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It’s the last day already

Today is the last day with 2C and we’ll be splitting already. Never will there be another day when the whole class can be together once again.

I hate how the shaonianwenzhai thing clash with our chalet. Hello, can’t you choose a better date?! 😦 Just ate into our chalet like that, how can you?! We already don’t have enough time tgt 😦

I just can’t fathom how time passed so quickly. We went through so many events together, Day Camp, E&C week, let’s not talk about orientation, went through so many holidays together already. Those days, we went up to the tennis court to play. Those days, we enjoyed together. Those days, we had class outings. Those days, we played April Fools’ on teachers. Those days…

But at the end of it all, we’ll be all seated in the same class, listening to our teachers once again. We found school a bore. We couldn’t wait to rush home every single day. But now, I wish I can start the whole year all over again. 😦

Can’t believe we’re going to split just like that. I watched the video Claudia made for us. We grew up, we matured, I GREW TALLER too, we understood one another better, we had a lot of fun. We cheered, we embarrassed ourselves, we did really disgraceful things, we get into trouble together as a class. But all those memories are gone just like that. They linger in my mind continuously and I really really miss the times we’re together. I want to relive those memories once again but it isn’t possible anymore.

I really want to go back to Y1 again, when everything starts. When our PSLs were teaching us how to play chucky…. and splat. Can you believe all those memories passed by so quickly, in a flash. We’re going to end up in different classes already, and we’re not going to let anymore teachers praise us for being ‘quiet’….

My heart feels empty. Very empty.. 2C, you all really mean a lot to me… 😦


Last 4 hours with 2C ’10

I recall the first day of school, when I arrived really late due to 166’s slow speed. (actually is because I miss the earlier bus haha)

I ran into the school shocked and scared, afraid that I’ll be late for any important things.

The moment I ran in, I passed by LT1. Those people asked me if I was a Year 1. They asked for my class, and directed me to the General Office….

Then I met the rest at LT1 when they were already leaving, and walked to the field with them to watch the UG Parade. I didn’t really pay attention because I never knew I would end up in a UG. I remember Ling Sheng’s super shy face. And the blue specs I recognised her by. Then I saw Kay Vin who happened to be in the same class as me. My first impression was – zomg, why is he so short?

Then there were ice-breakers in class… when everyone introduced themselves. The first name I remembered was Madeline, then Hillary and Vanessa. Haha… I remember Waiyuin raising his hands to volunteer as the health ambassador.. and my first impression of Jiasheng was – chinaman. And I don’t know from when Wenhao suddenly joined our class. Haha. And Jiaxuan in her BPPS uniform 😀

If I continue rambling I’ll just make everyone bored. But those were very very fond memories. When we first knew each other. Everyone was really nice and friendly. But we became little monsters isn’t it?

I’m glad for the existence of this blog actually..

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Time has passed so fast I can’t even imagine. Reading my old posts does make me feel nostalgic… 2 years really passed in a flash – I agree to what Xiuyun and Isa kept drilling into us. But I never knew it would be this fast. 😦

I’ve got West Challenge competition tomorrow. I won’t be going for Li Lao Shi’s last lesson with us, which adds even more to the heartbreak. T.T 2Cians if possible, please do help to note what Lilaoshi says and tell me alright? I’ll be missing History presentation too. Sad.. Can’t even watch the impressive work that Claudia and Amanda has worked on…

I’ll be leaving class at 10am which is not good at all. I’ll have another 2 more hours on Friday. That makes it a MERE 4 hours more with my dear class. How can I accept this? I hate how I’ve to go through separation, all over again…

I’ll post more next time, not very good being depressed before a competition 😦

Bad day.

Started off the afternoon with pissing Gertie off. Accidentally eat the cupcake, only noticed when I read Yixin msg and I was ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS la gertie. At most tonight, I’ll make a big big chocolate cake for you.

Then dropped roller coaster, ps, then knock head on bus super hard, then drop hp, super clumsy today ;| And my last toe hurts for some weird reason. Imagine a 1cm long nail hurting so hard -_- sucks!

But well. October 26 or 27 has never been good. Especially after 2 years ago.

After so long, I’ve only got one question to ask. Do you still remember me?

FB is getting weird

Wah~~ I’m aching all over. I almost couldn’t climb out of the sofa after sleeping just now~~ T_T

4 days left with 2C. Lmao. I still don’t understand how 2 years passed so quickly -.- I wouldn’t be fair to myself if I said I never listened to our PSLs. I just failed to listen..

I’m busy the moment my holiday starts lmao. Training on Sat, Ah Ma birthday on Sun, SANA course on Mon, Camp from Tue to Thur then finally can sleep like 24 hours per day hahaha 😀

UNTIL CHALET WHICH IS WOOO~~~~~ CAN’T WAIT~!!!! Which reminds me I haven’t finish collecting money lmao.


ROD ’10 this year was fun. Maybe it was EXCEPTIONALLY fun because I didn’t get to participate in games last year! T_T But yeah we came well prepared with clothes and all that (omg my bag like exploding, like I going for camp liddat)

MY group was pretty nice but honestly…. I knew v little ppl. EXCEPT WANG WEI HAN. HAHAHA. Super funny. I do the straw thing with him until wanna puke blood. Lucky I was “blessed” with a long string. Or else sure GG.

Dance went pretty okay (for me) but I dk why there are NO picts of our performance. EVERY PERF have except ours. But I think my hair looked pretty ridiculous BECAUSE I GOT THIS bit of hair stringing down so afterall IT’S QUITE GD THAT MY BIG FACE IS NT UP on Facebook or anything. Thank god 😀

Okay nothing much to say because there aren’t really many pictures…


So I shall end off with a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE~~~


I’m not sure if I have posted this up before, but doesn’t matter! STILL CUTE! HAHAHA! 😀 Why does it seem like I have more baby fats now compared to last time? O_O

Orienteering Competition

Pretty disappointed initially, but afterall it’s part and parcel of life 🙂 Okay to be more direct to the point, we didn’t get any award at all.

But of course, it’s not the result that matters, it’s the process that matters. And I’m sure all of us bonded and got really closer through all these hard times.

3 to 4 months. Average of maybe 30 rounds per week. Some may say it’s wasted, but now that I think back, I think it was pretty well-spent. At least we’ve gone through these hard points of school life 😀

I know RVNCC (Girls) will have their glory for Orienteering competition one day! 😀 Just maybe not us.

Brother’s graduation + FOREVER LUVVV

Today was my brother’s graduation ceremony!

I left school quickly at like 2.30pm but I ended up reaching home at like 3.50pm coz of bus.

THEN SPENT 1 HOUR TO PICK CLOTHES. almost die omg. I wished I was blessed with a nice figure to fit into anything / wear anything -.-

Went Raffles City Convention Centre (where the sale of JYJ tickets were- LOL)

(will have kinda pic spam :P)

Brother wearing his academic dress 😛

Tickets for admission into the graduation ceremony haha.

Full academic dress + mortarboard. So cool right.

Pics w brother + family! 🙂

I camwhore one! HAHA. Pro right! I like this pict LOL 😀

When he was not noticing 😀

Take w Mummy & Sis 😀 & family.

When will it be my turn? 😀

Okay after that we went in to the ceremony. Wah lao, everyone suddenly lost their “elegant” and “graceful” personality and just chiong into the ceremony so as to secure seats nearer to the front, so can see the graduands closer. Papa & Mummy didn’t really care so we ended up really near the back LOL.

Motto? 😛

Brother at his seat.

Then after that I slept for the first part of the ceremony until they started reading the graduands names starting with ‘Ng’. WELL SERIOUSLY IT WAS DAMN BORING TRY ME. Then after that I cheered for bro when it was his turn, like just a loud& super high pitch scream in the middle of nowhere. Well, we were encouraged to be enthusiastic! Lol 😀 Brother could hear far far away from the stage coz the echo was pretty loud :))) Mission achieved HAHAHA Sis could hear from where she was taking pictures too! 🙂

Okay aftr that we escaped for refreshments and brother took pictures for a bit before leaving- afterall it’s probably be one of the few last times he can meet his classmates and well yeah… unite?

Still obsessed with the mortarboard 😛 Brother had to return it afterwards 😦

Do I look like professional & smart or something? 😛

Okay after that we went for dinner at the same shopping mall we were at! Watami or something 😛 A Japanese restaurant.

(damn it my entire post got deleted coz Blogger cocked up ytd, screw it, waste my time totally -.-)


My drink. Strawberry something. Quite delicious leh, but at first it sucked. But must mix! It’s a cocktail 🙂

Ebi tempura luv 😀

Seafood doria which failed epicly. It’s like totally not nice at all, switched with my brother in the end because his noodles were really delicious and the seafood doria totally sucked -.-

This mango kiwi was quite nice hehe 😀 Sweet + sour 🙂

Bro’s delicious noodles. SEE THEY DRESS SO NICELY XD Damn rare lo~

Something I dno & Gyoza. Was too full to eat them lol.

MY FAVOURITE. SOTONG with the super awesome sauce + the mayonnaise. Heaven seriously omg my father almost wanted to order another plate of it. SUPER NICE.

Mmm a more appetising pict 😀

Raw sashimi thingo. Only enjoyed the salmon, to be honest 😛 Prawn was too raw.

Sister’s unagi pot rice that required time to cook lol. 30mins. Siao pls.

Mango lemonade & my brother’s cocktail (which was really really nice!) I liked their drinks 🙂 Exotic titles & very special taste 😀

Before & After. Dunno why, we were really hungry 😀

Okay that’s all… Totally love events like these when my whole family dresses up soooo nicely, and then goes out together to have meals. Feel so proud of my own family, love them totally!! 😀

I have like the best parents on Earth, followed by my siblings. YEAH! 😀 Super happy girl. Forever luvvv~~~~~

Breathe in breathe out


I’m so tired, so many things up for me~~~~~ BUT I can’t regret. I chose my path, it’s fate, I’ll have to accept whatever comes 🙂

There’s a high chance that my GPA will drop, but no regrets taking EOYs (Science actly, coz I did very badly for Bio paper), because at least I have a clearer idea of my subject combi 🙂 Haiz I’m worried for Chem, just hopefully….. ok forget it I’m just gonna make myself more depressed ain’t I.

Pretty worried for anything this moment, so lazy to do things, really difficult for me to get things done and be constructive.

I wish I could fulfill my dreams, but what are the chances? 0.1%? Less than that probably.

Survive tomorrow and I’ll have time to think. Perhaps I’ll be clear of what I really wanna do in 2 months time. I promise I won’t let anything affect me. Anything.