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Sexy stuff

WE HAVE GOTTEN OUR PLATOON T HAHAHAHA Yay finally a T-shirt to wear out!


WOOO. My name is super big leh how ah. Hahaha. Later ppl 100m away can see me and my full name :O HAHAHA. And then I cannot do bad things or else I kena attack on our dear STOMP how?

Anyway the print is really really big and I love my name. But my green (for all the platoon names) a bit smudge. ONLY my shirt somemore. All the other shirts are fine except mine -_-“

2C 2C hope to settle our Class T soon! Anyway the same shop says that LIGHT PINK and HOT PINK is available. HAHAHA. We rock man.

//My poor plant is gone after 6 years of care 😦

Look at the thin branches it probably went through a lot ;\

PS: Those are not my toes.

It was well when my previous maid was around. I just didn’t take care of it well…


Condemning our class

At first I even thought of giving him a chance but no way. Whatever you say Kay Vin I will NOT listen. “Can you imagine you are Issac and everyone don’t want you to be back?” Who cares about that? Hello if I existed with that attitude I don’t know how I’m even going to survive in this class. With all the nonsense he has been giving us he’s really a pain in the neck. Kay Vin admit it, you’re a boy. No matter what, you still can find common topics with him and be good friends. You don’t know how we the girls really feel. Try a change of sex to go through what we’re going through.

I still remember his words very clearly.

“I, Ko Zhi Heng Issac, am innocent and I have been victimised by my class.”

And then I heard from my seniors that they heard people along the classroom corridors saying that 2C is mistreating this guy, condemning 2C. My blood boiled when I heard that.

I feel a prick deep inside my heart, why are we suffering so much because of this guy? What did we do to deserve such a classmate, having to tolerate all his behaviour and attitude. AND DON’T FORGET THE 11 THEFT CASES, or even more, if we count those from last year. Perhaps 15?

HELLO. If you are not the thief THEN HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE IDENTICAL IMEI NUMBER? So coincidental you bought it from a 2nd hand shop, and the handphone was $200+ more or less YOU CANNOT REMEMBER. $4 for class fund you also don’t want pay, $5 you owe Estelle also don’t want pay. Wah cool sia! I never knew a 2nd hand W595 was worth so much! Somemore you bought the handphone no receipt one leh. Coolness man! How do you explain the 11 theft cases, WITH MORE THAN HALF ESTABLISHING a link to you? What are you trying to say? How about rummaging through 2D drawers? “After CID, at 2D classroom, so go open the drawers, find out they are locked.” Eh, funny is it?

Even if we have wrongly accused you of theft, how many times have you bullied the girls AND EVEN guys in our class? How many times have you gotten us into trouble? With the teachers, they all think that 2C is a bad class thanks to A MONKEY LIKE YOU. Disrupting lessons, interrupting teachers, we can’t even study in peace with you around! Now the study environment is so great. There’s no one to disrupt lessons, and I can understand better without you around.

Stepping on Estelle’s dictionary, spraying deodorant all around without the person’s permission, wasting Estelle’s sanitizer, dashing around in class and making a mess out of all the tables, not listening to rules. Kicking everyone, spoiling the door knobs, jumping and kicking the teachers table, terrorising people, screaming and shouting vulgarities out in class, calling everyone derogatory terms. If I were to name out every single point I’ll take a whole day. But I shan’t bother continuing.

I think 2C has really done a great job to tolerate this guy for so long. That includes me of course. But I have no idea why some people are still willing to welcome him back. I don’t see why he should be given a chance to. Love 2C. Without Mr Ko.

MR KO ZHI HENG. If you are reading this, too bad for you. If you come back to 2C one day, I am not going to welcome you back with open arms. That you keep in mind.

Very very old pictures

Annqing’s + Jiawen’s birthday many many pictures overdue, and somemore tomorrow got CHOMY outing (LOVES!!)(cancelled :() if don’t blog now scared no time alr!! (still got a lot overdue homework left from holidays that I haven’t do but whatever hahaha :D)

So shall start with Annqing’s birthday. That day was a dance practice for the ROD dance as well as a birthday celebration for Annqing (I won’t say surprise hahaha ;D)

Annqing’s Birthday Celebration March 6 ’10

Bengawan Solo our good friend. But their cakes quite expensive k hahaha ;D

So we were doing dance prac for a while (really quite a while) and then we had break. Then we went to ‘buy drinks’. Went Jieling’s house to get the cake :))

Jieling’s house’s sibeh cute tissue box.

Super cute girl with 2 super cute boxes hahaha I like the text and picture on my shirt 😀

Marching in with the cake k


camwhorer not me

Haish I told you so

Light candle liao

The very customary

What they doing leave me alone. Nevermind they sitting quite glamly :):) ANNQING SMSING WHO?

Eating cake taking picture with the birthday ger

Group picture! 😀

Wah I like my complexion that day seriously so smooth I also want to touch 🙂

Glam hor tyty

On the train to somewhr hahaha ;D

Chio banana.

First picture with her leh wahahaha

& after that we headed to Queensway to source for Chenxi’s track pants + look for platoon T supplier 🙂 In the end narrowed down to Reflections Apparel + Graffiti Express who offered at $20 for 13 pieces but we couldn’t find Chenxi’s track pants. Got a new pair of FBTs 😀

Then ate dinner there. Had laksa + Macs for the more piggish people whileas for the more non-piggish people (like me duh) only had laksa hahaha 😀 (and I like the milo dinosaur hehe)

What’s that shop behind me huh it was playing bad romance throughout our meal it was so disturbing while we were eating PLEASE DON’T REMIND ME OF THE DANCE THX

I m an expert at tearing oil blotter papers zomggg gross M i tearing your oil Jasmine Chenxi Yixin SHuimin 😦

Oky that’s all for Annqing’s birthday we went home pretty late & headed to Beach Road the next day to find track pants @ $6 ._. Ok that’s pretty much all ~

Jiawen’s Birthday Celebration March 16 ’10

Huimin don les 😦

Mouth open so big for what you wanna eat the delicious me up hahah kidding



After that we brought the cake to Jiawen ~

Lalala customary

I am so pure and innocent in the WHITE UNIFORM HEHEHEZ it totally represents my purity :))))

Seriously Jiawei very cute I m not kidding kkkkkkkk but cannot win me :):) Hahahaha!!

Which stalker take pict of me


The photographer is totally a stalker

Ok ok ok that’s all for Jiawen’s birthday ~ Then we went Queensway with Yenting SHuimin Yixin Jiawen to settle Platoon T! I like it although the guy is disturbed by the logo at the front. Hahaha. 😀

OK THAT’S ALL FOR BLOGGING YAYYY I M DONE!!! But I m getting lazier and lazier to blog nowadays becoz there is really a lot of schoolwork to be done and right now I am just slackin T.T planning CHOMY outing + platoon dinner is a pain in the ass I really nid to gain back my experience from last time every week plan one event hahaha

Wonder how I planned chalet last year I almost died :D:D hehehe. Ok this girl is gonna sign off here nao goodbye~

//I LIKE THE KINDNESS CHEER T thanks Xuanjim & Kenlynn~
///I am sibeh excited for platoon T! And hopefully we make a class T. Then I got a lot (4? hahaha) of those kind of ‘CUSTOMISED TEES’ and I totally luv them!!!
////Bravo ’10 we must totally make another shirt when we become Charlie ’11 kk!!!! HAHAHA 😀 BUT THIS TIME WE SHALL DRAW ON OUR OWN SHIRTS WOOOo

Just declarin my love here, I totally luv ya’ll platoonmates, you all bring me happiness joy laughter and everything hahaha.
Without you all, without NCC, hw can I even survive IN THIS SCHOOOL~~~ WOOOOO
LOVE YOU ALL! 13 forever! (Just like SJ HAHAHAHA)




My very good buddies!!!

Let’s chiong Read & Write assignment together! Hahaha!!!
To everyone who is chionging homework now, GOOD LUCK!!! ;D

Here’s something super cool:



Check out the difference in year! Coz I’m using my last year’s review as guideline, then I was editing the references when I realised I don’t need to change the date! Coz the date & month I extract the articles last year and this year ARE THE SAME!!!! Cool right! Ok I know you don understand. It doesn’t matter 😀 hahaha

It just keeps burning

Now that I think about it, I realised it never stopped.

It slowly diminishes, like the candle flame, but the flame never stopped burning.

Unclear of the burning flame, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because it’s long enough to stand the weather elements. Be it rain or shine, it will never get wiped out.
And no matter what happens, it’ll still continue burning.


Rushing homework nowww.

If I manage to complete my New Syllabus Maths WB 2 Chapter 3 & 4 today, I’ll up the pictures -_-
But that’s highly unlikely soooooo…..

Will have a proper update ASAP! 😛

Due: Annqing‘s birthday and Jiawen‘s birthday

Love going out with platoonmates hehehe 😀


Back from camp, slept 3 hours in the afternoon and I couldn’t sleep anymore. ;\

Tomorrow got Aesthetics, feel so lazy and everything. Wanted to stalk SHINee today but I decided my legs would give way if I go out now.

March Camp was alright, last year was more tough IMO, Bravo 2 all the way 😀 Full strength full strength full strength. Rocks! 😀

Was w/ Tina Jiawen Jiawei Jasmine Chenxi and Annqing. We all rocks never fall out at all :))) All the way girls!

March Camp ’10 is over.. look forward to next year. This time, it’ll really be.. face the ground more than you face in front. Have fun all, must train up k! ^^

PS: Hope Annqing can get Best Cadet Award. Coz she totally deserves it! Her drill standard, initiative, endurance, and everything.