will see that guy alr (you all get who I mean) :(:(:(:( So sad plsssssss. Somemore he stay for a lil while only~!!!

Went back to pump. Then dismiss~! for PSL Camp. Hehehe. When we joined, then play about 15minutes, TIME TO BATHE WOW. We missed 6 hours of activities (teambuilding games + cheering comptn :(:(:() AND LUNCH!!!! so sad plz. Found out was in Group7 with Yi Jun. Wan Xuan. Jing Xuan. Karissa. Chong Han (How to spell?) and they’er all like “you’re the missing one” hahahaha

Went to bathe at e 2nd level toilet w e netballers + some ppl cos I had no idea who to follow. lol. I had everything prepared in one plastic bag hahaha sibeh kiasu.

After which was dinner (food catering – buffet totally delicious) MUFFIN FISHBALL CHICKEN WING BEEHOON FRIED POPIAH (??) + DELICIOUS CHILLI SAUCE = shiok~!!!! and of course cannot forget our dear fruit punch~!!!

Played around (bomb here, table cheer there, dare/double dare here, and the games you play during orientation there), camwhored (everyone was like TAKING PICTURE AH I ALSO WANT~!!!! and came into the scope LOL), and got to know one another better, then we had to gather at LT3~!

Thn stone thr and watch horror movie – The Spiritual World. Some ppl were exaggerating and covering their ears hiding their faces etc etc but it’s totally not scary ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Different from what I had expected (some horror comedy? heh heh)

Then went for night trail. DAMN! WE WERE THE LAST GROUP TO GO COS WE VERY SUAY (the zhong1 ji2 mi4 ma3 keep getting wrong number) so we played 1 station only – the lullaby station -.-” Apparently the other stations seem so fun. Haiz, we dont get to play lor… :{ my first PSL camp somemore, first night trail. So sad… 11.26PM we only at 1st station. 11.30PM haf to gather back at LT3. GRRRRR.

Then dismissed to our bunks (1H!) I went for “midnight feasting” hahaha they provided pandan breads. And the S.PSLs were going around with swiss rolls WOOO~!!! first time eating one and it totally ROX!!!! VANILLA ROLL. WOO. LONDON ROLLS???? FTW~!!!! Then lazy brush teeth :X Slept at 12am++ (who were the ppl who said they wanted to ton ar?!?!?!) and then woke up at 2am 4am 5am. I know because when I wake up, I take my HP and SMS immediately. Unfortunately I didn’t twitter ๐Ÿ˜›

Twittered quite a lot this camp cos nth to do sometimes, haha. 2 cockroaches killed in 1H! Wow. 1H’s nice, they alr arranged the tables and chairs neatly for us to sleep hahaha no la I also dunno y they arrange.

Woke up at 6.30am (Yi Jun’s alarm ftw!) and went to brush teeth w Karissa & Yi Jun at the toilet outside LT4 (didn’t brush teeth e night before hahaha) they’re nice ppl man! Then packed up and ate one more blueberry swiss roll (oops sorry 1H) and then headed to LT3 cos everyone was doing so.

Gathered at track for some morning exercises (your side your front keri kenan hahaha) & ran 3 rounds! Surprisingly the 3 rounds were very manageable have no idea why also when reached finishing point totally no feeling. Woo~!!! I sound stuck up.

Went for breakfast. Nasi lemak in pandan leaf omg the food this camp really rox like hell. BUT THE THING IS I DUNNO HOW TO OPEN THE PANDAN LEAF OMG AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE THE PANDAN LEAF TEAR. VERY FUNNY I HAD TO EAT IT IN ITS PACKAGING. And the Yong Rui (?? some part of Group8 joined us cos combine to form 7 groups only) called me zai. & got this very messy rice thingy, and he said “he better than you by a bit only” wth so insulting~!!!! Nvm… and when I gave the pandan leaf to the “rubbish collector” ok kidding, the nice person who packed up all the food, he gaf me the ??? face. WTH SO EMBARRASSING TO GIVE HIM MY what-is-my-problem pandan leaf packaging!!!

Then combined with SC for activities afterwards (Ice breakers) quite stupid coz… High achievers. zzzzz. They kinda spoilt my mood- no offence. Nvm. Multi level captains’ ball. Group with lowest points but at least didn’t rlly dampen our spirit!! hehehe. Love my combined group 7. Lmao the chicken toy at the end = best. Can scream one ohs.

Went for lunch with combined group 7. Rocks lah, got hotdog meat and vege. Woooo camp food rocks rocks totally worth my $25~!!!! Got almond jelly also heh. Then took pictures with combined group 7 (pics with the instructors which means we will never get the pictures) .

After which separated from SCs (awww) and went to LT3 for AGM. Handover & stuff, thn sang for MS TanHuiZhen (who cried) Oh well, when I see her cry I also feel like crying also, it’s like suddenly very solemn and stuff. Huimin also a bit wanna cry alr hahaha.

Thn quite soon break camp alr :{ Quite fun lah these 2 days, made loads of new friends, felt that I’m starting orientation all over again. This one definitely more fun than Orientation, becos the ppl here more hyper + enthu~!!! And totally un-sexist really. RVPSB ftw~!!! Although I missed 1st day most of the games + lunch + night trail grrrrr but nevermind it’s okay… I’ll haf a chance next time ๐Ÿ˜€

Friends I made from PSB- naming Wanxuan, Jingxuan, Karissa, Yijun, Chonghan, Sheila, Vanessa (Poh), Levonne, Yujie, Jeryl, and so on… sorry for those that I forgot to mention/name~!!!
It has been enjoyable with you guys in this 2day 1night camp ๐Ÿ˜€

Only exchanged contact numbers with a few of them. Nevermind, Monday still got chance!!!! Can’t wait alr ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait for orientation 2010 either~!!!

Tomorrow gonna collect SHINee RingDingDong album!!! omg!!!! Excited liao~!!! But how to go to the meeting place ar? hahahaha some restaurant near Novena MRT @ 4.30PM >_>

Tomorrow must go Novena,
Monday have to go back for course,
Tuesday have to go back for NCC,

Wah I so busy sia. NEvermind I cannot compare to Suzann la, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday got xctry training. Phew, thankfully I refused. I know I will nvr regret my choice everrrr. RVNCC shall always be first priority. RVNCC ftw~!!!

& of course, RVPSB ftw~!
That’s the whole point of this post, isn’t it?

This has been my 4th camp in a year I think (excluding Day Camp cos not only did I not enjoy it, I also don’t like external “instructors” coming in to “hype us up” ok~!!!! They make us sian with all the debriefing and stone face plz)

To think I was complaining to Chloe last year about not having been to a single camp before- hahah~!!!

Lets see, the times I’ve not been at home,

Orientation Camp 2D1N (mostly CCA trials)
March Camp 3D2N (was ok ๐Ÿ˜€ don’t know how to face next year’s though, we’re gonna be killed badly as Part Bs.)
Alpha + Bravo Chalet 4D3N (WOO WOO WOO)
CampFORGE 2D1N (yipeeee)
PSL Camp 2D1N (!!!!)

Really a lot of opportunies to go camps this year. Must appreciate it.


Why suddenly need to pack so much?

Tomorrow has got camp + No.4 but I’ve not done a single bit of packing any of them both…

Fell asleep in school library just now while reading Totto-chan hahaha sorry it got a little too boring. Vege also read Animal Farm read until sleep hahaha So comfortable, I mean the school library was cold and wahahahaha, quiet. Luv luv luv for sleeping.

Ohwell I’ve no idea what to say. Today really sleep until very shiok… Napped for 3 hours (damn) + slept during Hist movie + D&T movie (omg 80 mins of torture) the teacher saw me sleeping somemore hahahaha who cares, it was really so boring ๐Ÿ˜ฆ + library sleep until even more shiok = today = sleeping day!

(unfortunately have to pack for camp tomorrow + No.4… so lazy leiz.)

Ok sian boring post today boring boring boring~!!!! ;\
Will update on Saturday about PSL Camp hahahah (hope it’s fun~) Of course, cannot forget trainfire too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tmr’s progress report. Sigh, I haven’t been doing well for the entire year. Results have been fluctuating quite a bit. Quite worried, but what’s the use now? I’ve been hoping for a GPA 3.3, but this time I’ll be a little greedier. I want a 3.4 haha. Man my goals seem rather low compared to other RV students. But I refuse to compare myself with others.

I don’t like the situation now. Oh wells, but I guess I’ve no choice.



Correction: WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

All that effort needed to write one single letter alr, you actually wrote all of it out FOR THE WHOLE PLATOON~!!!! man so sweeeet. Bloody touched loh me.

I ought to do smth for the platoon too ^_^ Shall go think of ideas..soon. HAHAHA.

Man, I love you all so much…
How can I bear to join another CCA? Hahhaa.

I’m firm, but the convincing part.. oh well, I have some problem. Maybe I can just approach my whole platoon to come with me HAHAHAHAHA

็ˆฑๆญปไฝ ไปฌ~!!!

It’s been one year since you left, how are you? ^_^ Got baby already never tell us… haha…
Miss you so much. When are you gonna come back to visit us?

Fan account on Lee Minho’s visit to Singapore (most horrible experience)

So I woke up at 9.15am and chiong-ed to Changi Airport (journey of 1h) to catch a bloody 5s glimpse of Lee Minho.

Camwhored for that 2 hours we were waiting (was at the front. Afterall, experience. Me & sis chose the right time to appear, not too early such tht haf to wait very long, not too late such tht we won’t be at the front :D)

Complexion was bad that morning cos slept at 2am. But that’s not the point.

Anyway, went to find for food at T1, but apparently thr’s only Kopitiam Jollibean etc that I’m not interested in. Went hungry the whole morning, didn’t eat breakfast before I left the house ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But wasn’t too bad la, I managed to see LMH after waiting and standing for 1h+ (quite fast leh to my surprise). Like my twitter said, black shirt + white skinnies + yellow shoes. More than 6 luggages came out and everyone was like o_o WHY DOES HE NEED SO MANY STUFF FOR JUST 2 DAYS in Singapore?

source: Allkpop

Then after that, we went to eat Popeyes to shut my growling stomach up, $8.80 meal not cheap. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But it was filling enough for both my sister and I, so I think still okay la ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

& then went straight to Dhoby Ghaut (couldn’t find the right exit hahaha) to Etude House. And there were ALOT OF PEOPLE already at 2.40pm, queueing up for dunno-what. So we were walking around and then went into Etude House to play with the products. I smelt horrible cos I rojak all the things on myself (sunguard body lotion some moisture thing body wash) etc etc. So I smelt like shit and then once again I coated the whole arm over with body lotion. Both arms got different smell, one steam milk one strawberry. So I smelt very funny ughhhh regret regret putting so much rubbish on myself.

& I met Tan Jiawen (hahaha) from 1K!! Stalking also XD

Products my sis played with.

After that I wanted SweetTalk so I made my sis leave the shop with me to get. Then couldn’t get back to the shop anymore -.- walked around the whole mall, and it was crowded like !@%#$&. Dunno when someone said he was coming and then the whole mall started screaming like siao. No he didn’t appear. And we decided it was getting way too squeezy (DAMN SMELLY COS EVERYONE’S SWEATING) & you are suffocating literally. Plus my bag was being crushed and then my arm was in contact w all the sweaty arms.. ughhhh, couldn’t take it! So went downstairs.

source: Allkpop
Well, I’m not lying when I say it’s crowded. Yes, that was the huge turnout at Plaza Singapura yesterday. According to Allkpop, more than 1000 fans gathered there -.-“

At this point my sister dropped my camera and that was whn she found out that she lost my camera cover! I got pissed instantly and screamed at her and then ignored her for the whole next 30minutes. WITHOUT MY CAMERA COVER, HOW CAN MY CAMERA AVOID SCRATCHES ALRDY? Stoned there in anger while my blood was boiling from beneath -.-” In the end after waiting for so bloody long in my pissed state, I decided to go away to find some comfort food. Got some greentea ice-cream at $3.80!!!!!

Quite delicious ๐Ÿ™‚ Totally cheered me up. When I made my way back to the crowd afterwards, found out that the event was cancelled o_O sis was totally pissed but me? no feeling. Cos Leeminho was what’s pissing me off. Then they said got “Token of appreciation” so we went around the whole mall finding it. In the end it was outside, and by then it was already about the 5th announcement. And guess what? Already more than 100-200 people were queueing already. What the hell singaporeans so kiasu & fast!!! What’s more it’s like unknown location + JUST A BLOODY BOX OF COTTON PADS.

Decided to forgo the free gift & then went home. To sleep. Hehehe.

Not sending him off anymore becos I’m lazy & tired today + I don’t want to risk squeezing with the uncivilised crowd.

Yes the crowd was really uncivilised this time. Previously, when we went to fetch the other stars on Nov 3/4 as well as FT Island, yes there was a crowd but they were all friendly & each n everyone of us gave the understanding that ALL of us would wna see the stars, so we squeezed to gif one another space. But this time is really horrible. They just kept pushing and pushing and pushing like nobody’s business so that they will get a closer glimpse of e star. And they shoved those cameras in my face what the hell. Cmon, you wna see, I also want to see right. Damn pissed with the “after-BOF KPop fans” who only played BOF songs the whole time at the airport.

I pray with all my heart that SS501 wouldn’t come this December, because it will be really a lot worse. & I don’t look forward to seeing a lot of BOF fans.

Looking forward to Seoul Out concert on December 12!!! Got the tickets already, haven’t paid Kelly yet. CYA REAL KPOP FANS IN DECEMBER!!!

Brown Eyed Girls + FT Island (again) but it’s ok! Cos thr’s no BOF. Wait thr’s T-Max. But who actually cares about them anyway.

Source: SHINee International
Hahaha he dyed his eyebrow blonde. Cool or what.

I LOVE SHINee in RingDingDong!!! Jonghyun became as LUVVV as Love Like Oxygen once again omg. So handsome please. Blonde + dark brown hair = I luv dip dip!!!! And btw, yesterday I saw a staff for LMH that thing, got black and blonde hair, COPYCAT HAHAHA. Of course, like my sis said, cannot forget the Staff that wore SonDambi style also. That fat shoulder part + the killer heels hahaha

& I hope no one turns SHINee fan after BOF. They only released 2-3 songs in BOF anyway, with only 1 getting famous. Stand by me, I mean.

Random: Made a new SHINee-fan friend from 1B ’09, called Levonne, heh heh heh ^_^

Ring ding dOng Ding ding dong

Day Camp

Didn’t blog yesterday becos was lazy & it wasn’t as interesting/fun as I expected, cus most of e games we haf alr played before.

Anyway was into Group 5 heheh. Even tho was not with LingSheng but it was fun ooh lalala ~ Let’s rush through this.

Waterfall, Balloon Caterpillar, Tippy shuffler (??), Casualty Challenge, multi-level captains’ ball…

My Waterfall group. Hahaha. We kept @%&%$* Yew Teck cos he wouldn’t stop talking.

Group 5 playing Waterfall!

Balloon caterpillar. Phew ar phew ar don’t have pictures that I had to stand behind WWY. I pinched him until very cham. Cos very long never pinch liao, not happy. So pinch and pinch and pinch until he shuang lor, and he couldn’t whine. Hehe.

I actually volunteered to SHARING IS CARING our experience sia. Hehe.

Tippy shuffle or smth. Couldn’t use canteen benches because lunch was starting soon, so we used the drain and the lines instead. lol.

Really no idea what I’m doing. I’m on Huixin hahahaha cos Chingling said she’s gna die if I sit on her LOL!!!

Limping and limping. wah really train my right leg power lor. HAVE TO HOP UP AND DOWN 3 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. When I see another flight of stairs I turn off and “haiz” again. So near yet so far.

Practising our skit before the supposedly “campfire” that was cancelled of coz.

Then the skit! 2nd last class to perform, but it was quite ok hehehe.

& the overall camp IC looks like an older version of Taeyeon. Lunch was nice&great.

Group picture of 1C without the guys + some of the girls who had to rush home before dismissal.

Dismissed at 8pm in our smelly states.

Will upload & post up the pictures when I get them from Prisca ๐Ÿ˜€
Thanks to Prisca for the pictures!


Today was a fun fun + sad sad day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Firstly, started w PSS! Our skit was ok ok just that I had to do the “EXAGGERATE SO MUCH, CEH!!!!” alone becoz everyone else forgot hahaha. Paiseh but nvm, here’s some “experience” before being a PSL next year~

& then WE WERE TOLD THT WE HAD CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY FROM 12.20PM TO 2PM WHICH MEANT THAT WE WILL MISS THE Don’t Forget The Lyrics thing. Was so pissed. Whined to Chingling Huixin LingSheng Hillary Vanessa SHuiMin and the list goes on and on and on hahaha. They were getting irritated w my whining alr lo~

Anyway reported @ LT4 for e thing (Kay Vin in charge!!!) and then 1A started w Super Junior!!! Omg!!! At that moment I alr went crazy screaming and screaming and thn LingSheng was like “can you stop screaming?!!?!?!?!” LOL~ I mean seriously it was quite rare for KPop to exist lo!!!!
Then thr was Sorry Sorry, Happiness & One Love. Quite ok la, hahaha.

Then the rest was English + Chinese until I left the LT for shitty shitty Chi Calligraphy. Stupid lo, I was praying and praying and whining that time was passing very fast + thr would be someone who chose KPop!! But nah it didn’t come ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Went for shitty shitty Chi Calligraphy and was very pissed + tried my best to make the teacher pissed too (ops ops bad student ops) & then, learnt that Issac was gna trial for NCC. Was bloody pissed, I mean like ?!?!?!?!? HOW CAN HE JUST COME IN LIDDAT IN E MIDDLE OF E YR? SOMEMORE IT’S NOT SOME OTHER GUY & IT’S ISSAC. & we thot he was gna come today cos apparently Wenhao alr told Staff Samuel tht he would be coming. & thr was Games Day today. So I was totally pissed, y we don’t get to play and he does? So I whined and whined until he said he wd come next week lol. Nvm, so we completed e thing and we went to wash up. & when we came back, we learnt that Issac fell on our ROD presents intentionally. Totally wanted to swear at him. That won’t be all, I believe.

The moment I went for CCA, I was like “EH, JUST NOW GOT KOREAN POP OR NOT AR?!?!?!” Then herd that Sarah went up to sing Wonder Girls :(:(:( Was totally sad, why cdn’t 1I be called earlier?!?!?! & then hahaha helpline (NEWS TRAVEL FAST) she was calling me for Tell Me but but but I wasn’t around cuz I had shitty shitty Chi Calligraphy D:

“1C Ng Hui Ping”
“Hui Ping where are you?!?!?”

(learnt from my platoonmates one!!!)

So sad lor, totally so sad, was whining and whining more and more. & then I learnt got Big Bang Haru Haru also. @%$#^$* WHY CAN’T OUR CHI CALLIGRAPHY BE

POSTPONED OR CANCELLED?!?!?!? Totally sad like hell hais :{ And why couldn’t they choose the KPop earlier :(:(:(

Nvm it’s over. But I still very sad. & pissed. & angry. Hais. :{:{:{ Our timeslot. WHY MUST CHI CALLI BE ON FRIDAY, THAT TIMESLOT?!?!?! Grr @#%#&$^* 1K on Thursday’s cancelled, why can’t ours be cancelled too? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyway went for act and put our presents down. Then chionged for changing cos shooters fall in at 2.30pm. Then shoot lor, same routine as Tues. Shoot target, then shoot cans. Managed to shoot 4 outta 5. Hehe. (and omg I greeted wrongly sgt wenjing as cpl and i turned back without knowing!!!!)

Was IC today. Great because the specialists come one by one can slowly process the diam process hahaha. & erm ROD dinner was great great great~!!!! Bee hoon + chicken wing + some curry thing + fruit punch = ooh la la ~

Prac ROD dance a lil while more & slacked :X Had a little more time so we went back to settle our presents + rehearse our dance in FAST FORWARD MODE for the last time lol!!!


Group picture with the sexybags. Wah sibeh blur leh, how come sia. LOL. Stupid guys keep disturbing us. Cos we wanted to take picture so badly and then they kept disturbing us and then came into the pic, put their finger in etc. !#%#$^$%*! them all!!!! Wenhao Jiasheng whoever. !!!! But thanks Wenxuan for taking the pic for us anyway.

and then ROD night~!!!!!!!!!

Started with some jokes & thn Part A guys performance! But their music not working, so they sing monotone. HAHAHA. KNOCK IT DOWN, KNOCK IT DOWN, KNOCK IT

DOWN~~~ Screamed like crazy.

The guys. LOL. Then Staff Kendrick (or Senior Kendrick?) came and said “POSE!!!!” which explains the last pic lol.

Then our performance. Stomach was very tight or smth, was very jittery, but then got over it very soon hehehe. Actually I realised thr are vry little people onlys compared to last time I perform for Choir (yucks) ;s Didn’t take any pics cos we were on stage (duh -_-) but will try to get from the others who brought cameras la hahaha.

Bravo girls!!!!

Part B guys & girls and Part C guys & girls and so on. After we watch e Part B girls and Part C girls (is this the correct way to put it?) dance, we suddenly feel so nubcakes. Nvm, we’ll be better next ROD (or March Camp?) hehehe~

ROD Video was quite… lol. Some ppl couldn’t recognise ba. Rushed to get our presents and gaf it out, then received ours~!!! Super sweet.


Yay!!! Then halfway we were told to clean up the place in 2mins (then time extension 2mins) and then leave e place immediately :{:{:{ haven’t finish taking presents yet. But got it at the canteen ๐Ÿ˜€ Faster packed up and left the school almost immediately.

Chionged home by 166 and then rushed home ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Anyway here are the pictures of the ROD-making presents + DANCE PREPARATION process (finally can post up the pictures aftr preparing for so long!!! like since june holidays or something.)

Aug 10 ’09 @ Jieling’s house
“Decorating” the thingy at Popular hahaha. Those stationery section whr they give you a place to write on. Spammed them with RVNCC Alpha ’09 and SHINee hahaha.

Materials at Popular~!!!

Clips & items we bought!!!

Box of saga seeds provided by Jiawen ๐Ÿ˜€

Starting on the caps that we bought from somewhere ๐Ÿ˜›

The “draft” or “guideline” Whatever. haha

Jiawen ๐Ÿ˜€

The first few completed!!!

haha Tina’s sister!!!



All of thm~!!! Woo!!! Completed thm in about a day.

& then we stayed back in school on a particular day to complete ROD dance + the presents also, and here’s…

This thingy totally distracted us the whole time, carrying it up, moving it, chasing it around the cage, then hahahaha. Yes kept getting distracted while Gertie was pissed trying to get us to listen to her for the dance formations. Thanks to S Huimin lor, make me distracted, hahaha. and the 2nd picture, Jiawen’s hamster and my finger, hehe.

Other times…

Messing around + drawing on the whiteboard & the Sun where we played with the glitter!! Wrote Alpha ’09 on my hand, and then removed it when I got home cos it was getting too itchy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I had it on my hand until I reached home leh!!!

Build-a-bear, our initial idea which was bad becoz we realised that it was too ex ๐Ÿ˜€ but glad that we didn’t, or else how else would we haf managed to find such splendid ideas? HAHAHA~

Slacking/working hard during ROD Prac @ Gertie’s house…

& the pool! YEp I went into it. Pls don’t tell my mother.

SELF-EXPLANATORY!!! OMG. SO NICE RIGHT. The 3 clips of both wood pieces were taken out and put on the paper bag at last minute so as to “standardise” with the rest of the plastic bags, and cos it couldn’t fit inside the bag too, with the 3 clips hanging out and obstructing the “pathway”.

Was going to Bras Besah to get the bags after ROD Prac at Gertie’s house with Yixin Jiawen Annqing. Saw loads of things and played around with them. Hehe. & wth, I didn’t know I was that dark? I mean, I know I’m dark, but WHAT’S WITH THE SO OBVIOUS COLOUR CONTRAST?!?!?!

& btw, don’t know where this came from,
but what’s this? hahaha. Yixin’s pic.

Then there are the pictures taken quite recently that we chionged out + pictures I koped from other specialists blogs hahaha~!!!

Basically, our presents are smth like. For ALL the specialists, we gaf them caps. Differs in colour ๐Ÿ™‚ And then a paper bag hahaha. EVERY specialist has a different colour.

Staff Feei & Sgt Shirleen are much more special, of course! They’re our PC and APC anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ Staff & Sgt has both got a card made by S Huimin (hand drawn + coloured totally beauty!!!! HUIMIN DRAW FOR ME ALSO~!!!!) and thn they also have a piece of wood (??) which kinda acts like a photoframe. Pasted our group photos + company photo and then stuck saga seeds, and wrote in glitter. They had bigger bags to store the wood and card ๐Ÿ™‚ And EVERY SINGLE BAG be it StaffFeei/SgtShirleen or the other specialists, they had clip(s) on it ๐Ÿ˜€

Ideas credited to the whole platoon of course~!!! We came up with different ideas etc altogether :}

Pictures credit to Caixin & Jiawen ๐Ÿ˜€

Scream + eat those cookies + marshmellow + muffins(??) until throat hoarse + a bit dry liao, how how how?!?!?!

Will upload more pics when I get them from Staff & Sgt tomorrow (forgot take picture of the secksay S Huimin card sad)
Of cos, can’t forget Prisca’s pics too. haha. The photographer for every class event.

Hehe I was lazy to update yesterday

Was @ Shooting yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚
Pretty fun, but we were quite sad over the fact that we will not be able to play games on Friday ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Sad, but Staff said thr’ll be a “mini games day” for all of us shooters, so we’d better cherish that fact becos tht doesn’t come easy, although I’m a little sad about missing my first games day with the othr girls (and guys) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Must thank them in any case la.

Ok watever about yesterday.

During PE ran 4 rounds, with an aching back + that aching thigh bone + my hips very pain + muscle ache on the arms. Ok it hurts, but after I ran 4 rounds the back pain like cut down a lot. Like suddenly, not so pain anymore!!! Really eh, shiok like hell. But now the pain is back!!! grrrr.

Then went back class for “80mins of Bio” a.k.a slacking. Stuff w Huimin all the way until recess ended (didn’t go for recess!) & sorry Lingsheng you had to eat that egg with bread in class and you couldn’t drink your dear milo haha. Wonder how it will turn out to look like ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I mean Huimin’s stuff.

Then nth much all e way, Vanessa+Prisca+ZhiJun+SuZann’s grp on gym ftw ftw!!! Esp Vanessa la omg. 1C = yay! Cmon, admit it, and Issac you can continue squealing, but can you do what she’s doing!!!??! Holding your legs HIGH UP UP THERE (the next Victoria Song) & jump down and split. Omg. Scary… Ouch, I feel the pain myself leh.

Slacked all e way & dismiss ~ Settled class performance for Day Camp (tomorrow!!!) + taught LHuiMin the steps alr. Yea~!!! But still must touch up. Hope Friday got time ba. Hais, how to face the specialists AND DANCE on Friday??! Gonna be so paiseh lo. Thankfully I’m not in front hahahah

Ling Sheng, don’t be sad!


Have been running around Singapore the past few days (except Sunday)

Not disclosing where I went on Saturday. Cos it sounds kinda stupid. oops.
Might disclose next time. But by the time I do so you all would have already forgotten about it. Hahaha. But I saw Staff Peijia at Clementi MRT. :O! She didn’t see me, but I recognised her by her specs + bag. Cos at first I couldn’t confirm whether is her or not.


So.. today early in the morning headed to Gertie’s house for ROD prac! Earliest to arrive as usual at 10.40am -_-” (meeting time 11am) Then headed to Broadway to eat (just drank one Ice Milo) Apparently she booked a dance studio for 3 hours – wow. But then we took only 2 hours and we headed to the Children’s Pool to play for a while before getting chased out ๐Ÿ˜› So sorry Gertie ~

So we were drilling around the place (dance studio) cos we were bored in that 3 hours ;\ & here are some (many) unglam shots of them hahahaha platoonmates don’t kill me….

Hentak haha.

Oops sorry. Jiawen hentak-ing lol.


Gertie lol~ Ok zilian like ever.

Jasmine Jieling Annqing. Only Jasmine can “pull it off”. (her hair)

Yixin Huiping. Yixin finally smiles differently. But I dunno is glam or unglam sia.

Fall in?

Sit dewn.

Ok a bit unglam so sorry. But I uploaded so might as well ~


& picture after I changed (ok horrid la, I couldn’t find a place to stand ma, cos self-timer) what the hell. But it’s the only group pic we have today!!! :(:(:(

-shall upload the video tomorrow cos no time to upload now, file size too big =(-

Then headed to City Hall with Jiawen + Annqing + Yixin to get the stuff needed for ROD and then we got lost -.- We got off at Little India (we got lost huhuhuhu) and took MRT to City Hall eventually hahaha. Bras Besah’s a nice place! Umm, won’t disclose much details until ROD’s over.

Then headed to Annqing’s house for the completion of the stuff. Before that, we headed to Bukit Panjang Plaza to buy bubbletea. & BEING SPECIAL as always, I tried a new flavour – Green Apple. Not bad la, but Mango still ftw~

Hmm, hope our specialists like the presents ๐Ÿ˜€ We really spent a lot a lot a lot a lot and a lot of effort + time + $$$ on it sia~!!! + Thanks Yenting for the 3 pencils that she brought to Annqing’s house upon our request. (1 ROAD and 1 CARPARK away ma) & Annqing’s maid for cooking noodles for us! (settled dinner at her house ~ hahaha)

Tomorrow’s No.4. Shooting. Somehow, I don’t think I should join. Haiz. I mean… I’m such a disappointment in many many aspects… sigh.

Ohwell, another day out w my platoonmates. Tired, very very tired today (woke up at 9am to prepare and ran around Singapore till 10pm++ when I reached home!!!), but it’s all worth it,
like Yixin said,

“The sacrifices we make for NCC”
ๆˆ‘็ˆฑไฝ ไปฌ!!!!

(but seriously, really tired sia. So tempted to hit the sacks now and rest well for tomorrow’s act – No.4 leh, confirm very tiring and confirm kena killed, but.. nvm. ่ฆๅฎˆไฟก็”จ. I promised. I’ll wait.)