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Homework homework homework

Okay since Yaokun reminded me that I HAVEN’T BLOG, I shall do so -.-

But firstly….

Sorry been obsessed reading their IPLE. & sorry for no Taemin coz he didn’t up his picture in the post DDDD:
JONGHYUN LOOK SUPER DIFFERENT RIGHT. But he’s still super cute, HAHAHA!!! Yay!


These days been really busy with PSL activities. EVERYDAY go back school since like Dec14 except X’mas period and I’m not kidding. But I’m thankful I get to be a class fac! 🙂

The list’s been changed again, and I’m a class fac of class 1B together with Ruocheng & Shuxin. Hope it’s a good class next year (which means no monkeys), although I’m quite sad I won’t be taking any Jap/Korean -_-“

Finally finished with the Chinese written work – 2 剪报 and the Chinese lyric reflection thingy 😀 So proud of myself~! Wrote Chinese words like so weird alr coz it’s been 2 months since I’ve written Chinese words and it really seems very weird!! -_-“

K gonna start on my NCC posters so I can chiong my English booksharing tomorrow ^^ And then I’ll have 4 days to complete my 窗边的小豆豆! Hopefully can finish the 2 posters by tomorrow, oh well. I shall TRY to be confident of myself (but I’m quite doubtful of myself :x)

And I just realised tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve. Wow, time passes really fast. I can’t believe tomorrow at this time people will be counting down to 2010. I almost didn’t notice Christmas was over. Well, too busy nowadays isn’t it -.-” with PSL activities and loads of “goshhh I haven’t do homework!!!” kinda feeling ._.

I have a sudden urge to express this, so….

NUGU, I love you! 🙂
Always make me high, always make me happy. HAHAHA.

& I love PSB too, bcoz it’s always fun with them. The lunch(s) we have after every activity (??) and whatever laaaa. Installed w FUN can le 😀
Rmb scarecrows HAHAHAHAHA. “All for one!!!!” HAHAHAHA~ k I’m e only one laughing over this damn stupid.

I shall be a stupid girl (for once!!!) and say I look forward to school reopening becoz only thn can I receive weekly allowance every Sunday again -__-“….



"Santa I’ll be a good girl this year, just let me _____"


Oh well, reading their translated IPLE entries from last year makes me wanna cry. How much they’ve been through just to achieve that No.1 spot on Music Bank in June, how much they’ve gone through just to have a reality show of their own, how much they’ve gone through just to release yet another chart-topping single. How much preparation they need just to release a new mini-album. How they have to work even harder to compete with all the other celebrities out there, who are putting in similar effort.

SHINee, ♡ forever.

And I refuse to believe that my last year’s Christmas wish is coming true at a wrong time.

Looks like you really need to think hard – your wishes. Bcoz they may just come true 10 years later and you don’t want it anymore 😦

But then again, isn’t it my lifetime wish? I had been craving it for so long…. but I guess, now is not the time. I wished it was fulfilled last year.

Opening Xmas presents…

Was opening my presents yesterday afternoon! ^^ So…ya got pictures la.

Under my Christmas tree. Huimin’s gonna think sick.

Caixin’s wrapping.

Damn nice la omg, but the SHINee is seperated into SHIN and ee T_T how to glue it back, Vege? I put it together for picture sake HAHAH nice right my camera luvs THANKS so much~!!! (for the SHINee especially :P)

The cards/envelopes from…. aiya many ppl. HAHAHA, Snr Shirleen, Maam Feei, Jieling and Jiawen (frmo a long time ago, but I wanted to make my Xmas tree look like there are many presents so I also included it) I flipped the content over so that no one will read it, bcoz Jieling say I’m sadistic and evil HAHAHAHA oops did I just reveal the content of the letter?

Cuz you’ll always be my babies :3 Thanks Maam for e baby towel hahaha!

I forgot this one from Jieling or Snr Shirleen sia. SORRY!!! Hmm ltr I go check haha.



It was in a box but I didn’t manage to capture it nicely so.. forget it ): Damn nice right!!!!! Then got all the lace and everything. I LIKE!!!! thanks so much!

Unfolded all the rolls of paper with messages inside ^_^ Nice nice!! HAHAHA So cool!!!
Folded it back, put back into the box and there it is under my Christmas tree again 😛 Even though Xmas is over!

2 presents from Huimin. And I understand that I am the cutest, sexiest, prettiest girl on Earth, hor? YOU WRITE ONE LEH DON’T GO BACK ON YOUR WORDS.
K I forgot to take pict of the pig bcoz it’s too curvy and I fell in love with the 35 24 32 figure, but I’ll post it up soon after school reopens bcoz I am lazy at the moment 😛

It isn’t called a birthday without soft toys. Cmon, which girl has never received a soft toy for a birthday present before? Ok look at the necklace HAHAHA.

From LHuimin piang eh. Put all those Paris London etc etc so damn jealous plz 2 weeks in Europe!!! Omg imagine!!! That’s gotta be so bloody damn fun T.T Ok I’m not so rich…mayb next time?


From brother. Inside are cookies ^^ The box nice right!

From Kelly (NUGU) THAnks ^_^ for the damn sweet message HAHAHA

OF COURSE, THANKS TO MUMMY FOR THE HONGBAO, & Korkor for the NICE GOOD-LUCK MESSAGE + MONEY inside & my sister willing to sponsor my Seoul’d Out ticket (so I don’t have to pay anymore!)

If you all noticed the money from my MSN display name is gone. Coz my sister said she’s gonna treat me! 😛 HAAHAHAHA THANKS FOR ALL THE SPONSORSSSSS ;3

K I’ve got picts of the clothes I bought frmo shopping but I’m not about to post thm up. And the legginsg that looks like jeans, damn COOL HAHAHA I CHOOSE ONE MA~~ (in my own world) anyway spent like loadsss on clothes today but almost everything was on Sale so shiokkkk all the clothes were not as ex 🙂

Sigh I don’t really want them to come. Money issues…. cashflow issues…. permission issues….studies issues…… sigh, it’s all too confusing. I mean yes, it has been my lifetime wish, but I won’t be allowed and all those crap.
I just feel like crying now. In fact I was tearing a bit just now, ugh. I wished I had Yaokun’s life D: So damn envious of him alr ):

I love you/ya’ll so much, of course I can’t bear to let you come and go like that. But do I really have a choice?

Birthday Celebrations!

Today is Christmas! A.k.a my birthday alr! 😛
I’m officialy 13 and that’s so sad, bcos no more child price, and everything. Finally an adult? T.T don’t like!!!

Anyway thanks to these people who… wished me Merry Xmas/Happy birthday! ^^

Through MSN:
Sarah Xing: for wishing me Happy B’day + Merry X’mas! ^^
Yihao: for wishing me Happy B’day + Merry X’mas also! And until now, I sitll donno who is he. Ok only some people will know what I mean. And maybe… I want your Y2 notes! HAHAHA
Gladys Gan: for wishing me Happy Birthday + Merry X’mas too! Give you Hyunjoong!
Benjamin Lim: for wishing me Happy Bday and Merry Christmas also la. Thanks for remembering my birthday!
Jian Quan: for wishing me Happy Bday and Merry Christmas, and even wanting to give me a present ^^ It’s ok rich man HAHAHA.
Yue Na: Although we don’t know each other, thanks for the greeting!
Staff Peijia: Thanks for remembering it’s my birthday ^^
Yao Kun: Thanks for wishing me through MSN when you’re in Japan/China right now! HAHAHA. Thanks ah!
Wei Ling: Thanks for the



Through Facebook:

Szeling: Early message becoz she won’t be here to wish me ^^
Darren Lim: Early message too bcoz he MAY not be able to? no idea what he talking about.
Amanda Tan: Thanks for remembering my birthday even after so long! Happy advanced birthday!
Lester (humble): Thanks for bothering to wish me happy birthday even though we’re not that close HAHAHA.
Kim Yao: Thanks for remembering my birthday too! ^^
Vivian Wong: Thanks for wishing me! Hehehe!
Zixun: THANKS SO MUCH AH. And you still calling me Aunteh!!! UGH!!!
Yuena: Thanks for wishing me!
Hong Fai (sister friend): Thanks for wishing me hahaha.
Ken: Hi NCC cadet! Thanks for all the info so far, thanks for wishing me ^^
Joel: Thanks ah ^^ PPF!
Wei Jie: Thanks so much, although I haven’t seen you since like last year -.-“
Ling Sheng:
Thanks! Especially for coming down to my house personally to give me the present…
Elysia Toh: Thanks!! Super high LOL
Henry: Thanks!!! PPF FTW ^^
Tsiyuan: Thanks for wishing me happy B’day! 😀
Yu Jie: Thanks for wishing!
Janice: Thanks for e happy birthday wish HAHAHAH.
Chonghan: Thanks for the birthday wish! Bttr take care of Hillary well.
Xian Ying: Thanks for the B’day wish, and happy advanced birthday to you too! ^^
Melissa Chan: Thanks for the birthday wish! 🙂
Gracia: Thanks! I rmb you are the first person who knows about KPop in Sec1. HAHAHA.
Jamie: THANKS :D:D
Wan Ting (sister’s friend): Thanks ^^
Sister: Thanks for the $50 present ok. HAHAHAH.
Ah Keat Jie Jie: Thanks^^ and congrats Chen Yu got into RV haha.
Kenny Loh: THanks 😛 I sent you a nice vid!!
Geraldine Ngoh: Thanks 😀
Shermaine Lau: Thanks 😀

Through SMS: (wow I got SMS jam for about 15 minutes just now)
11.57pm – Darren Lim: Thanks for wishing me another time ^^
11.58pm – Waikit: Thanks for wishing everyone on your contact list Merry X’mas HAHAHA
12.00am – Snow Pear: Thanks for wishing me on the dot!
12.00am – Ching Ling: THANKS FOR THE SUPER SUPER LONG MESSAGE! & the two happy birthday songs! :DDD Really thanks!
12.00am – Yixin: Thanks for the “promise for on-the-dot message” 😛
12.00am – Bi Jun: Thanks for remembering my birthday!
12.01am – Wen Hao: Thanks for the greeting!
12.02am – Wei Han: Thanks for the Merry X’mas greeting ah.
12.05am – Alicia: Thanks for remembering my birthday!!!
12.07am – Darren Lim: Thanks for the repeated greetings 4 times!
12.09am – Weely: Thanks for remembering my birthday too!
12.11am – Meng Lu: Thanks for the Merry X’mas greeting ah.
12.11am – See Hui Min: Thanks for the Merry X’mas greeting ah. & of coz, calling me chio-est girl. FINALLY YOU KNOW!!!
12.13am – Weini: YO WEINI! Not bad eh, you remember my birthday! ^^
12.17am – Hillary: Hello 170cm. Thanks for remembering my birthday ^^
12.18am – Kelly: Thanks for the Merry X’mas greeting ah.
12.19am – Keoo: Thanks for greeting me Merry X’mas! & thanks for dropping SHINee into my chimney!!! Now they all beside me must entertain them later ah HAHAHA
12.27am – Old maid: She SMS-ed me from overseas, but I can’t reply becoz I don’t want to waste money sending overseas message ;\
12.31am – Xinying: Thanks for wishing me happy birthday ^^
12.35am – Elysia Ng: Thanks for the Merry X’mas!
1.04am – Shermaine Khoo: Thanks for wishing me Merry X’mas!
1.04am – Jett Yeo: Thanks for remembering my birthday although we knew each other not too long ago!
1.22am – Vanessa Poh: Thanks so much chio netball girl! HAHAHA!
8.12am – Kai Xin: Thanks for sending me that really NICE MESSAGE LOL with your greetings~ And you remember my b’day HEHEHE (L) ya!
8.17am – Nicole: HAHAHA Nice “Seunghyun” added bhind. Thanks for e X’mas greeting, I want my Jonghyun now. ACTUALLY HE ALR DROP INTO MY CHIMNEY W THE 4 OTHERS HAHAHAHA.
9.53am – Hui Xin: Thanks!!! Hope you get lotsa gifts too ^^
10.33am – Jia Wen (RVNCC): Merry X’mas to you too!
10.46am – Amanda Choo: Thanks for wishing me Happy B’day! 😀
11.16am – Zixi: It’s a Twitter feed. HAHAHA AND JONGHYUN WILL WILL WILL LOVE ME FOREVER ONE!!!! K kkkhahaha for this I’ll give you….Ryeowook HAHAH
11.51am – Yu Jing: Thanks for remembering my birthday from last year! Although it’s been very long since we met each other… Thanks!
12.11pm – Wenhao: Thanks for suddenly remembering it’s my birthday, and the double wish! HAHAHA.
12.57pm – Jiawei: Thanks for remembering my b’day ^^ Love ya’ll platoonmates!
1.35pm – Kelly: Thanks for the double wishes! ^^
7.51pm – Clarice: Thanks for the wish! ^^ MErry xmas to you too!
8.13pm – Darren Fong: Merry Xmas to you too!
11.01pm – Geraldine: Thanks for the b’day wish ^^

Thanks to PSB for singing a birthday song for me before leaving too ^^ Love Programmes to the max, forever!

Of coz, I can’t forget Ling Sheng who came personally down to my flat yesterday (Dec 23) to pass me my birthday present -.- Unfortunately I wasn’t at home coz I was at Yorklyn’s place, so sorry!!!! So sweet of you ah, thanks!!

Okay, so yesterday was Y1 Registration Day.

Can’t believe RV’s cut off point dropped to 251 from last year’s 254. It’s really quite terrible. But…okay nevermind. I am in no position to judge since I am an appeal student into RVHS Class 1C T_T

Woke up at 5am and left house at 5.30am wanting to take the first bus down to bus interchange. In the end the first 282 bus to bus interchange comes at 6.08am so I had no choice but to walk to interchange myself early in the morning. So dark so scary T.T and then took bus 99 to sch as usual.

So, as usual, I slept on the bus. And it was damn cold, damn foggy and the windows were covered by the condensation (k bad English I know sorry brain a bit turn off now) coz it was raining. So I slept….and when I woke up from my dreamland, I saw SHELL Petrol Station. I was like “Hmm whr is this place aiya whatever don’t care I wanna sleep and I slept back. But then I woke up instantly and found out tht I missed e stop of RVHS T.T So I panic like hell.

SMS-ed huimin immediately and I was like “HOW HOW HOW” and damn scared coz I donno what to do at that moment -.- On the end huimin ask me get off, cross the road and take the bus back and I was like “YA HOR!!!” LMAO SIBEH DUMB!!! In the end reach school at 6.52am, 2 minutes late. K not too bad la HAHAHA

Chen Yu got into RV! Under Huimin’s class somemore, 1G. Hmm seriously, good luck to him. She confirm torture like siao one! Well, who doesn’t know?

So I was in charge of 1E for registration together with Janice and S Huimin 😛 I was the teacher helper for Mr Seetoh (their form teacher). Quite shiok, just have to collect number tag and entertain the parents’ questions only ^^ Usher is a busy job man, Janice had to keep repeating about the Big Walk LOL!!

There’s this Japanese guy in 1E ’10!! But he didn’t come -.- 2 people didn’t turn up. Was running around all over the place collecting number tags and trying to sneak out to 1G, then saw Cecilia Jiejie @ 1G w Chen Yu hahaha. ^^ Got 2 Koreans according to PSB! 😮

Done w registration, debrief le then rushed home to bathe and get changed, and rush to Yio Chu Kang to meet NUGU for a gathering ^^

We rushed down ASAP and then we managed to catch them (the rest) at the Bus Terminal HAHAHA 😀 And the bus came immediately yay! Thought I lost my clip, but when I stood up I saw it on the bus seat. Totally made me so happy la, coz for a few minutes I thought I lost my hair clip and I was damn emo 😦

Yorklyn’s house is near the bus stop, so convenient. Very near the MRT also, heard that you can even walk from the MRT to the house.

Sister & I started on cup noodles while e rest got Mac delivery for themselves.

After which…


Talked a while. About FT Island, T-max etc. How we stalked them and their fan service HAHAHA. Totally went crazy and spazzing talking about the swimming pool stuff, talking about how we’re gonna HAVE them, talking about how we gonna react to certain things etc. HAHAHAHA. Damn funny, went totally crazy. NUGU is so high man!!! LOL! Laughing like siao in Yorklyn’s room la. HAHAHA. everyone laughing and lagughing and laughing, like just can’t stop. Just luv NUGU, makes me so happy 🙂

After which played 猫捉老鼠, the number/clapping game, before settling on Charades kinda game, just tht the words must be either korean artists/songs or a group name. Must be in the KPop industry can liao.

Zixi damn fast for her first try, 2min 37sec. She got a lot things to say. My one and only record was 10min 31sec k horrible k horrible i’m the worst. Coz i totally O_O and thennn you all damn evil come out all the ones that I donno 😦 Evil people. My group so nice to you all, you all so bad to us ):

Me making a fool of myself. K nevermind forget it man -_- make me feel damn noob. I ought to find out more about the new groups – naming MBLAQ, Beast, T-ara, etc. I donno much about them man -.- Feel damn noob coz they all talk unknown terms that I donno. MUST GO FIND OUT T.T (but the thing is I haven’t do homework sia no time how???)

Then time passed very fast (from like 2-8 talking eating and playing) so we went for our dinner session. The rest ate cup noodles while me and sis ate leftover Mac fries from lunch that they didn’t eat finish (save money)! Then drank Keo’s TomYam soup coz she left it alone ^^ Damn nice. THANKS KEO!

Our Winnie-The-Pooh rings that Yorklyn bought for us! Thanks so much Yorklyn!

Going up/down the stairs? HAHA! Not very glam in my case 😦 But ok lah, at least blur, can’t really see my face HAHAHA. ShiHui what’s with your SECKSAY pose XD


Continued w charades for 2 rounds after taking pictures, then left her house already. So sad to leave 😦

Reached home at about 11 and then parents came back about 1 hour later with a cake + turkey 😀 The turkey not as big as i imagined but still, of coz it’s great! 😀 the cake was cheese. Was damn dead ystd as usual coz I woke up at 5am that morning for Y1 Registration Day & then rushed to Yorklyn’s place. Didn’t get a chance to sleep. Then was rushing presents as well, like a zombie walking around the house ):

Just check out the pictures lor, honestly…

The cake.

The turkey?

The cake & the turkey?


Sister, me & brother~

Whole family!

Make a wish?

Blowing the candles!

Cut cake!!! The only photo that I look “normal” (not so sleepy like a zombie)

I look so forced to smile in all the pictures, and I look as if I hate my birthday -.- No obviously I don’t. I was just tired, like a walking zombie… Only the last picture is decent enough lor -_-” Why was I so tired yesterday night!!! Grrr. So wasted, so ugly in pictures. My X’mas 2009 birthday pictures are unglam, and it’s a black mark forever! 😦 Unless I go delete the pictures which will be even more stupid.

But, hey, finally it’s all over today ^^

Today had PSL Dry run early in the morning. I was actually pretty worried that they will end like 3pm 4pm and I will miss a lot of the activities, but in the end, the activities all ended at 12pm! 😀 And we were praised! YAY!!! Hmm, I didn’t have to risk losing the chance to be a class fac, bcoz I didn’t have to leave early! ^^ I kept repeating that I had to leave early at 1pm, but in the end, we dismissed earlier than that! HAHAHA!

Netballers came today!! ^^ Very long never see Karissa/Vanessa Poh le. The Y1s 2010 should be happy loh! All the games so fun, all the scissors paper stone, lizard lizard, 5 stations one. Me and Huimin almost made it leh for the 5 stations one leh!! LMAO! I’m so proud of my tongue twister. K partly was coz my sister and I competed when we were younger HAHAHAHA LAME ENOUGH.

So we were dismissed after that telematch and a bit of debrief. So early right!!! At 12pm plus only leh! Settled my present, then went out. YAY!!! Christmas tree is getting more filled and filled, I definitely like it that way ^^ Thanks for the TREATS anyway, love ya’ll!

No schedule on for me tomorrow and I love it becoz I can sleep as late as I want and wake up as late as I want. I wanna decide what I do on my birthday 😀 Hope DarrenLim doesn’t come over early in the morning to get his 稿纸 becoz I wanna sleep that a little while more ok. HE LAME la, suddenly he wan 稿纸 -.-” Rubbish. And bcoz of those pieces of stupid paper he is willing to come over to collect them. Don’t get me started on homework becoz obviously I’ve barely started on them. K I know I know shut up I know I’m slow. I KNOW!!!

Didn’t blog about the past few days bcoz a lot PSL stuff – dry runs etc + been really busy (no idea why, sleeping?) and have to wake up real early everyday to
go to school T.T I miss the old campus man. Wait, Clementi PS is even better! -.-“

Been fun with PSB honestly 😀 Totally don’t regret joining despite the busy schedule for your December holidays especially after today’s!! ^^ Three cheers for PSB!!!

And anyway, thank goodness. It was really a close shave…

Alpha Girls Picnic Dec 20 ’09

Today had picnic!!!

Total who turned up only got 8 people- Maam Feei, Sgt Shirleen, SHuimin, me, Jieling, Yixin, LHuimin, Jiawen.

Did the presents till 4am last night T.T And slept at 4am. Mommy help me, thanks so much! ^^

I did on the floor coz brother was sleeping in the room and I got chased out 😦

All the presents!

All the seperate presents~ Have not done Annqing’s, Gertie’s and Yenting’s because I knew they weren’t going to turn up, and I didn’t want to risk sleeping at 5am 😡 So sorry! Will pass the presents to you guys when school reopens.

All the socks! Hehehe.

So Maam brought stuff (chocos?), Sgt brought pies, SHuimin forgot she bring what, I brought drinks, Jieling brought sandwiches, Yixin brought crackers/snacks, LHuimin brought chicken cocktail, Jiawen brought picnic mat + fishballs ^^

Walked a long way to the 5-dollar tree there then walked further up ahead before settling down.

Jieling picnic mat very cute hor. hehehe. Unfortunately it got gross after all the mud got onto it so we threw it away… so wasted 😦 & thanks Jiawen for the “user friendly” picnic mat too!

All the food. Damn a lot of snacks becoz Yixin brought a lot!

Then keep having slight drizzle but it does…fade? after a while la.

An unglam shot of her becoz she refused to take a glam one..

S Huimin and Jieling.

When it started to rain a little, like drizzle. Hmm L Huimin was very occupied with playing her DS sia. So zai, raining liao, everyone carry umbrella, me & Maam still eating, L Huimin playing DS, the rest scrambling around and using umbrella XD

Had fun eating and talking when suddenly start to rain. T.T, like heavily. So we hid in the umbrella for shelter and then I was the only one who continued eating HAPPILY HAHAHAH the cheezel 😀

Then the rain stopped for a while n we decided to pack up (what a picnic!) & head to Orchard & walk walk 😛 Then Sgt Shirleen went home.

Walked around Ion (omg kinder bueno got onto my water bottle crushed and erm…smashed SORRY MAAM) before heading to Far East Plaza to shop and walk around. Then Jieling + SHuimin went home & we headed for dinner @ Marina Square. 😛 Just Acia again! 😀

Had Tom Yam Chicken Soup Set again. gosh I ought to try new stuff -.- So ya about $12 lor including GST coz me and Yixin shared one chawanmushi 😛

After that (we sat there for 2 hours eating ice cream, drinking drinks, drinking the soup) we walked around Marina Square. Me MaamFeei & Yixin was left, then we walk walk walk, go bookstore go wherever. Keep going toilet leh!! Drink too much. Then after that took MRT back.. SHuimin = SHui Tong (pun intended)

Tired man. Reached home at 10.30pm++, left the place at 9.40pm. Lol. My mom’s gonna kill me if she find out I return home so late HEHEH

Got school, busy busy busy. Tired now (when you see this post it’ll probably be tomorrow, coz I’m typing this at night 11.45pm and I’m only gonna post it up tmr when I upload the pictures.) Sian tomorrow got PSL activities again. Ahh i’ll go pack now.. cya.


Realised my blog is dead now!! Ugh.

Haven’t updated since 3 days ago :O hardly that happens man!

Anyway I’m rushing out the Christmas presents for my platoon (due on Sunday!!!) And for each present I take about 2 hours omg. Sgt Shirleen is lucky because I started on hers first so her present has the most quality ^^

I have to make a trip back to the place where I bought all these stuff again because I bought 2 less D:

But Jiayou mannn UGHHH
9 more to go for now D:

Next few days will be busy! Tomorrow going to buy books + eat dinner at night with family, Sunday got platoon outing, Monday got PSL thing, Tuesday got PSL thing, Wednesday got Y1 Registration Day + NUGU hanging out + Turkey at night, Thursday is Xmas eve, FRIDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Yay can’t wait already, been waiting so long!!! But it signifies the end of being a child, can never turn back the days anymore T.T No more child buffet for Sakae, no more child price for anything else. SAD LEH!!!! Haiz. I hate to be 13, what an unlucky age ;\

Then have to chiong homework already, somemore 28 29 30 must go school (sigh) NVM I AM CONFIDENT OF MY CHIONGING HOMEWORK SKILLS.

Anyway, NUGU owns you hands down because they were without shades 😀
+ we took with one more than you YAY!

Ok whatever most of you don’t know what I’m talking about HAHAHA

7 more forum topics to be able to read Minchul’s diary on Naver!!
Cmon, I have never done this for SHINee, have I? No I wasn’t so “committed”!!!

Talking about SHINee, I dreamt about them this morning!
I swear it was a really really happy dream because all of them talked to me and it was like some sorta interview, and then they treated me like a friend!

Ugh, how sucky it is to wake up everytime I have a very nice dream about them 🙂
Must be from watching We Got Married yesterday, Onew and Key were guests in the studio.

How can I two-time?? T.T but do I look like I care? HAHAHA 😀

BTW I hate the new campus T.T It takes me 50minutes of travelling leh! Then go back also 50minutes. SO EVERYDAY I SPEND 1 HOUR AND 40MINUTES on transport! Waste my time only!!! Ugh. Old campus only 20minutes man… Miss the old campus so much!

Somemore this one must walk 10 minutes… eh my leg not so strong leh T.T

SORRY WALL OF TEXT because I am rushing presents so I will blog another time cya!!!