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Satsugateneun ~

Watching SHINee’s old performances…


They are so bloody different, how I’m watching Jonghyun now brings back those crazy memories of me stalking them every minute every second (Epik High, anyone?) downloading all their performances, reality shows, and minor appearances. Watched everything about them etc.

Went Korea also copy all the videos to iTouch to entertain me on bus trips, plane trips, train trips. I was so crazy, yes. But now I watch Love Like Oxygen all over again, it’s like the craze went back into me.

I remember Medeline informing me on K-Chart one night at 10pm. Love Like Oxygen was #5. I didn’t like Replay then, for some reason. I thought Taemin looked kiddish, and whenever Medeline SMS-ed me to say “TAEMIN OMG, HIS WICKED SHIRT” I will laugh along with my sis cos Medeline likes this mushroom head person. HAHAHA, but I began to love them all the same 😀

And after I watch Love Like Oxygen on TV I was like sooo tempted to go find out more on them. That guy in Yellow. Jonghyun, he was just so bloody hot la!! Then started to follow on all their reality shows etc, and then started to love them like hell, WOOOO!!

I still love them all the same man. Luv luv luv, will continue following. If you think I’m spazzing, seriously not really. Follow my November 2008 archives. THAT was crazy. Lmao. All in the PSLE era. But hey, SHINee was what cheered me up wasn’t it? 🙂 Remember telling Kim Yao “go Korea help me buy SHINee calender ok!!!” hahaha. Wow. SHINee albums, hmm… From Replay all the way till now. Still saving up for their NIGHT Photobook 😦 Will get it soon!!! IHOPE IHOPE :(:(

But for now, TAEMIN PLS GET WELL SOON!!! 😦
This promotion’s been horrible, it’s either Jonghyun my darling missing, or Onew missing and now Taemin missing :((( Damn the swine flu T.T Ring Ding Dong has hardly any 5 member performances lor…

But cmon, SHINee still rocks! It’s just that, without any of them, SHINee is no longer SHINee 😦 And Key + Minho’s still strong without H1N1 attack!!! Krystal Amber Sulli got the H1N1 too. They probably spread it to Taemin T.T too close contact. I r sad 😦 HAHAHAHA BUT STILL LUB (inside joke) THEM LA.

Sorry if you all dun understand anything :X

PS: Hope Chen Yu gets into RV 🙂


Busy schedule hahaha

Been very very busy (or I make myself busy?)


Last Monday: 6/6 class outing
Last Thursday: NCC Drill Practice
Last Friday: NUGU dinner
Last Saturday: Somewhere.
Last Sunday: Jiawen (1K)’s house for PSL dance + Fly kite with Uncle afterwards

Monday: Dinner at night
Tuesday: 1C’s class outing
Wednesday: Platoon BBQ!
Thursday (yesterday!): Swimming complex + Jiawen (1L)’s house with Annqing Yixin to play around. Afterwhich went Annqing’s house for Monopoly before going home at 8.45pm 😛
Friday: Later going hospital to visit Mummy.

I thought I will be more free after yesterday but…

Saturday: Going out with Uncle to fly kite (again?) / NUGU going to Fort Canning Park. Don’t know if I’ll be able to go.
Sunday: PSL Dance Practice at Meng Lu’s house

How did I become so busy?!?!

Long awaited platoon BBQ!!!

In advance… (Nov 28)


As the picture says ;D

Today went Hazel Park Condo to have our long-awaited platoon BBQ!!! yay.
But of course before that is the hassle of preparation – 😦 buy food etc. Met Yixin & SHuimin @ Boonlay and slacked at her house before bringing the food all the way to CCK. Met Jiawei Jiawen Jieling thr then went all the way to Phoenix to meet Annqing & Yenting, before meeting Tina at Ten Mile Junction. Sorry, we let the birthday girl wait!! 😦

& HAHAHA, ANNQING, NICE BLUE FBTs HAHAHAHA. So matching!!! Rofl for the whole day I was teasing her, sorry sorry hahaha very tempting!!! But hey nice legs thr + nice colour combination 🙂 Today is one of the days I actually bother to match my clothes k. But it’s coz I like this top + this bottom, hahaha I think it’s very cute 😀 Lmao I threatened Yenting that I will les with her if she continue to abuse Jiawei ahahahaaa

The stuff we were bringing ~

@ LRT Station. Yenting refuses to do what the girls were doing haha. Sorry for blur pic, camera lens got blurred or smth 😦

& then we were stuck on the LRT from the Ten Mile Junction!! For a good 10 minutes, probably. before it moved, wah got a lot problem sia. -.-” But it was fun in front leh, imagine it headed front, is like roller coaster ride lor. So long never take roller coaster alr 😦 Miss miss Korea.

I was playing iTouch ^^ haha.

Then we went to collect the cake + meet Snr Shirleen @ Bukit Panjang LRT & took 963 to Tina’s house ^^ Btw my ez-link balance running out, today run around a lot of places, waste my ez-link balance :((( Now left $3 like, wow. Empty out so bloody fast.

Man so many trouble just to bring us to the BBQ Pit. Need to climb 2 walls, then pass some ulu carpark, (and at night rlly very scary T.T)


The cake, surprise surprise ^^ We take care the candle until very xinku. Coz the wind blow and blow, siao there really strong wind man.

Hardworking Jiawen + Annqing + Jiawei + Tina’s maid (who speaks Chinese!!!) were at the BBQ pit all the time helping us bbq our food ;x Thanks so much people!!!

Teh chicken wings and chicken hotdog~!!! Hahahaha.

Don’t forget the pit lol

LHuimin came!!! we thought she wouldn’t be able to, but she did!! Yayness when we heard the news that she would be coming!! Hehehe~

& she finally knows the surprise. Haha.

Cut cut cut cake ~

With the unused matchsticks!!! Hahaha. They belonged to Yixin, then they got wet rofl can’t use anymore!! Sorry Yixin HAHAHA

Group picture ^_^ with happy Tina roflmao. my fringe looks horrid nevermind I don’t know what happened to it at that moment T_T

Figuring out how to cut the cake. At the same time, removing the wax. My hair blocked my face completely rofl.

YUM HAHAHA The potato is damn delicious!!!! Tina’s maid’s awesome man~

Beehoon :DDD + Rice, they got mixed tgt. Hahaha. Beehoon + curry = heaven~ woooo

Take pic take pic. Wow Yixin, your smile is more natural!

Snr Jiawei Jiawen. haha TJWs

Food food! See the hotdogs rofl. So orderly.

Roflmao I realised my cheeks very bouncy HAHAHA

The 2 ppl who insist on wearing NC Tee…

Cut cake + eat cake ~

Jiawen + Yixin ~ Wah Jiawen very happy to see SMS hor. HAHAHA.

I got a lot unglam shots of me eating + drinking a lot -.- I got no choice but to post up or else ltr some ppl say “You always post up nice pics of yourself and unglam pics of us, purposely one right~!!!!” hahahaha fine joking joking. AND I’M NOT A PIG OK

Cake slice. Didn’t eat, too busy gossiping T.T

Yo self timer is it?

Snr & LHuimin

The long awaited pict that Snr wanted to take w Jieling, HAHAHA. She keep running away from the cam hahaha.

Snr + SHuimin 😛

Me & Snr. Damn my legs look like ugh….. Snr looks like a pair of dark chopsticks :(( & no I don’t think she ate more thn me. Hahahaha!!! Look like pig sia, I ate really a lot. but I dun think I drank as much as SHuimin!~!! hahaha

Here’s another pict of me eating T.T but it’s glam ok!!!! HAhaha at least I think it is 🙂 Just that the fact that I was caught eating like a pig is sadness 😦

Then settled down to talk around before we left 😦 that’s the last pict of us.

HAHAHAHA, the worst part of every thing is cleaning up T.T but we had a lot of people so surprisingly the cleaning up was very easy ^^ Just threw away the rubbish, then brought the leftover food to Tina’s house for her family to feast :X (actually is bring the rubbish to her house… umm)

WE FINISHED 8 1.5LITRE DRINKS OMG ARE WE ZAI OR ZAI!! SOMEMORE not enough -.-” Forgot buy ice cubes :((( But it’s ok, it was enough for us -.-” We drink seriously a lot. & ate a lot also!!! Hahaha. 12 of us, is like.. hmm.

CHICKEN WINGS (ate a lot of this)
marshmallows (was too full to eat any T.T)
jelly (jieling mom made)
bee hoon + rice (hahaha they got mixed!!!)
curry (delicious potatoes!!! it’s like tomyam :D)
satay (woo plus satay sauce from Yixin’s mom).
hotdogs (yum yum although they are too small :X)

is seriously more than enough lor!!! Had a lot of leftovers, but we brought them to Tina’s house 🙂 The Alpha girls sure do have a big appetite!!! Just eat eat eat. Hahaha. Woooo had a lot of fun eating + binging on junk food AND RUFFLES ANYONE??? T_T fat day today 😦

I haven’t been exercising, gotta run someday. I’ve been saying this, over and over again, but I really need to run ._.

Oh well, thanks to everyone for making this BBQ a success ;D

My darling platoonmates (by class order: SHuimin Annqing Jieling Tina Yixin Yenting Jiawei Jiawen LHuimin) + Sgt shirleen + MOST IMPORTANTLY TINA’S MAID for cleaning up our mess, & helping us BBQ. She damn pro sia, look super experienced. She hardly chaota anything loh, all the satay are all just nice, not overcooked, not undercooked. WOO ZAI!

Plus thanks Tina for her house (and the free pit ;D) & we haven’t pay for the BBQ rofl. Now waiting for Yixin to calculate the money, add up together all the drinks food etc and split among the platoon. Was a delicious day today ^_^ + said a lot of stuff cooped in my heart woooo~!!! & I hate the last part whn I don’t dare to go home.

THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT HORROR STORIES T.T so scared until I asked my sister come Hazel Park find me & go home tgt ._. coz I don’t dare to go home myself + take lift myself hahaha. Thanks sis sia, that’s the first time you’re nice. But I bet is not so simple one lo… You confirm… hmm, SHALL NOT SAY IT HERE. hahaha. Sorry Tina for troubling you (you had to bring me to the main gate again!!!) and it’s quite far frmo your house so… 😦 but thanks so much, you’re so nice!!!

Good night to the world, ~ and I need to shit now from eating too much food just now hahahaha. SHuimin say (in chinese) “I go out with her 3 times, 3 times she go home she say she want to shit.” HAHAHAHA!!! TRUE WHAT HAHAHA

CYA~ RVNCC Alpha ’09 rocks forever ^_^ We’re gna be Bravo ’10 soon, it’s a totally new yr together, luv you all forever too!! HAhaha.

First class outing @ ECP with 1C

Today had 1C class outing 😉

Kayvin wore yellow socks + the same shirt!!! AHahaha, teh mud still there rofl. I totally anyhow wear and got outta my house cos I thuoght I’ll be late. In the end I was quite early, that one nevermind. What’s with blue hairband + blue spects + purple shirt + gray shorts + black shoes?!! When I was proud of my weird colour combination, Huimin say I always dress liddat. GRRRRR~!!!!

Took MRT. Yay I luv iPod Touch hahaha. Free entertainment along the way eh.

Went cycling at ECP. Took MRT to Bedok and 197 as usual, then took a few group photos along the way? Or was it only 1. Forgot. ahahaha.

(courtesy of Gracia) hmm, group photos at the underpass lor. Haha. The guys don’t want take, but there was one at the cycling area we took. Wait for Prisca to upload ba ;D

Met Lingsheng there, she brought her own bike. She said at first she was wearing FBTs, then she changed to long pants. Lame enough. Wah her red shirt super striking sia, cycle damn damn damn far, then see one red among the green trees.

Then we rented the bikes, $6/3hrs. Cmon man, it’s the same shop lol.
Then taught Vanessa how to cycle (but in the end she still cannot learn la :X), and do I need to elaborate on the cycling process? Just that I damn slow -.-” I BLAME IT ON MY BIKE OK just kidding T_T. And Vanessa’s bike spoil so long (the gear not properly attached) she dunno sia. No wonder she couldn’t learn how to cycle ._. but oh well, she gave up. Darren Lim’s easier to teach, coz can SCOLD SCOLD SCOLD AND ATTACK HIM HAHAHAHA. Vanessa can’t scold :X

Okay then ate Macs after that went home ?? Wah our class outing very short. My other friends all damn shocked sia, say we so guai go home immediately, how to tahan. After lunch immediately go home. Aiya me & my money issues 😦

It’s like I went to look for the bus-stop then suddenly I received a message from Kay vin “My father come fetch me and car pool all the boys home, thanks for the outing! Tell everyone.” Something like that la, I forgot the exact message. What the…. why never carpool ALL of us home!!1 So in the end we took bus back to Bedok, and MRT back to Clementi. haha not funny ah ._.

Tmr got BBQ have to pay again. Hai ~ Tmr going swimming complex look for swimming coach!! 😀 I hope I don’t end up hating swimming class or something, but I just hope I can learn how to swim by next year ba, don’t have to embarrass myself at swimming class, sorta. lol. Very long never go into the waters le~ excited!

Will put up pictures when they’re up on the class blog (Prisca+Gracia). I know I don’t have to worry because they confirm will bring camera rofl. This is kinda a wall of text I don’t like it when I don’t have picts in my posts (makes it look short :P) haha.

1C’s awesome! ^^

CYA all, the next class outing. Not really, cya all in school when school reopens (T_T IT SEEMS SO SOON SAD) Gotta start on hol homework soon 😦

Fly Kite

Yo yo yo all 😀

Today went out with PSB Programmes to Kovan nice one. Jiawen’s house to be exact. Her mother super fierce man. I was damn scared roflmao ok I’m not used to it because Mummy not very scary what. HAHAHA. Oops sorry if that’s offending Jiawen ;x

Ate Macs (ex man) before going to her house. Her house is damn bloody near the MRT lor, so good -.-” then choreographed a dance (ya right I didn’t do anything just follow only. the 3 dancers in PSB Programmes did so). Use the Luo Zhi Xiang song. Wah repeat repeat repeat, I also sian liao. I mean the song lyrics la. lol.

Went back @ about 4pm while the rest went to play basketball. Headed to Marina Barrage to fly kite lol. Wah that place super ulu lor, not easy to get there man. Marina Barrage’s a nice place 🙂


Never fly kite before so it’s like my first time lor. Didn’t have any pics of me flying the kite because when I fly kite how to take picture!!! But there were a lot of people there, surely. Cannot fly your kite too high or else will tangle with other people’s kite. And the wind damn strong, which is quite shiok. Had to pin up my fringe or else my hair was gna fly all around the place lol.

Hmm, then went to Auntie/Uncle’s house to eat dinner, then went home at 8.30pm, not exactly haha. Oh well, good luck and have fun? Hmm… Today’s Nov 22, tomorrow’s Nov 23, and the day after Nov 24. I keep thinking tomorrow’s the class outing ;\


HAHAHAA, SHINee didn’t go MAMA T.T But it’s ok coz SM is boycotting MAMA D: Pledis also. Quite sad la, but it’s ok JYP still went :D:D

2PM won Best Artist Of The Year award!!!! & zomg their speech is damn touching T.T totally cried please, especially when they keep mentioning Jaebeom. Cmon Jaebeom, just come back?


And from Sharon’s Twitter, HAHAHA. LOL THEY PHOTOSHOPPED JAEBEOM IN. Zomg he’s so fricking cute in the 1st picture la, and what’s with the 3rd pict. Reminds me of Junsu when he filming Wild Bunny, HAHAHA THE STUDIO SHOTS DAMN FUNNY PLEASE~!!! Gna finish up Wild Bunny soon 😀

Oh well, when will 2PM return to a 7-member group again? Jaebeom we miss you. Love forever 😦 I can’t believe Jaebeom actually came to Singapore before. You know, it was still 7-member? Things happened so fast, sigh. It’s been a long time, isn’t it? Haiz, at least I’ve seen them before in person ba.

Both Onew and Jonghyun recovered from swine flu already 😀 Finally SHINee is back on stage with 5 members ^^ Lmao did Key fall down or something? Before Minho’s rapping. Hmm, Onew still not fully recovered yet ba. He performed, but he didn’t sing. And he doesn’t look fine either. Oh man, SME is some torture centre or some prison. Keep torturing them, Onew obviously doesn’t look fine la zzzzzz he should go rest more. But anyway gonna download their performances asap alrdy HAHAHA running outta space on my hard drive like how?!?!?

More KPop spazzing + loads of homework to be done = how? T_T


How to stay overnight? :(

Today went out w NUGU for dinner at Marina 😀

Went to.. Something Acia. Shit I forgot. Anyway, go out with NUGU = picture spammage!! Hahaha. Wore heels today cos can’t find any shoe to match w my dress kinda thing. Was told to wear formal cos gonna go to the Marina hotels to find out about the layout of the entire hotel. Got really fat after the buffet T.T Marina Mandarin is frigging chio, it’s damn huge and seriously, you can see every level and it’s like W-O-W. Mandarin Oriental we couldn’t even go in T.T

Met Xinying & Sis @ Dover MRT bus stop. Hahah. Took 106. Was late ah. On the bus kept spamming NUGU. Damn lame ah. “Jonghyun’s beside me now.” Then Xinying rebutt with SHINee’s song names really not bad sia. I ran outta ideas. Lmao, Zixi said Key’s with her too. & I told her, where’s the lock. HAHAHAHA. OMG SO LAME!!!

Me Xinying Elysia Yorklyn

Lmao, Xinying said, “At least my eyes aren’t the smallest.” HAHAHA, Same for my case too! I realised my eyes are quite big ah. HAHAHa. In this picture only la. Hmm, NUGU has really small eyes. I love that fact! But it’s almost everyone, except Zixi.. Zixi has wow large eyes ah.

It’s not that I’m short I’m just bending towards her. And Xinying’s tall ok, she’s 170cm, not funny ok 3cm shorter than Jonghyun only. JONGHYUN IS NOT SHORT. Even if he is, he’s suitable for me!!!!!!! HAHAHAH wooo wooooo Jonghyun come take helicopter to my hse now. Kk he has arrived I go fetch him HAHAHAHA ok this is getting lame.

DON’T. Don’t talk about my sleeve. I know about that ._. It’s just the shirt k the flowery sleeve T.T

Me & my Tomyam Chicken set. The fake kimchi is made using coleslaw wooo. But it’s still nice la, can pass off as real one. Haha. The Tom Yam soup not bad eh!! + the restaurant free flow of ice cream + drinks (!!!) I only had one serving of ice-cream cos too full T.T but the ice-cream really not bad. Soft and nice. Haiz should have had more right? But that would mean I would want to shit more on the 106 bus afterwards… More on that later ;x

Nice nice group picture Nice nice Elysia took it for us ^^

Camwhoring outside ~

Sis. Sorry eyes too small, blinded by my own flash. ;x

Keooo :D:D Her nose like 3-leaf clover like that, I noticed! Hahaha.

Camwhoring w Xinying 😀

Ok Xinying a bit unglam I’ll be nice today and cover it rofl. Like posing like that sia. HAHHA. Xinying xinying ^^ Nice picture :X OK OK KIDDING!!!! Thanks for the resto recommendation though, the food was kinda cheap + nice! 🙂

Group picture using self-timer T.T I think Zixi has a better quality one. Will upload it in due time 😀

After which discussed about how we’re gna stalk (I don’t intend to no money T.T) plus whether gonna stalk overnight & stuff. Don’t think Mummy will allow so T_T have to… be a “normal” fan ba. But haiz. nvm la, cannot follow NUGU around ;\ But I know they’re nice. Heh.


Left at 9.45pm afterwards with Elysia cos we were afraid Mummy will scold us for returning home late so T_T and then I had to spend 40 minutes on the bus holding back my shit ._. Stayed awake for the whole thing coz really can’t sleep, want to shit!!! If you checked my Twitter feeds almost all the updates for now all talking abt shit.

It’s like I ran home from bus stop (in heels!!!!) and then took out my socks and heels in the lift, then open door and threw bag + place handphone nicely on the floor & run to toilet to shit! Immediately come out sia, so shiok. Suddenly relieved from the horrible stomach ache + sensation to shit. Ok sorry this part of the post was eerrm. LOL.

Luv NUGU 누구 DARLINGs loadss~
Meet up soon again!! 😀

PS: I hate SMRT buses. Got this smell, like the airplane like that. Always make me lose appetite + wanna vomit. T_T

Gna go out tomorrow. Hmm, 4 BBQs this holiday?…. Platoon BBQ, NCC Chalet BBQ, my birthday BBQ (maybe only), what was the other one I was thinking of yesterday? Ok whatever. I forgot temporarily. Will post up when I recall -_-“

Good night all. 😀 And if you all had noticed, why my posts always at night ar?!?! Haha!

2 pigs and 1 human

Yesterday 2 pigs landed in my house. Because my house was made of bricks, and theirs made of straws and sticks, so they came running to my house looking for refuge.

This is so damn lame. Had NCC drill practice (organised among ourselves cool or what 😀 I say it’s cool) in school.


Ok anyway Huimin and Yixin came to my house yesterday after drill practice. Slacked most of the time actually. Drilled a bit, then disiao, and then trained our emotional… whatever. Played around for a little while, drank stuff, played Wii, looked at my beautiful class photos (thanks) and whatever, stop talking about my previous looks!!! grrr. If only got more platoonmates, can have fun fun fun HAHAHAHA can go totally crazy alr!! :O

Huimin stop taking your socks out in the room!!1 At LHuimin’s house also lor. You very good please.

Umm, managed to save some money by not eating lunch by bringing them to my house. Hahaha!!

& thanks Yixin for the souvenir from Genting. Very rich hor. Cmon, who doesn’t know. Hahaha.