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A whiny Y2 girl

Sometimes I wonder, maybe I’d be so much more free and relaxed in a more… normal school?

I won’t have stuff like..

– HSK 莲座- cmon, why do we even need to pay to take a HSK exam. Is it that worth for our portfolio?

– Fighting to get into triple science stream – it was never my intention, but apparently the 90% others in the level wants to take trisci. Sister once said, in her school, the principal would gladly accept you into trisci stream. How about our school? Fighting for everything. Really competitive.

– Piles of homework. I guess the teachers love to give themselves a lot of work.

– 1 HOUR TRAVELLING TIME to school. (from school also) Seriously, I mean, if I enrolled in a school probably like 10 minutes from my house, will I waste 2 hours everyday on the bus/walking around? ;\

There’s more to name but I don’t want becoz it just makes me all so sian.

Monday have a lot of things, silly stuff tbexact. Wah seriously, now I really got Monday blues :((

Tmr got swimming + Music proj + need collect album. Where to find time to do homework?!?!?! T_T

But I really gotta stop whining becuase I’m just Y2. Like yea, next time I Y3 Y4 maybe I’ll turn suicidal. Wah…. siao loh T.T Y5 Y6… umm. Maybe I should just wish for 2012 to occur haha 🙂

On a sidenote, I’ll miss 2C teachers very very much.

Lang Arts – Ms Nor. Cmon, her teaching is awesome. Admit that. You don’t sleep in her lessons. But she gives us too much time to slack hahaha

Maths – Mr Loke. Must I say more?! He’s so damn nice, so 温柔体贴, then got some very cold jokes (that are funny at times, really). And he’s awesome awesome awesome awesome as a form teacher!!! Don’t scold, super understanding. Just that got some weird incidents. Not elaborating 🙂 Will totally miss him la, 2 years together ley ;(

Science – Mr Choo / Mr Lee / Ms Pan. Omg, all their lessons rock la. At least they can let me understand. Yes. Ms Pan taught us last year, glad to have her as Bio teacher again 🙂

Chinese – 李老师. My Chinese from C5/C6, now is B3 standard. Hope can rise further 🙂 I’ll have to put in more effort. But cmon, she rocks, totally dedicated to her teaching and stuff. Yeah. She really wants the best for her students 🙂

Geography – Ms Tan. Damn damn damn lenient during tests/exams and help us a lot. And she makes Geography interesting 🙂 Show us the food inc all that. yea.

History – Ms Jin / Ms Wing. They don’t make me sleep unlike last year!! Seriously. They’re good at making the chapters interesting and can teach quite well. Yeah.

How will I not miss them? Splitting with 2C + total change of teachers next year. It’s all so foreign. I hate changes, I’ll totally miss 2010. 😦 So I should just shut up and stop complaining. At least I’ve my classmates to complain and vent my frustrations on 🙂


Chocolates to start a day~

A few days ago I was telling my mother to bring one chocolate bar (probably Bueno or Hershey) so I could have some to eat before running. Hahaha sugar rush – totally defeat the purpose of wanting to become skinnier from running!

Then kns… I think she on a mission to make me fat. I’m not about to measure all the fats that the chocos are gonna bring me.


AS IF THOSE 4 BARS THE WEEK BEFORE WEREN’T ENOUGH LOL. Bueno Kitkat Hershey Mars + Maltesers (not a bar) … … wah lao. But she didn’t bring my favourite bars home 😦 Mars and Cadbury Boost haha 😀 But there’s a bueno and a Hershey 🙂 And where’s my Kitkat White Choco? Oh I’m also wondering why it’s 40cents more expensive than the normal one.

And then I was thinking, how come my sister sent me the message that my mom also brot Maltesers home. Then I opened the ref. The pig started eating it already. Then I ate another 3 lil chocolate balls before going school HAHAHA ~ great way to start the day.

& Yay I have gotten my Karabina! :)) & I learnt the art of putting No.4 boots into shoebag!! 😀 Kor don’t blame me if I spoil your Nike shoebag with all the trying to squeeze it in and risk tearing the whole shoebag apart LOL

The week passed…. fast. I must say I’m pretty good at surviving it. However, I do reflections every night so I can fall asleep. Then I had a common thinking every single day- “Why am I doing this?”

1 week of mugging on Mon Tues Wed. Then Thurs and Fri got crazy 2 tests. And then everyday running average 6 rounds (except Friday :s) I think we quite pro lo. Orienteering team jiayou~ 🙂 Jiawen Jiawei Chenxi Gertie & me ~ But need to start running more + faster + be more self-motivated in practice runs??? ;\ But I don’t get that kind of motivation from anywhere ley… unless 2.4km run which is TOTAL KILLER.

& NDP Parade Rehearsal. Gah. I got this schedule on top of my wall. and a periodic table (that is quite useless now that the Chem module is over- sadly). The moment I turn into the study room (where my comp is), my eyes catch sight of the schedule… “must run, tmr need to go ___, balblabla” is damn sian one can. Just look~

Hahaha get what I mean? 🙂 But quite sian. Like FB/Twitter halfway you see the schedule and you think to yourself “omg why am I slacking?” But yah of coz for someone like me I will contineu slacking.

Haven’t do any single homework. Stupid slacker of me. But the past week of sleeping only 5 hours everyday.. I needed the 12hour sleep last night (10pm+ to 10.27am ^^)

Uh well, I guess that’s all from me. 😀 For now. It’ll probably be another crazy week ahead, so yeah, my posts probably gonna be short and sweet and possibly ~emo but those will be in private I guess? 🙂

I feel that I just made a totally boring post. I mean I won’t even wanna read it if I were me. Wahaha~ Nvm. Kns. Blogging is to keep memories~ Lang Arts, anyone? 🙂 But I wrote we shouldn’t be allowed becoz… hehehe. lalala ~ Ask me if you wna know coz I said it shouldn’t be allowed so the comments in there are not allowed too hahaha~

I have thrown the SYF headgear + respectacular board while packing up my things. Yeah so I took a pict to retain memories forever hahaha. Because I know one day I’ll look back and I know I’ll miss this no matter what :).

Sometimes I wonder when I gossip and stalk people, whether the same is being done to me. And I go OMG. Sometimes I give bad comments, sometimes I give nice comments (most of the time k hahaha) but then I wonder if the same is being done to me and I go oh noes. But yeah I guess it’s inevitable. I can keep saying that comments do not affect me, but I’ll be lying to myself. Because for one I know very well that I’m one to get swayed by people’s opinions easily. Or should I say most Capricorns? So don’t take advantage of my flaw! XD

Today got meeting up w pltmates at 12.30pm 🙂 (still busy drg the weekends k) Tmr need go swimming + do music proj + NEED TO COLLECT ALBUM (remind me man, I forgot last week -.- later I kena blacklisted liao LOL~) And the time now is 12.08pm hahaha I’m gonna be late sorry pltmates I sacrificed the meeting time to BLOG SOMEMORE LOL XD

Thanks for your support so far. Good luck to you too.


I’m tired.

Run run run.
Mug mug mug.

Jiayou Huiping, for this week will be over soon.

August passes by fast.
Today is Mr Lee’s last lesson with us.

And I’m once again reminded that I only have half a year more with 2C.

MIA again

Will probably be blogging less often, in fact may MIA if I’m just too lazy.

Recently got quite a bit of tests coming up + orienteering competition in less then a month away according to specs. Dk what to do but yeah have to self-train w platoon lor.

Chem is coming to an end soon. Can’t believe it. But yeah, Chem last year passed pretty fast too. Just that I slept through every lesson. This year is better 🙂 And I’m kinda looking forward to Bio, and then the end of the year will be here. I really need the year-end holidays for some much needed rest :\ Even though the June Holidays kinda just passed, but ahhhh, I don care 😛

I’m mentally and physically tired.

Run run run, mug mug mug, we all can do it, yeah!

//gone till I’ve got spare time on my hands 🙂


This brings back a lot of memories.

I remember this performance is just few days (3 days) before Korea trip hahaha. I woke up in the morning, then went to YouTube. The first thing I saw was something like 081220 KARA + SHINee uploaded by wondersmurf (IN HD SOMEMORE!! Last time HD videos were hard to come by, HD videos always a lot of people watch one!!!!) and I was like !!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!

Ok just read this post for my… “fury” LOL!!!

& when I a bit crazy last time
… (seriously dunno how I keep track all the music programs dates and stuff, because last time Music Bank wasn’t live, definitely wasn’t live. Performances are only played like 1 month after the live, so had to keep track of every single Music Bank’s date LOL!)

Then I was soooooooo angry with KARA!!!! But then I keep rewatch rewatch rewatch. And ya, make myself angrier. How stupid. But it was from this performance I know all KARA members. Because I keep flagging down the comments that say which couple and which couple is cute LOL!!! Then I hated Hara so much because she physically contacted w Minho. HAHAHA~

But the epic thing is that I went to Korea and bought KARA Pretty Girl album wahahaha. Still have it 😛

Omg it feels so long ago 😦 I still Primary 6 ley hahaha. I miss them then. When they only debut for like 7 months, they put in effort in every performance, then they’re like some junior boy band, v respectful to seniors. Like totally, omg, this is a damn good group. Then their concept not so wild like now.

But hai, I’ve said to myself to support them all the way, so there~ No matter what they come up with in the future, they have my loyal support always 🙂

Unsuitable New Structure

It’s not my fault that I always belong to a group that’s looked down upon by the general school.

But I don’t deny the claims.

We can be really really high, but it’s true that we have no discipline. Just look at the rehearsal. I’m guilty too. I’m not pointing fingers but I was truly annoyed.

I won’t continue further because it’s already really obvious. We need to stop complaining about how we’re being disliked. We need to look at why we’re being disliked. You don’t hate on someone for no reason.

I guess it’s time we ought to reflect upon ourselves, including me. We’re all in this together, every single person is a part. A black sheep and it ruins all of us. But I guess we can’t help it.
Pei Hao has told us this many times. But how many of us actually reflect on our mistakes?
I know I may get flamed by all of you for saying this, but face it. We need to be accepted by them, or we’re never ever going to survive.

Y2 Racial Harmony Day Celebration

Racial Harmony Day this year..was just lessons till 10am. Then facilitate station for Y1s and Y2s. 16 of us were informed last night, some of us were replacements.

I know it’s not your purpose, but please stop it. Bcoz you really make me feel bad and ashamed. I know it’s all your effort that we’re sticking our noses in, but we had to do our duty. If you wanted, we could give it all to you, because we really did nothing to help all of you. But we couldn’t.

Helped for Bingo. Was sitting down and doing nothing most of the time coz the rest of the game facs were rather crazy and high one wat. Theodore, Krysen, Kenlynn, enough!!! haha. Lynn & Gracie & Xuanjim & me were the other facs. So most of the time Gracie & Lynn, me & Xuanjim just sit there and watch. Quite entertaining actually, especially 2GHI and 2JKL. Damn competitive hahaha 🙂

Then skipped break to help out for mache. :)) Went to class and did nothing actually. Merely watched them. But it’s better than nothing actually 🙂 Just that didn’t visit the Y4 food stores. Oooh, not sure if I regret because everyone said the food they sold were nice. But let’s stop thinking about it, looking at my own class is probably more enjoyable ba 🙂 Afterall we only have less than half a year more 😦

Masking tape and scotch tape that we used to cover up the newspapers 🙂

Waiyuin who placed a tiara on her.

Spray white paint + black paint!! ^^ WAIYUIN NEVER BRING HIS BLACK CAN stupid, we finished Sherilyn’s can ;\ THANKS SHERILYN A LOT! 🙂

People helping + people being entertained

Touching up the head 😛

Adding in the cheeks 😀

Then I left to help out for the Y1 games, and when I went to the canteen….

OUR FINAL PRODUCT DONE BY AWESOME 2C!!!!! DAMN CUTE. Omg damn awesome I love it, 2C we’re awesome kkk I REALLY LOVE THE COLOUR COMBI K, ok everything about the panda I ALSO LOVE!!! 🙂

Took a pict with the panda but it’s in Kenlynn’s phone and I have no idea how to get it yea……. gotta get her to send me through bluetooth in school. But I confirm forget ahhh.

Oh well, missed out on the class bonding again :\ Sad. Went back to help for Y1 games. I realised our batch really very high compared to Y1s. Hope they’ll be more enthu as they enter Y2.

2C you still own, I’m sorry I couldn’t join you all today 😦 I’m really sorry. Hope there’ll be more bonding time k. And I love the mache we all made, GOOD JOB TO ALL OF US! Thanks to all of you who brought materials and tolerated my spams, I truly appreciate it. 😀 So yeah, we can safely say, we all played a part to make this awesome PANDA!!! 🙂 Our efforts paid off! I like the fact that I have quite a bit of pictures of the “process of making the panda” LOL! Extra money as promised will go to class fund. Prisca, you have it right? 😀

And thanks to 2L for the spare tapioca starch, green + pink spray paint! 🙂