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Maths Test

It’s been a long time since I was here (again) but I’m back here to rant…

Today was my first Math Test. Total 30 marks, and first question 14marks. And it was a blank. But yet, the things they taught us could be applied easily.

So the maximum mark I can get now is 16/30, not forgetting that I will still make careless mistakes (or proof wrongly). So in other words I can fail this test alr. Assignments not even graded now, I can just fail all my test and exam and get F9 for Math now. Fun lah.

I not sure to blame it on my complacency, my smooth journey in Math or just the teacher. Seriously the teacher’s teaching is horrible. I mean, I used to listen to Mr Loke so much, follow all the things he told us to do, did a lot of practice and understood things very easily. Understood all his explanations and I didn’t even revise for Math sometimes when I got too busy. During competition periods or times when I slacked too much in school.

And I would just ace the test the next day. And when I mean Ace, I don’t mean getting 20/25. I mean getting full marks and the bonus question correct. It’s not that I’m showing off. But I had no problem with Math at all.

Perhaps having gotten… at the lowest of 32/40 had made me complacent? I used to be angry at myself getting 24/25. Or perhaps not being able to solve the bonus question such that Waiyuin had an overall total score higher than me even though both of us scored 40/40.

I look at my personal particulars. PSLE everything A. No HMT. Only one A*. That’s Math. It was my strength. My only strength I could rely on. My paper used to be at the last with Waiyuin when Mr Loke gave out papers according to results. I guess topping the class so much has made me complacent?

Maybe I should blame myself for not listening to that teacher? Even though she’s extremely long-winded she does give hints. Or maybe blame myself for not revising much even though I went through the worksheet questions.

Or perhaps it’s just a signal to me to tell me that I shouldn’t be so complacent? I don’t know. I’m feeling so disappointed in myself I don’t even have the mood to do anything else. I can get 35/70 for Chinese and pass it off as “nevermind lah, always one”. Or get 5/12 for History and pass it off as “nvm, this is first term.” Or get 12/25 for EL Compre and say “nvm lah EL everyone also fail”.

But not Math. I don’t even have the mood to study Geog now, no mood to watch TV. No mood during CCA today, my standard was so shitty I feel like slapping myself now. But despite that, I’m still extremely upset.

I have never scored less than an A1, I am upset with myself everytime I don’t manage to score a perfect mark.

But now, I can’t even secure a pass.

But I guess there are two sides to a coin.


Many people feeling the same way as me. But I’m still extremely upset. For the previous times, everyone would be posting those statuses up. And I’ll be one of the idiots who do extremely well despite myself complaining about careless mistakes.

But not anymore, isn’t it? It’s a failure of my self-expectation, a disappointment I have. And it’s something I can’t get off from my heart. Because afterall, it was my best subject.


Tired, not.

To summarise the week:

Homework, CCA, CCA,

3 hours of swimming. But it’s been fulfilling I guess.

I feel so happy going to eat Macs today because of my lovely friends πŸ™‚ You know who you are!

Anyway was @ Macs for dinner with Caleb & Kimyao. Ate 3 McChickens (~~!!! pro or not. plus one mudpie mcflurry-.- omg) Caleb seemed really stressed, like. wow. Kim Yao some hardcore mugger brought his notes down to Mac. So it turns out that I’m the slacker that’s diverting their attention away from their lovely notes.

Then when I learnt more about their plights, I feel so fortunate. Like, okay, maybe I’m living a real good life afterall. In RV where it’s so carefree and…. easy. Shouldn’t complain because I’ve a real real real great life and everything is great πŸ˜‰

Will elaborate more on this next time because it’s too obvious if I do it now! πŸ˜€

AND BTW MY SHOW ENDED, THE MYSTERIES OF LOVE. I’M SO SAD BECAUSE I NO LONGER LOOK FORWARD TO 9PM -.- (Pillowcase of Mystery II was a turnoff for me coz its first episode was sucky -_-)

Bosco Wong & Raymond Lam coming Singapore!?!?! //motivated immediately

ok go study


Ok this is pretty much sensitive but I still feel like talking about it hahaha.

Over the years (since primary school) I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of myself being a bitch. or… flirting with other guys?

Since history I guess there’s only 2 people that I actually took an interest to, while the rest are either eyecandy (ahem A LOT actually) or.. just nice friends to talk to. Sometimes I really enjoy talking to people of the opposite sex because they know nothing about our frustrations (life in a girls’ school seems relatively different to that of a boys’ school). Then you can just rant and rant and they’re like “(? relax la)” hahaha

Nope, it’s not that people are jealous. Because I feel the same way when I see other people talking with guys. I would be like “Eee why is she flirting w him again -.- yux” and then I start to think about myself and I’ll be like omg is everyone saying the same thing about me. I can’t deny that I view people’s opinions very seriously. It affects whatever I do. But how can I flirting when I don’t even have “someone“?

Or maybe it’s just my circle of friends that are more conservative and stuff?? But I guess I gotta know the limits too. :O

Ok this is a weird topic to talk about I’m stopping here bai

The Mysteries Of Love

3 more days,

and I will no longer be

“Huiping, pull through the day. 9pm tonight!!!”

anymore 😦

I will miss this 9pm routine that encourages me to endure all the rubbish in school and rush back home just to catch the show.

What am I to do when all my handsome guys and super awesome story is over?? 😦

Dinner + RV Carnival

Once again, it’s been a really long time since I was here :\

Anyway here are way overdue pictures (and events)

Dinner with Wei Ling, Kim Yao & Vincent Lo

This was a damn last minute thing. It’s like suddenly you create some mass conversation at 7pm and ask everyone to meet at Clementi Pizza Hut at 8pm. So yeah little people were available. And thus these are the few ppl who live nearest to the location πŸ˜€ Ate some Chicken Supreme thingo.

A joke about the lemons and the cherry hahaha

The pizza looks damn nice right omg

Ok shall not include pictures of me in it because I look damn tired and cui but I swear I wasn’t feeling like that when I was with them because it was damn fun.

It was a great time (especially when Kim Yao offered to treat) then we talked so much rubbish.
Then halfway through Vincent Lo left then we went McDonalds to talk rubbish instead until like 11.30pm. Talked about our upcoming lives, problems and all that. It’s pretty cool talking to your primary school friends because you hardly have any enmity with them and all you want is just to meet up and catch up with life. Because all of us are living different lives now, it’s so different that it’s kinda hard to relate sometimes.

Went home at around 11.30pm. Cool right :))

Okay so today and yesterday was RV Carnival and the preparation πŸ˜€ Chenlaoshi help us take pictures haha. with my camera. Epic funny. He said it’s to “record down whoever who’s helping out” hahaha.

Everyone doing different stuff…

The state of the class when I left it 😦 Lonely me.

Ok then the actual day!!!

Our mascot hahah

The game that we kinda twisted so that it was more difficult to win 😑 But I swear I repeat the instructions until cry.

“Okay so this game, if you pay 50c, you will have 3 tries. You will throw the dice 3 times. So for example, if you throw 1, 2 and 3, then your first try have to go into 1, second try have to go into 2 and your third try have to go into 3. So, wanna play? Okay here’s the dice!”

Lmao seriously repeat until…

Prizes that were kinda depleted at the end =p

Water gun to shoot the ball in =P

Damn cool things to do with the frill hahaha πŸ˜›

Store preparation =P


Ok THE REST are just me taking pictures with other ppl and stuff hahaha. Okay our revenue as counted by SCs was $206 but Qinye and the others (including me?) counted $243 so we’re not very sure. Hope they’ll double check again ):

So honestly I wasn’t really expecting that we would do such a great job and stuff yeah πŸ™‚ Coz I kinda rushed the game proposal in 15mins LOL was sleepy that night. Then the preparation all that is one day before the carnival lmao. But I must say we have done a good job πŸ˜€ Especially the scoring system which encourages people to play more.

Thank you very much Xing Ying for taking the effort to do up the scoring system and putting it in to effect! Or else I guess we’ll make a huge loss since our games are kinda cheap :\ I kinda got a scare when I saw all other classes $1 and $2 when we had like all 50c games. After that introduced scoring system and it became more fair.

Must thank 3G a lot for staying back and stuff, doing things so quickly (decorations + the games), and helping me so much with all these. I would like to express my appreciation to those who have came to helped during their shifts and attracted people to our booth and stuff. And doing saikang like moving the tables and chairs haha. THANK YOU SO MUCH PEOPLE! πŸ™‚ Without the help of all of you guys, it wouldn’t be possible. AND OF COURSE, Qinye for helping/accompanying me to go buy materials + keep collecting money and yeah :DDD Thank you so much!

And of course, extra thanks to all those who have stayed for the full duration, hope you enjoy the dinner they catered! πŸ˜› (going to kill Qinye)

I’m sure this carnival has bonded us quite a bit hahaha. 3G own~~ πŸ˜€ 7 hours kinda passed damn fast. Must think of class name soon, damn cool ;D

After that left carnival at like 7/8pm and went for dinner with 6/6 ppl. Only a few of them actl. Hahaha. Then talk rubbish until 10.30pm then went home again. Today is such an awesome day.

Sometimes, I think back, and I know. When I fall from the sky one day, all these people will be around for me to break my fall. Thanks so much, people πŸ˜€ For being such an important part of my life. And thank you those who came to visit me at my booth πŸ˜€

TVB Dramas

Sometimes listening to TVB songs make me emo and pretty upset. Like Lady Fan? Or even 强剑. Herbalist Affair. It seems really recent. But it’s been 3 years. Aqua Heroes has been like what? 7 YEARS?!?!?! And to think Bosco Wong is still acting love ok thats not the point.

I remember in P1, P2, and even P3 P4 (actually P5 P6 too. the whole of pri sch lah), I would camp at the sofa every 8pm and 9pm to catch the HK dramas. I watched EVERY drama. It seemed like I had no homework at all. Seriously how did I survive LOL? I would even sometimes turn on the laptop so I can train my maple character while watching the dramas. Ok so stupid.

Yes, every one on channel 55. No matter how scary, how mysterious, how happy every drama was. I know a lot of old HK dramas because I seriously watched every single one of them together with my siblings. Only those at 8pm 9pm lah. Then my brother will be occupying the whole long sofa, I’ll be screaming at him, jumping on his legs together with my sister. Then eventually we’ll settle for the lousier seat because he wouldn’t budge ):

But those days were fun. It all stopped when my brother was done with his 2 years of NS (yes, this drama watching started when he was in secondary school), which was when I entered secondary school life and when my sister entered her poly life. We stopped waiting in front of the sofa, we stopped turning on the fans at 7.58pm and we stopped screaming at each other for the sofa. I mean, we don’t even see each other at the dinner table anymore… We settle our own meals, we leave and come home as and when we want to.. oh well. Why did we grow up so soon? I honestly can’t believe I’m already 14 and I’m actually turning 15 this year. When I played Gunbound 8 years ago, I used to tell people I was 6 going 7… and they wouldn’t believe me.

It’s so saddening that all of us have already headed on to another stage in life. It’s no longer like how my childhood was- how we had fun fighting for the TV and running downstairs if we forgot something. I really enjoy my childhood, it’s one of the best gifts that can be ever given to me. And I sincerely thank my parents for that.

And having said that, I shall return back to homework. I’m having problems finding coordinate of point C 😦

Y1 & Y2 Orientation Camp 2011

OKAYYYY so this time I got to be a family head πŸ™‚ And it’s truly a wonderful experience. It’s like from the LCD Camp, I really learnt what to take note of, really learnt what to look out for, the endurance and how I should take everything as it goes. How I should take care of things and how I should try to remember everything that we have been informed.

I really wanna thank my facils from the bottom of my heart- Wanxin & Yiling for 2A, Yuning & Peishan & Chingwei for 2B and Sylvia & Wantian & Keyue for 2C. For the past three days I’ve been like “attendance?” then they will be frantically counting just to make sure they do it in time. My facs were not at all disappointing- I can see that they have tried their best and even though they kena arrow by the teachers on Day 1, I know they have done their best and I’m not too upset over it πŸ™‚ And thanks for Nicole for guiding me throughout all the two camps so far~!!!! :DD I think I’ll be uber failure without her lo, coz she damn experienced. Quite sad that I’m not conducting _____ with her no more. Haha…

Overall very very happy with this camp because honestly I felt that I improved a lot from LCD Camp. Seeing the notes I took and everything. And Fam debrief! Kinda proud of myself :)))

and lastly.. but most importantly


I dunno how many times I repeated this extract of convo to everyone in the camp (esp Fam E LOL) but nevertheless

“Eh you know Friday morning I never bring sleeping bag
Others: Then?
Then I walked up the bus 99 and saw a 2C girl with a sleeping bag (!!!!) *inserts frantic expression here*
Others: Then?
Then I quickly sms my friend to bring sleeping bag for me. LUCKY SHE BRING FOR ME! Or else I need sleep on badminton mat liao.”

Nevermind, I’ll love 3G in time to come, right? πŸ™‚