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In different countries: (only pictures I have, because I didn’t know how to use a camera when I was younger)

Korea (Dec 22-29 2008)

Hong Kong (Feb 13-17 2010)

Yes, I am talking about the colour difference. But I’m actually rather proud of it, at least I don’t look like a living ghost now. And er ya contrary to what many people think I actually like my tan. So you can continue insulting me for all you like 😀


Much treasured family time

Last night, I was about to go to bed when my parents came home at 11.45pm or so. And yes, there are situations when I don’t see my parents at all for perhaps a week? They work every single day including the weekends, and come home after 11.30pm. When I sleep and wake up for school, they’re sleeping. And the cycle continues.

Ok let’s return to the topic.

My mother came in happily saying,


She was smiling as she said that. Me too my heart smiled at once 😀 And then she suddenly changed her facial expression to a frown saying,


And she was rather sad after that.

I’m actually really really pampered even though I hate people calling me that term. I feel spoilt and lotsa rubbish but the truth is – my parents really dote on me. What have I done to deserve this good treatment? My happiness. Have I actually done anything to repay them?

All I did was to complain about how busy/stressed/bored I was, but have I actually spared a thought for them? They have been working (doing the same boring stuff) for at least 2 and a half decades already. And I’ve been enjoying myself in school, I’m serious.

I had my own computer since Primary 2, and I had unlimited usage since young. It’s quite surprising to see me studying in RV now – I was THAT close to getting into the 2nd best class in P5. Thanks to Maple ah.

It had been a long time since I actually HATED my mother. Ok let’s go back to the Primary School days when I used to get 48/50 for Math Test. Then she would scold me to the core and refuse to sign my test paper. So emo, I do so well, but yet all I receive is a scolding. Really demoralising for me. But I lived through that phase.

Suddenly my mother changed totally after P6. Less attention showered on me because their shop is no longer located in Clementi, and thus they had less time to take care of me. Now, my parents are really lax on me and then if I don’t instill self discipline in myself, I’m gone. My parents don’t even know how many tests I’ve gone through, what are my grades. The countless failures I’ve gotten, they don’t even know. Mr Loke said something about showing your parents your test results. Hah, do they even know I’ve a test?

I vaguely remember about… 7 years ago? Every morning I will go coffee shop with sister and maid. Then we would have Milk Tea. Then go Papa shop get stuff, and then go home and prepare for afternoon school. At night, Papa will come home for dinner. Then he will return to the shop, before Mummy comes home, and that’s usually the time I come home. She will check on my homework, my bag and made sure I had everything prepared before my next day of school.

I was young, I didn’t foresee the future, I didn’t cherish it. Those Sunday outings with family, eating dinner together. Those were the past. And now, the only time we get family dinners is when our whole family sacrifices our sleep to go to Bedok at 12am to have nice dinners. Or… CNY/going overseas. That’s why I really enjoy CNY and holiday trips. It’s the only time when I can spend time with my family without worrying about homework, and without my parents worrying about their shop too.

Those who are really close to your family members, be appeased. I can’t even manage a normal conversation with my father without being awkward. One very good piece of evidence about lack of communication between my parents and I is that… well, my parents don’t speak English. Which means they speak Chinese and Chinese only (since I am also a Hokkien who don’t understand/speak Hokkien). And look at my Chinese standard. WOW.

But one thing I know is that my parents are very proud of me. And the only thing I can do to make them proud of me is to keep up my grades. And I can’t even fulfill that….

Seriously, what have I been doing in life, besides slacking?

PSB my love.

I don’t know why so many people dread this kinda saikang (in their opinions) job for registration or parent-teacher-meeting or sorts.

I think it’s actually rather fun 🙂 Especially when you’re with your friends helping out together! And when it takes a full day and you spend the whole day together. Awesome bonding time 🙂 And then all the rushing for Kindness Cheer. I will never forget – how busy we were and the time we reached home everyday!!!

Haiz. Even though PSB might will disband in the future, oh well. We know we can never be apart, right? 🙂 We will always stay together as one!

I really love you all, for giving me all these crazy times and fun. Any stupid things can be done as long as you are around PSB people (eg. walking around in fairy wings!!)

and of course, special emphasis to my dear PROGRAMMES!!!!!

You all are totally awesome people! 🙂 What is my life in PSB without my dear com programmes? Loves!!! Let’s work hard together alright! ^^ We’re awesome~



It had been a crazy week with Respectacular my love 🙂 Staying till 8pm before going home every single day and not having enough time to complete homework. Last week a lot of homework somemore, but I survived through!

Even if we don’t win it was a really enjoyable experience up till now. Had a really great sense of achievement when we accomplished everything – we did it all by ourselves. Own ideas 🙂 Jett & Cruise acting ftw! 😀 and, now I’ve a pink shirt for myself to keep! hehe.

Awesome Respectular!!! 🙂


Pictures from Singapore Kindness Movement website.

I’m still dreaming

I know it may be impossible, but I dream for the impossible.

Not just here, but over there, where I really get happiness.

I have never hoped for something so long before. I have never dreamt for something for so long before.

It’s a childhood dream that I can’t realise. I don’t want to regret when I’m older. I wish I can do it now.

But what are the odds? Oh well. I’ll need to prepare myself to give this up soon…

It’s fast. Been a year, or two? Happy B’day JH!!!

My darling Jonghyun’s b’day!!! 🙂


I still miss Replay/LLO/Amigo period most!!!

It’s been so long…. I miss SHINee so damn much *blames March Camp*

But I really don want them to return again, cos there are wayyyy too many (new?) KPop fans in Singapore – aftr-BOF-era (WHICH I DISLIKE) T.T

You better stay there in Korea ok, don move 🙂

With a heavy heart.

I received two pieces of news today.

Was quite happy to hear the first – until I heard the second piece.

Just when things look for the better, it brings the atmosphere down.

Re-assurances are not needed, I know how to cope with it myself.

This is the 2nd time this is happening and I don’t know how I should react to the situation again.

And oh well, I’ll have to get out of this broken line soon. I regret whatever I’ve done. I should have known.