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I’m a little teapot + Malan campus.

I’m a little teapot,
short(not true!!! I am tall ok.) and stout.
Here is my handle and here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up, hear me shout,
Just tip me over and pour me out.

HAHAHA irritated quite a lot of people with this song liao. But very nice!!! Like me like that HAHAHA πŸ˜€ Obsession with nursery rhymes recently πŸ˜›

Dear 1B was doing the board today ^^ Turned out to be quite pretty with the moon and stuff, just like me too! But the guys ar..aiyo, slack like hell. Normal lah, every year guys all slacker one. :X

But it kinda makes me remember the memories of orientation, makes me miss 1C ’09 (hahaha ya) and our dear old Malan campus. And the orientation dance we did, how crazy Tsiyuan was. Oops. Just kidding. But it’s kind of wasted that she isn’t a PSL loh.

Aiyo, everyone look a lil stupid HAhahaha. Doing some cheer. Hmm, loads of people have changed…. a lot. Wenhao grew so much, Kay Vin grew so much… anymore? How come I look like I have no change zz T_T

Cmon HAHAHA Wenhao’s change is drastic I mean just look at his cheeks and height. Taller + Skinnier = shiok. Wished I could do the same too.

& wa…. I remember that orientation game. We must draw the thing out and pass on pass on pass on. Think we drew some stupid bear or something, totally off from the real answer if I’m not wrong. Can’t remember well. And anyway who’s that guy in Orange I am quite curious.
I have no change at all man seriously. Think I was skinnier last time. sian depressing T_T

I remember Campfire @ 7pm, and preparing in class before that in the late evening. Then the weather’s all dark and the UG exhibition was going on. And the free roasted marshmellows by Girl Guides (Shhh don tell them, I took 2 coz I went by twice hahaha Lingsheng also!!!)


I miss Mid Autumn Fest 09 celebration in school. How the guys wasted the wire coils. Holding our lanterns, walking around the track at night, then tossing our lantern in the air to stop the candle burning, and winning 2nd for our lantern! 1C rocks man! Just read my Archives for Sept 25. Gosh I really miss those days @ Malan. Somemore it was nearer to my house. Our school was really dark at night, really fun, really love.

& I will never forget the study area outside the library. Where I mugged really hard before MYEs, quite hard before EOYs, where all my studying was done. With a nice view of the track, often seeing basketballers/cross people running, teachers playing soccer every Thursday….

& the joy I got after my last paper, when I knew it was the last time I was going to walk down that place…. The last day of school. & also the slope that we had to climb up to get to the main gate, passing by the dance studio. & LT1 as well, where I first met all my classmates. And I miss the real grass with super tall grass n loads of insects!

Where we fell in during March Camp, Candlelit night (and going crazy!!!), with then Staff Qixin shouting after that in front of NCC Room (used to be at the track… bomb shelter? I miss.)…

“WHO OWNS THIS SCHOOL?!?!!??!” (even louder!)

Was so freaking proud and happy of my own CCA at that time. So glad I was put in NCC, so happy to have met my platoonmates, SO HAPPY TO EVEN BE IN RV!!! It just gave me a sense of belonging to the school/CCA πŸ™‚ I remember I shouted so loud, so happily, with pride. In fact, I believe my love/dedication(?) for NCC started to grow after March Camp (what an irony).

ROD Night 09 πŸ™‚ The place we fell in everyday before CCA, the piano. The stinky toilets (actually I don really miss them), the sinks so near, and the plates collection area so near to the canteen tables. The place where you hopped up and down up and down just to buy food/drinks in the canteen hahaha. And our most hiong act so far, after field trip…….


What the I am so luo suo, I miss Malan Road can liao lah!!!

Look at our dear happy faces @ our dear old hall, with 2 pianos hahaha (joke joke joke!!! rmb we were playing captains’ ball? HAHAHA.)

Gosh, 2C ’10 I love you πŸ™‚


Great weekend so far~

So yesterday was getting out of school at 7pm after NCC + returning home @ 8pm + Kway Chap @ 12am + sleeping at 1am = totally fat day.

BUT NCC ORIENTATION WAS GREAT! I love you girls man! At first not a single soul wanted to put NCC as UG choice, but now almost half the class gna put NCC as UG choice! Damn happy, hope I have many juniors from 1B this year! RVNCC for the win!!! Found out that Elaine (1B) is Jasmine’s cousin. Heh.

Pictures taken with my dear girls after act! ^^ Thanks to Ling Sheng, Qian Qian, Linette (Jieling’s friend) for some of the picts! ^^ (shall not include those picts without me at the start :P)

First picture we took after Huimin&I ran down from our Y1 classes ^^

Huimin so glam.

Group picture with the new track ;\

This is totally awesome and COOL! just that my head’s a bit out -_-“

Another angle ^^

Vege me Annqing. I miss Annqing’s old fringe πŸ˜›

Me & Annqing!!

With Man. K just kidding. With Yenting.

This picture looks super sick because…. Gertie, where you looking? πŸ˜€ Go look at Yixin one la.

Sibeh candid HAHAHA

Forgot which person took this. Block the flash. Gertie is you right.

Camouflage! πŸ˜€ HAHAHA. Love this batch of pictures! πŸ˜€

Then halfway through, Sgt Vanessa came and took a few picts with us before leaving. Then we took a few more and left, so happy! One of the only few times they so ‘on’ to take picts! ^^ But LHuimin not here again, damn sad.

Look who’s behind hahaha.

Final picture. Which happens to remind me of Crazy Planet again.


So just now went swimming make-up at 3pm to 4pm (and got a super horrible tanline aftr that becoz the afternoon sun was damn strong) nvm. Learnt to tread water πŸ˜€ The children at Saturday class sibeh cute + qianbian ._. I said I don dare to tread water (1.8m depth leh! first time can.) and then he shouted “COACH!!! COACH!!! SHE SAY SHE SCARED!” -_-” Then went home to bathe, changed & trained down to Orchard to meet Yixin @ 6pm. So random hor, it’s a last minute arrangement. I just suddenly wanted to eat dinnr outside bcoz sis did the same too.

So went to 313@Somerset to meet Yixin (and Jeline) and then went F21 Zara nichii newlook etc to window-shop around bcoz no clothes in mind ): Found a lot of nice tube dresses (but I cant wear) cozzzz no figure + I am desperately looking for leather cardigan to match with the dresses πŸ™‚ Must continue findinggggg jiayouuu. Hopefully it will be easier now becoz leather material is kind of like..the trend now?

The difference between me & Yixin wearing a pair of heels πŸ˜› At first I wear, then she wear. I know height difference is horrible so shuddup.

Bought a wallet for $13.90 & a pair of super cute sneakers @ $19.90 @ Newlook in the end. The price okay la, and the wallet I was contemplating for damn super long. Donno whether to get the black or white one. In the end got the black one. Donno if I regret pls. The white+black one was nicer on the outside, but was bulkier + uglier compartment. Somemore white gets dirty easily. Aiya I donno la 😦 Mayb I’ll get the white+black one next time πŸ˜› K la k la I’m not that rich T.T

& the sneakers is a children shoe according to Yixin πŸ˜› It’s 1 size smaller than my usual size (my shoe size: 5, the shoe size: 4), a bit difficult to fit in but should be alright. Becoz it’s the biggest size there already (really children shoe haha) But is really very cute, hahaha! Coz I choose one ma πŸ˜€ And somemore, quite cheap compared to all the other shoes on the rack, coz afterall, children shoes are the nicest + cheapest! hehe. Yixin bot a necklace, and she owes me $13.90! Woo!

After which we headed down to City Hall/Marina Square to eat Just Acia (my 4th time already) but the free flow of ice cream & drinks is still loved πŸ˜›

Camwhore outside while waiting. I know this pict is blur but it’s the most glam one liao.

Sian I don’t like to take pictures alone 😦


Look very appetising right. Coz the pictures I take one mah. HEHEHE.

Had Chicken Teriyaki today. The serving is seriously a lot pls. Ate a lot (finished the whole plate oh god), then talked a lot about sibeh random things (about how cute I am hahaha k jkjk) then left the place @ 10.30pm. Reached home @ about 11.30pm, like wow. Did I just return home at such a late timing?!

K I’m tired & tomorrow has swimming in the morning again + PSB meeting & ughhh I have not done my 1.6k word ε‰ͺζŠ₯, haven’t even paste/read the article, oh shit man I am in hot soup. But nevermind all I need to spare is around 3 hours for homework so jiayou jiayou Huiping you can do it! πŸ™‚

Damn, so fast Sunday 1am le. Which means I’ll be heading to school literally ‘tomorrow’ sian 😦

P.S: Credits to Vege for ALL the pictures!



New fandom: F-Cuz.
HAHAHA. Kan & Yejun damn cute. The other 2 cannot differentiate yet =P

Anyway very interesting FB groups have been coming up HAHAHAHA really made me LOL hard yesterday.

//it’s not that i’m taking things for granted, but all of this is just too sudden. & I dono how to face it.

I’ll just take things as they come, since it already happened before anyway…

CCA trials for Y1s tmr again. At least thr’s one person (Yi Jing) in 1B interested in UG :O I don recall anyone in 2C interested in UG. K thr was WWY :O But he’s a boy so it’s different πŸ˜›

First time in so long that I get to return home after dismissal @ 2.20pm. Oh well, I’ll use this time to catch some sleep πŸ˜› Good evening all HAHAHA (damn I just had a fattening meal, cream of chicken soup + pork ribs + fish nuggets. But who cares, hahaha!!!)

Damn one of the the worst dreams I ever had occured 2 nights ago. I dreamt I was pregnant, got accused for teenage pregnancy, first case of teenage pregnancy in RV and all those crap. But the thing is, I was “15 year old with a child”. & obviously I’m not gonna reveal the ‘father’ I dreamt of. But it’s totally ridiculous bcoz I……… nvm shan’t say coz it’ll provide more hints. But it’s just totally ridiculous I don even know why I dreamt of him! & he din even noe he’s the father. Ok what kinda dream is this DREAMS DON’T COME TRUE obviously I wna a happy family nxt time! I mean who doesn’t?!

Ugh thinking about it. I SHALL STOP. It’s getting way too ridiculous -.-

Piece of shit.

Since WWY has done this I shall copy & do the same (but more of GIRLS version -_-)

I never used to like NCC. That’s a fact. I freakin hated UGs in the past, got into one & cried. Nvm. But a few weeks into the CCA… began to change my opinion totally. Just a few acts, and I could safely say I love NCC. It wasn’t all that bad, but yes we had to face one thing. We’re looked down upon by other CCAs, and in fact, the whole RV. We’re being treated like shit.

Ok, from the old Malan campus. We all know it’s small. & UG belongs to the track. What happens if it rains? Slack? No way man. PT was arranged that day somemore! So the typical method is to head to another empty space big enough for PT right? Ok great…so we went to our dear Block B. Where the Y1 classrooms were situated last year. Unfortunately, yes our campus is small, and so all the sectionals of band, some CO, were all placed everywhere. And that includes the Y1 classrooms.

Ok so we did our PT there and we LOWERED DOWN our volume again & again due to many warnings. We even whispered our timing & tried to move as fast as possible to every station so we wouldn b a disrption.. But eventually we got chased out bcoz SOME CONDUCTOR was pissed with us disrupting them. He scolded our CCA somemore! SO WHAT? SO YOU CAN DISRUPT OUR PT, make us go somewhr else just bcoz of YOU YOU YOU, n we can’t disrupt you all making WONDERFUL MUSIC? Isn your music contained within the classroom? WE WEREN’T VERY NEAR TO YOU WHAT, what the hell are you complaining abt this small bit of noise? Somemore, we alr lowered down our volume! What more do you want?!

& from that day onwards, NCC/(or UG?) was banned from Block B & C. Which means we weren’t allowed to go near that place anytime during Tuesdays&Fridays, official CCA days. Just great. So the school belongs to everyone except UG. Why don they just ask us to get outta the school altogether and march outside the bloody school, PT OUTSIDE THE BLOODY SCHOOL?!

Some Y4 classes having Os. Someone said “Noisy CCAs, pls do not go near the classroom block”. Vry good, vry good, it’s a direct attack. So since we’re such an annoyance to the sch, why don they just close us down altogether?

Coz we’re the only fricking silly people who are willing to HELP THEM MOVE CHAIRS (and arrange the chairs during anniversary. NPCC worked hard.) who are willing to help them do saikang shit.. who are willing to help them KEKENAN LURUS the chairs. N WHAT? WE DON EVEN GET A THANKS IN RETURN. Not even a simple gesture of appreciation. Instead, we get scolded for not aligning the chcairs properly (ONE CHAIR OUT OF ALIGNMENT MEANS WE DIN DO A GOOD JOB), got solded for not moving fast (WHAT DO YOU FREAKING EXPECT, you keep asking us to move the chairs everywhr! WHO WILL BLOODY FREAKING CARE HOW MANY DEGREES THE CHAIR IS SLANTED, which chair shines more than the other?!). It’s just Y1, Y2 & Y6, & the moment they sit on the silly chairs the alignment is adjusted. zzzz.

We have a freaking life too. Y are we always the category of “those who don’t have musical talents, or excellence in physical, you can join a UG”. I knw it’s true. We can’t play instruments, we can’t sing, we can’t dance, we can’t do sports well. That’s why we’re in UG. I admit. RV’s niche is in Performing Arts, why the hell would they care about us ppl who can’t even do a single thing related to that? All we do is MAKE NOISE OUTSIDE CLASSROOMS N DISRUPT THE MUSIC ISN’T IT? So we’re a frickin’ rubbish dump? We’re just somewhr to settle the shit that belongs to nowhr? N all we do is to be treated like what we really are, & help the frickin school move chairs & everything? HOW IS IT EVEN FAIR?

FSD girls were used to buy time in Big Walk, in case ppl were bored. All those times they spent practising the FSD drill over and over again are all JUST TO ENTERTAIN the frickin privileged RV-ians who don have to do shit like us lah!? They practised almost everyday, I went back for PSL duties everyday and almost everyday they are there. But they are treated like shit just to entertain those silly RV-ians for that few mins. & after the VIPs come they’re just sent away. SO THAT’S HOW RV TREATS THE FSD GIRLS, who helped our DEAR school win West Zone Champion, 3rd in Nationals. Staying back on Monday to Friday, all the way till 6/7pm ain’t very funny. And they are used to buy time. Very nice. Thanks so much River Valley High School πŸ™‚ You’re the best.

I donno why I’m writing this post bcoz thr will be no change to the system, but it’s really quite pissing. In fact, VERY pissing to be treated like shit. All those shit. Ain’t really true anyway, I feel like a frickin’ slave now that I’ve typed it all out. == I luv my CCA so much, but the fact that others look at us n treat us like a piece of shit just pisses me off real bad. But can we do anything? No. Will the school care about the welfare of UGs? No. They only care about the number of A1s we’re gettin, whether we bring sugared drinks to class or not, whether we’re able to keep up the standard of RV as “ELITE INTEGRATED PROGRAMME SCHOOL”. Don remind me of that locker incident becoz it just pisses me off, just shows how incompetent RV is, just shows how COMPETENT they are in pushing the blame isn’t it?

All UGs, be it NCC/NPCC/SJAB/Guides/Scouts/whatever in RV, we do haf our own pride. Our specialty is not just to carry chairs & settle ur shit.


Still luv RVNCC Bravo ’10 to the max :)) Unfortunately today forgot about the pict we’re supposed to take today in no.3, thr was just too little time for that :\ Another time ba ! After we EARN our ranks ^^

So today shall be a pure wall-of-text. Oh well.

//why lot1 for the fanmeet? I mean seriously, it’s nt very big =.=”
How on Earth are they gonna squeeze everyone thr?! Confirm human sandwich liao…

First pair of 9.7cm heels :O

Oh shit I just had an impulse buy from a blogshop :{

$33.30 (okay la…hor ;\) from Rocket Sprees. Some Korean shoe spree kinda thing. Hopefully it’ll arrive before CNY bcoz I…requested for registered postage yep. (well I don have a choice there’s no meetup :(()

Nevermind I insist I’m normal bcoz there’s a 11CM SHOE (but seriously how am I going to walk around in that. Somemore I think there’s a lot of walking….later my feet got blisters and whatever how.) Aiya nevermind, I think that shoe I can wear CPS school socks (super thick) loh, the back so high hahaha. K lame.

Can use that shoe to go out with sis πŸ™‚ And feel taller by 10cm hahaha
Then I’ll be Ling Sheng’s height!!! With the help of one shoe hahaha.

Wonder how it looks like in real life. Hope it’s the correct size or I really ought to slap myself ): Alternatively I can give my sister…BUT MY OWN MONEY LEH D;

Worried worried :O


Hmm, I can’t stand the wall-of-texts for the previous 2 posts (bcoz I really can’t find any related pictures to put up + I’m not someone who camwhores very often HAHAHA) Really really I don camwhore often bcoz I always don’t look good at home =.=



Here’s a photo from Kim Yao’s FB wall -.-“

Oh well that’s me in Choir uniform. I must say I didn’t change much. My face, I mean. There’s make-up on it don worry you ain’t seeing things. But my size definitely changed a lot. And that’s me in slimmer legs :\ (with a super short Choir skirt haha) Well I complained I was fat then. Now I really ought to slap myself bcoz I’ve obviously become fatter -.-” Mayb if I try to wear my Choir skirt now, the buckle may burst. No kid. But I’ve become taller, although the picture doesn’t reflect that fact -_-“

Siao, I can’t believe that was P6. Now I have 2 batches of P6 juniors :O That was pretty fast. Next year, I’ll have 3 batches of P6 juniors?!?!?


& anw, Happy Birthday (Maam) Feei! ^^

New change of blogskin

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. It’s either I’m too busy, or I’m just lazy to update, yep. But I’m getting more proud bcoz when I press on my Archives dropdown menu, ahahaha, wowzerz I have created my blog since 4-5 years ago hahaha :):):)

Anw, I didn’t get sick of the previous blogskin, but I was getting quite irritated with the preview errors everytime I try to edit the blogskin, so here’s a more “user-friendly” one to me.

Hmm, It’s 2PM. Haha. Got difficult to find a SHINee skin, so I chanced upon this skin. These days it’s really getting easier to find a KPop skin on Blogskins. In the past it was like treasure when I found one and I would run out to the living room telling my sister that I have found a treasure~ lol no doubt KPop’s getting popular.

So here’s some changes. Not much changes to the profile & such, just that I have a new profile pict becoz the previous one was too colourful to match with this skin hahaha.

So… which do you guys prefer? ^^


Bought 3 new types of medicine – Flu + Phlegm + Cough bcoz my illness doesn’t seem to be recovering.. (sorry to those in class who caught my flu!! but you cannot possibly ask me to miss anothr week of lessons isn’t it :P)

So in total,
the 1st time I visited doctor – $22, 2nd time cough medicine – $11, 3rd time $18.

Dang, total $51. Wasted so much money on medicine again 😦
Hate getting sick emo ):

Everytime I open the ref/fridge I see my dear greentea ice-cream, drinks (white grape w aloe vera pulps), coffee w/e and I look at them longingly, bcos I can’t have them. Wanted to go jogging yesterday/today (Wei Ling asked me somemore!!!!) but then I can’t because I’m sick and Mummy won’t allow me to T.T Ordered 2 FBTs, hope I can get them soon. Specially for jogging one ok.. Mayb I’ll start going out to jog alone. Cannot wait for ppl to ask me to jog then jog!!! -.-“

Jog for..?
1. Get rid of my 3kg gained over the holidays (YES YOU DID NOT SEE WRONGLY, I GAINED 3KG over the bloody damn holidays!!! At this rate…. sigh, I’m gna get into “FAT Club” eventually ):

2. NAPFA’s coming up, wanna break record of 13.08!!!

3. Nothing much actually. Hahahah. Muz learn from Yaokun kkkk lose 21kg in 1 year =.=

/hand’s currently trembling because the effect of the medicine is strong. Wayyyy too strong.
//gtg have to clear nose 😦
///haven’t shat in days D:
////I lost my mirror 😦

Anti-climax: I have absolutely no idea how Ms LohLingSheng looks like a stick in that oversized M-sized pinafore while eating Ferrero Rocher/Kinder Bueno/whatever chocolate she still eats like a staple food. I keep telling her she needs to eat more…but….she….no change leh. Aiyoooo. Maybe people who stay in places ALMOST 15 MINUTES AWAY FROM THE BUS STOP are like sticks.

& I have made the inference that people who stay in Bukit Panjang are super skinny. Ling Sheng, Madeline, Jia Xuan. Wenhao’s an exception πŸ˜› Maybe the air there increases your metabolism rate.