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Baking w sis at the weirdest time ever

Was baking w the biggest ever pig ytd.
In our own house!!! Hahahaha.

Was rushing all my homework. Argh. Then she kept bringing me cookies to test (like I’m a rubbish dump) and ask me to finish all her cookies ._.

First batch. Start from small small pieces then inside the oven it will rise and then spread out. Coz we never buy the cookie storing thing. The dough looks disgusting like shit. I know. And she poured the whole egg in, that’s why the oil all float up. I didn’t take part in that. hahaha. My sis probably fail Home Econs.

Messing up the kitchen in progress

What’s the use we didn’t buy the paper.

The cookie spreading out inside the oven

Tasting. Oh I’m quite unglam at home so I took nothing of myself….

Papa cookie & Mama cookie. For them to eat one ^^

Ok that’s all~ not much about baking. Then I went to do homework while my sis brought in batches and batches of cookies!

Eh I very 😦 lor. I rush my Maths Jun Hol Assignment, then do until so meticulous, make sure no careless mistake, make sure my handwriting is neat, draw all the diagrams out, check answer, and then this morning check answer w friends. IN THE END?? Go through in class. Omg faints Mr Loke. What’s this!!! Shouldn’t have prioritised it in the first place. Now I’ve a piece of work looking like heavens and it’s like…. weird thing for an ungraded assignment 😦

But at least I completed all my homework before 11pm! I’m damn awesome. πŸ˜€ Oh well. School has started once again. Brace myself for yet another semester…

Many people are giving up all they have to pursue their dreams. Their lifelong dreams.
Is it worth it?

But that doesn’t matter, I guess, as long as you believe in yourself, nothing will ever go wrong. Oh well. I’ve been thinking. What should I do?



Omg. How many times must I remind you that water cannot get in contact with metal.


Then you scold me and ask me shut up. And I have to open my eyes wide and watch her slowly spoil my stuff. And you say you wipe before.


I know who’s the culprit.

Now she wipe agn. Kns. If the rust gets worse is your fault.
And if my computer suddenly die, I know who to blame.


went to airport.

totally awkward. can’t stop the flow of memories. sad.

how i first saw her smiling when she pulled her luggage into our house,
how my father said she’s qin lao.
how she said she’s gonna work for 3 yrs coz she renewed her passport
how she brought me to the bus stop every morning.

just can’t stop thinking back.

regret how harshly i treated her when she first came. and how i skipped dinner & went to sis’s sch to eat beacuse i hated her cooking.
and how we joked abt it saying that she must be really pissed that we skip dinner agn.

i don’t wish to continue. just makes me depressed all over again.
will do a proper post when my emotions are btr.



Sorry for the long break people.

Ever since the existence of the newly-opened private blog that does not open any invitation to anyone, I’ve been neglecting this place quite a lot. But largely because I haven’t been out too. Haven’t been out = not able to take pictures = not able to publicise what I’m doing in my life, I kinda hate blogging without pictures because it makes my life seem so monotone and mundane, really.

But yeah, here’s a breakthrough I’ve made with my dear Chinese book!


Hahaha, I’m almost 3/4 through this book! And to think I was struggling with the earlier chapters before. I’ve read this book for at least like 40 hours I bet (since the 2nd week of the holiday), so arriving at this chapter was really a tough road. (Reminds me of one chapter talking about uneven roads to some place, oh darn I forgot.)

Okay nevermind, U-Kiss was here yesterday, and they provided for a lot of fan service. I still can’t believe they appeared on the Sheng Siong show, which explains why Sheng Siong was trending No.1 in Twitter for 4 hours from 10pm onwards. It was quite funny, which means the Sheng Siong show probably had a lot of audience and garnered high ratings. I won’t be surprised. They will probably continue to bring in more and more Korean artists. Is that a good or bad sign? They better not bring in any SM artists, I would be embarrassed for them, really.

At the moment they’re at St. James Powerhouse for their rehearsal. Afterwards they have a showcase, hmm, wonder when they’re going to return back to Korea.
& then we can welcome the arrival of BEAST alr! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait.

Hopefully I can complete this horrible book by tomorrow (highly possible, unless I slack, latest should complete by Wednesday), chase BEAST for a while and then I’m left with 3-4 days to do my homework! Judging by the homework list, it ain’t too much in my opinion (not being proud but the homework is quite little compared to other holidays…) so well, I’ve planned out my entire 4th week of rushing homework.

Thank god I started my book early, like after chalet on the 2nd week, or else I could never have caught up. Phew. But I missed out on the Wild Wild Wet outing with Respectacular, missed out on Fathers’ Day Celebration with my Uncle, missed out stalking and camping for U-Kiss. I hope it’s all worth it, I’m just worried I flunk the test.

//I just feel like blogging in proper English today, don’t give me weird stares πŸ™‚

500G Seagate FreeAgent Go!

Kena woken up by construction work, bloody hell…. I dreamt of SHINee so sweetly and you wake me up with construction work ?!?!?! What is this?!

Anyway I got my new 500GB external hard disk yesterday night! πŸ˜€ Now I can store my SHINee videos without having to delete any or whatever alr. //HAPPY!

Contemplated between this and many other hard disks, coz this was one of the most ex on the 500G list. But this one should be quite reliable, coz people said that theirs never screw up after like 2 years of use, and somemore got 5 year warranty so πŸ˜€ reliable enough yeap. I did my homework ok! Lol! & it’s the lightest alr πŸ™‚ Somemore slash $30 from last PC show, slash $20 from 1st day of PC show, might as well just get while it’s cheaper πŸ˜€

IMO my hard drive is quite chio LOL :D:D:D Look at e colour man.


Hahaha spazzing like siao and very happy now because it’s the first time I bought sth technical related w my own money! πŸ™‚ $109. Ok it wasn’t really cheap but well I’ve been wanting this since like what last year??? when I had no choice but to delete my WG videos coz of lack of space 😦

This thingy come w free pouch! πŸ™‚ But one downside is that, the USB cable is really really short. I’ve got no choice but to put it on the floor bcoz it can’t reach high enough to my table -_-

Yay, but I’m really broke now, coz I’m left w $6 in my savings and I still owe my sister $10. Gladys Gan, hurry up pay me and I can return the money to my sis alr!!!

//shall go read ζ°΄ζ΅’δΌ  now. 😦 What a sad morning/afternoon again. And I’m about to complete Chapter 4! πŸ˜€ But it shall be a happy day πŸ™‚