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Built up a certain confidence for exams already. Really hope I’LL DO WELL this time, because I’d dare say I’ve put in a substantial amount of effort to prepare myself for this… My god, I haven’t had a normal chat on MSN since like Aug 25/26?! One month alr, and dying lol :3

However, the end of EOYs will signify more and more trainings, and all the competitions just one shot blast at me… there’s a lot of clash, Wayang Kulit rehearsals, Orienteering, West Challenge, need train for Sports Day and I’m afraid Kayaking will clash w the Maths competition (that I dunno is what, I only know I paid $10 for it lol!) and Malay Oral D: Hopefully everything turns out smoothly and nicely.

Next anticipated date: Oct 18

It’ll be my parents first child to don a mortarboard and an academic gown holding a scroll of some sorts… I’m sure they’ll feel really proud. They are not working on that day because of my bro. Every year, they only miss work for 4 days. Weekends + PH, still working. Only never work on my grandma’s birthday and 3 days of CNY. So yeah, it’s a pretty important event afterall 😛

My brother has gone through all levels of education, completed NS, just waiting to venture out into the workforce after he has attained his degree (certified okay).

I think I’ll miss him at home playing with me since I was young D: Maybe I shouldn’t wish too much for him to get a girlfriend, later he get married, earn money, and move out. And then I’ll be bored at home myself! 😦

Wonder if that day will come for me. Graduation. Long way? Maybe not.


Jay Park’s fan meet

Yesterday was Jay’s fan meet 🙂


I took many picts with my phone (lazy to take camera out) so it was low quality. Oh well, now I know how important it is to have a phone with a good camera lol.

A few days ago Jieling was asking me whether I wanted to go coz she got extra ticket from winning 2 contests/lucky draw (wow buums) so of course I want la :s Thanks so much Jieling~! But I thought it’s the normal category (those that can be bought through Sistic) Settled the details ytd, we wanted to meet at 9am but luckily changed it 12pm. Bought Koi then we took train to Harbourfront & express to Sentosa 🙂

Along the way we were drinking Koi as we headed to Sentosa then I was like feeling why so many people staring at me. After a bit then I realised, they’re staring at the cup..

Ok then reached Wavehouse (it was pretty near the beach station!). Slight drizzle so the floor was wet, but anyways I took out my chemistry file HAHAHHA and sat on it so my butt won’t be wet LOL!

From where we were sitting. Pretty good view, I guess. Nice entertainment for the next 6 hours (?)

What I was doing..

Ok so it was SLIGHT mugging (maybe about 30mins of it) and the rest is sleeping / talking / doing nothing just staring into space. But the 6-hour wait wasn’t as torturous as the previous few ones. In fact it passed pretty fast.

After that we stood up after 6 hours (like during a concert suddenly everyone will stand up and you know sth exciting is gonna happen) and the thing is that Jieling had not gotten her tickets! So she quickly call the person who said her colleague will call her back. But still, no calls! Then the person moved down the row, calling out for “meet & greet” people.

THEN I SUDDENLY REALISED Jieling was telling me details about Meet&Greet & Fanmeet ytd and I was just (???) coz I totally don’t understand the ‘language’. I didn’t realise she holding VIP ticket!!! Then Jieling talked to her for a bit telling her that she had not gotten her tickets and all that.

They called us out to leave the queue and told us something that totally pwned us. “You don’t have to queue.” Wow….. Luckily we didn’t meet at 9am. We didn’t have a ticket. It was just that “Choo Jieling” was on the namelist haha.

Then went to the VIP line, get chop and sticker, bag check. Under 18 😀

Oh after that I realised there’s a really large pad in my bag, I wonder how the person was doing flipping through all of that. I brought a pair of FBTs along too. Somemore, she saw my camera leh! Means she really did check until very (Y)! HAHAHA! Imagine if it was the guy checking! LOL! I didn’t realise until Jieling told me HAHAHA!!

Went in and slack around, then found out got photo with Jay -_-” I seriously, seriously, didn’t know. Because in the first place I didn’t even realise that Jieling was holding on to a VIP ticket!!!! :O Then I looked damn cui and super smiaoly, like going to clementi central after I finished jogging…

I tell you I seriously look damn cui. Face oily oily, then perspiring all over… ._.

Slacking on a nice sofa 😀

My eyes are minute, I know. Don’t need say. Nice chops right. They haven’t fade, still got A BIT on my hands. 😀 But they gonna fade soon 😦 one is chop for JP, and one is a “18” chop, coz I under 18 ._.

Ok aft that was queueing up outside the place to take picts for a bit.

Our view from the stage! Just kidding, we were just queueing up -.- then after that we have to leave. WTH, bye to the nice stage T.T

Standing on sand (at first) hahaha. Sand water and stuff. It really set the mood for a ‘party all night’ kinda thing. Unfortunately I’m underage 😛

then after that we saw Jay taking picts with others. In no time it was our turn to take pics so ya, we just went in,

He said “Hi guys.”
I replied “Hello.” Totally dunno what to say, was damn awkward, and he pretty much sounded like he was unhappy.. Jieling say maybe coz he sian need keep taking picts. But he sounded sad to me 😦 Somemore is use the official camera. You just get in, and get out. 5 seconds of looking at Jay.
Then he said “Thank you.”

and we replied back the same thing lol. And then we went out to the side and FULL-STOP. That’s the end of “meet-and-greet” -.-” It’s not like what others describe, GOT HUG, GOT SHAKE HAND, GOT TALK, GOT QUESTION, GOT OMGGG THOSE VIP PPL ARE SO LUCKY!!!

No, it’s just a pict and after that you head to the sides where you can barely see his facial features. But still can see him dancing so not bad.

All these people were much closer to the stage than I was! Anyway the crowd looks small coz many people were in the water ^^ And my pathetic 3.2mp donthaveshakecontrol handphone camera is unable to capture it.

The performance was pretty much awesome, Step Roc was cute anyway 😀 Demon was hot. Then at the end of it Jay showed us his abs and all. Damn hot.

OH AND HALFWAY THROUGH he danced Secret’s Madonna, then Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl, Sistar’s Push Push and one of GNA’s song I think. Damn damn damn funny. LOL!

I don’t have any fancams coz I was squeezing with an ass in front of me and she kept raising her hands to block me -.- Then the person in front of me whip DSLR. WHEN IT’S NOT ALLOWED -.- THE PERSON COME TELL HER SHE JUST CONTINUE USING. argh!!!!

There the evil witch with long nails holding a DSLR in front of me. Can you see Jay? D: That small small white figure in the background -.- Yes, that’s our distance from the stage. Somemore blocked by the ass in front of me. The downside of a VIP ticket actually. You can only go to the side after the Meet&Greet! 😦 The only thing you can see very clearly is the SCREEN. Zzzz.

A nicer pict from my handphone. Wow so shocking.

Ok then at the end of it me & Jieling were like, let’s take picts with the venue! So we did really lame things haha 😀

It’s not clear but we were trying to capture the words on the screen, which disappeared when I was trying to take a pict of it :@

Argh! It was still there a second before my flash captured the screen, I swear!!

The cool sponsor HAHA! Got F&N Grape & the Orange also. THE BIG BIG THING. SO CUTE PLS HAHAHA

The only one we took a pict with since it was on the way out ;D

Then went off to buy a drink at Vivo and then we went home! Hahaha….

Looking pretty cui after the performance.

Oh we were chasing the van that passed by us for a bit! Then we saw the slope that they went up and decided ok let’s stop wth. I think Jay was in the van. Someone was in the white beanie, don’t know who coz it was dark and unclear. I ran pretty fast 😀 Haha. Oh their van window is not covered…

Went home and found out that the poster given to us was autographed! 😀 But I had to squeeze mine in my bag coz 😐 and then it was getting all dirty and crumpled. Felt so heart pain 😐 But yeah, it’s still there in a nice condition so it’s ok la~ 😀

Great day 😀 And it’s all thanks to Jieling~ Really thanks v much for the free tix! :DDDD

& Now return to my books! After a long long and enjoyable day! 🙂
The Facebook group is so damn true. “I rather facebook than face my books.” LOL! 😀

Graph of Year and Term against GPA Attained

Everyone should plot a graph for this really. At least you can see your progress.


Should start to ask myself why do I have such a weird graph. Well friends, toldcha I wasn’t lying when I described my GPA to be up down up down up down.

One word to describe: Erratic.

When will it stabilise? Probably not anytime soon, since most people say their GPA drop to an all-time low as they advance to upper sec…

;| I’m becoming complacent. Which is horrendously bad.

Partial Exemption

To start off, I think the exemption system is flawed.

In this case, those people with full exemption is ok. However, they get to choose what papers they want to take. So for eg those they got A2, they purely mug that subject. Like that they’ll be even clearer about it, and score even better. Then here comes the unfair part.

Like for eg, partially exempted people don’t need to take 3 subjects. So they only need to take 3 subjects for EOY, whileas non-exempted people have to take 6 subjects.

So in this case, the weaker students (non-exempted people), will have to mug 6 subjects, mug even more. Even though already very weak, still need mug more than the others…

Then exempted people, only need mug 3 subjects. So they will have more time to focus on the subject and thus score even better than the non-exempted people. Then their A1 remains and their A2/B3 perhaps rises to an A1. Whileas non-exempted people maintain their grades. So it’s a vicious cycle, and no matter what the clever will always be cleverer……

It’s a case of “The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer”. I wonder if anyone gets what I mean. K that doesn’t matter, but the same thing applies for partial exemption.

I guess I’ll be the minority… with exemption but with the intention to take the paper. I studied for like 7-8 months you can’t expect me to just give up the exams like that. Furthermore, I think it’s unfair to the others.

I would like my concepts to be clear, but only with the exam results will I know what exactly I’ve been lacking in my work. I can know what exactly I’m weak in and what I wanna do in the upper sec.

Call me kiasu or some haolian shit but I strongly adhere to my own viewpoint. No matter what, I guess I’m gonna sit for all papers. Even if I haven’t revised. It’s purely my fault if I didn’t do my revision well, I can’t blame anyone else. At most I’ll blame fate.

I don’t want to take the shortcut. I want to go the normal way- for there is no free lunch in this world.
Actually you can say I’m boycotting the exemption scheme. I think it’s totally unfair to the weaker ones. It’s not our fault that humans are born smart or not-smart.

Asian Civilisation Museum today

2C love.
(sorry Jane cut off 😦 )

It’s kind of sad that this is the final exam we’ll be taking together in the same classroom. And we’ll be parting ways after that. :\ To think I once hated all of you so much. Hai.

It’s been a sweet and tough journey with 2C honestly 😀 Definitely fun too ^^

I’m going crazy

Dead blog oops :X Haven’t posted for like 8 days. But it’s the EOY period ma ;\

But right now I’m pissed so I’m not in the very mood to blog so… ya lor.

BUT THE WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY MA, you cannot blame me. I suddenly have so many things on my hand, orienteering, west challenge, WAYANG KULIT (zzz), sports day (ok this is not counted coz it’s just a minor event)

BUT THEN it’s crazy enough. Trainings here and there, aches that never seem to cease. It’s getting way too much to handle for me 😦 Then somemore EOYs coming and there’s the deadline of lame projects like Com Studies & CID… And speaking about CID, when are we gonna do it? Tsiyuan needs to hurry the powerpoint so we can do the script..

And somemore I’ve a new commitment at home everyday now…

Argh @@ 어떻게 하지?!?!!

But at least Mid-Autumn Celebration yesterday was fun! 😀 BUT I FORGOT TO BRING CAMERA, DAMN SAD. There were so many people I wanted to take picture w :((( When bathing that morning I told myself “later I must put my camera in my bag.” Then in the end I didn’t!!! -_-“

It was fun coz PE in the morning (the 30 sets of big steps), then LONG LONG LESSONS, then CCA in afternoon (wc training + orienteering training = waaaaaa), then MIDAUTUMN.

It’s like super shuang coz I bathed then went for the celebration. Felt so clean and nice-smelling after that crazy day 😀

Oh, it’s been a very long time since I shouted and screamed like crazy- I mean the current situation just doesn’t let me. But then I would prefer to let loose all my energy for a day, before returning to my studies. What a sad ending.

Oh, I didn’t get sore throat today heh! And AWESOME 2C (ACTUALLY PRISCA), got the BEST LANTERN! Or so I think (coz we weren’t around hahaha) Looks like every year we can only win award for lantern only hahaha~~!!!

Going to the field to play elope was awesomely fun, unfortunately no one was at the canteen to receive the prize so Xuteng had to run around looking for it lol. In the end it was a big packet of Corntos + Mamee + Some jelly. AWESOME ENOUGH ;DDD

But I think this year’s is not very well done compared to last year, because it’s not organised. Ask us go library outside, then the girl chase us away ask us don’t crowd around in a very crude manner. THEN WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GO?



Anyone uploading pics? :DDD Gracia & Prisca. BUT OMG, I SUPER UNGLAM YESTERDAY EVEN AFTER CCA. I got damn a lot unglam shots…..oh no…

Nice Sept holiday :)

Ok so I had a lot of fun the past few days just that I didn’t blog about them! 😀

Had damn a lot a lot of fun these few days, and I’m not exactly slacking either. I did do homework! 😀 I think this will be the first holiday I don’t need to chiong on Sunday :DDD

Monday went for movie, supper,
Tuesday, sleeeeep
Wednesday, Sakae,
Thursday (supposed to be Friday now but it’s midnight), Kbox! 😀
Friday (supposed to be tmr!), SHOPPING??? ;DD

I saw a lot of stuff @ Bugis that I liked on Monday. Those denim shoes, laced dresses and those cropped wedges. Damn chio~~~ :DDD Haven’t been checking out the trends in Bugis. I’m not a person who really bothers what I wear (which is bad) so.. I really ought to get new clothes.

Hopefully I’ll have enough money to bring some items home tomorrow ^^ Ok that is if my parents allow… but as long as we use our own money I don’t think they really mind 🙂

Ok so on Monday we left house at like 7pm (WOW) after watching Music Bank, then went to get some Koi, walked around Bugis (where I saw all my NICE NICE STUFF) and then left to Tiong Bahru to watch Grown Ups :D:DD


IT’S A PRETTY HUMOROUS AND NICE MOVIE. Got sick content in it, kinda laughed throughout the whole movie. Quite nice as a comedy, enjoyable too. Do catch it if you have the chance 😀

Then went for supper~ Tze Char @ Tiong Bahru. Shiok night life (Y) I LUV.

Ok then Tuesday was a day of slack~ I slept like 15> hours that day… just wake up, bathe, sleep… then wake up, slack a bit… then sleep… hahaha. SO SHIOK!!! recover sleep from the busy term, anyone? 😀 Nice sister help me buy Koi. Imagine doing Chem and halfway, KOI COMES YOUR WAY. OMGGGG. SO SHIOK.

Sakae on Wednesday~~!!! :DDD

Was feeling random that morning, wanted to eat Sakae buffet. Well during the holidays when you have nothing to do at home you start thinking of v weird things and SO… SUSHI~!!! ;DSister haven’t try out the new menu so just shunbian lor.. 😀


Ok I know my hair thick like some bush but I’m gonna cut hair soon!!!! Like soon.

Sorry look like some ghost.. Didn’t care much because Sakae Sushi was just available at Clementi… wahahaha..

Quite delicious, but after eating @ Akira suddenly…… all this like quite noob. But of course, a cheaper alternative definitely 🙂

We stayed there from 3pm to 6pm hahahaha pure enjoyment. Just ate, talked, ate, talked, but now no more mochi, is it? D: Dunno couldn’t understand what the guy was saying. Then in the end we ate King’s ice cream, so boring. I miss the mochi D: Long time no eat alr, I damn sian :\

Me is miss the complimentary mochi ):

Ok then went home to sleep wow -.- Sleep immediately after sushi. Then did some homework, amazing me 😀 Homework after enjoyment. In an uglier way, work after play. LOL.

& TODAY!!! went for run in the morning w Jiawen Jiawei Chenxi :DD That’s to put it in a nicer way. In an uglier manner, we went to gym to slack HAHAHA. Damn shiok ley :DDDD Ran like around 2.4km but didn’t feel like it…….. the machine cheat our feelings, I insist.

When we all cooling down and doing homework, sudden itch to go KBox 😀 so good Huiping started to spam her sister HAHAHA. YEAHHH :DDD reached home, and oh noes, can she reject my pleas? HAHAHA :S

Wahaha our first few songs.

Nice pict, I take one. Ordered Milo Dinosaur and my sister (a bad choice) Strawberry Yogurt or something. 😀 But the Milo Dinosaur cause me to have phlegm, sing like some duck 😀

Oh we were singing HuoYuanJia so loud, we were like HUOHUHOHUHOUHOHUOH, WOWOWOWOWOWO, then everyone keep staring in. Then my sister went outside and try listen, then realised we’re damn loud LOL.


Yeah yeah 😀 Damn fun. Unfortunately that timeslot a lot ppl so we only got to sing from 3.15pm to 5.30pm. And oh! I signed up for the KBox membership card, $10 :DD Lifetime membership. Now got promotion, $8/pax for the 2-7pm slot. Quite cheap but the tidbits/drinks stingy like siao. ANYONE WANTS TO KBOX W ME? ;D HEHEHE.

OH AND CLEMENTI KBOX TOILET SUCKS OMG. I ALMOST DIED INSIDE. ): Ok let’s not be reminded of ewewwwww things.

& yeah that’s all 😀 I hope we’re going Bugis tmr, although not confirmed yet coz my sister doesn’t want to agree now :] but I’ll persuade her….persuade her…until we end up going there hahahah. 😀 & I want somemore Koi! 😀




It’s not that I’m a stalker hehehe but I don’t know why all SNSD vids are recommended for me.
Oh and in case you are wondering, I used to be an anti-fan. So dumb, I think is coz SHINee keep talk to SNSD I angry, hahaha.

But now I’ve grown up! 😀 SNSD ARE ALL SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME. I really wanna see them 🙂