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FSD 2011


the result of our two to three months of hardwork.

First few rehearsals that made my heart drop down even more.

Went there, practised, panicked, inspected… it all passed by in a flash.
It didn’t even feel like what… 2 to 3 hours had passed?

Then soon we were waiting for our turn with all the other teams. And as time passed, we approached closer and closer to the starting point…


I was trembling like mad, I was afraid, I didn’t want to screw up my reporting in and make the team minus points. And then it all started.

Our performance! ๐Ÿ™‚

And thankfully, I didn’t say any wrong words or anything. However during the performance, I kept hearing and seeing screw ups. I was getting demoralised as the performance went on.

After performance ended, we went back and drank everything. It was all so surreal and that few minutes just passed like that -.- Felt like a second. Seriously. Took some pictures ๐Ÿ˜€

With the team.


Then everything passed by quickly. It was presentation to top 5.
Congrats CGS/YS Girls/RV Guys though. 4 teams from Bravo Team8 during course got into Top5 ๐Ÿ˜€

I heard “3rd place… River Valley High School Girls”

I WAS INSANELY HAPPY AND I JUMPED UP ON MY SEAT (and apparently I’m the only one) HENCE LOOKING LIKE A RETARD. In my mind all it was “We got into finals, Yixin’s dream came true, the guys are gonna get an award higher” I was really happy. It was all I was hoping for.

And furthermore the guys cheered super loudly. I thought that was because it meant that they are gonna get either 2nd or 1st.

Then I realised no girls stood up. And then they started asking me why I stood up. And I was like “NOT GIRLS MEH???” and they were like “RIVER VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL BOYS LA” Because most of the comments were that the guys’ routine were much better than us and all so, I thought we wouldn’t even be in the Top 5.

I will never forget how the memories swarmed over me during the prize presentation ceremony.

I started thinking about all the effort we put in and so, all those moments I was pissed, stressed, tired. And then I just started tearing. I knew this meant that we’re going to be the first batch to CMI again, and everything we have put in will just vanish in thin air. And then so many people will be disappointed again, and all the blame will be put on us, all the juniors have to clean up our mess.

I didn’t even want to continue listening to the prize presentation. When everyone around me was trying to convince me that there were 2 more prizes to go. I just wanted to dig a hole and hide in it ;(

And lastly..

West District Freestyle Exhibition Drill Champions, River Valley High School Girls!

I couldn’t even believe it. I didn’t even expect to get into Top5 and we ended up district first.

I brought home two trophies hehe.

Anyway, I just want to say,

Thanks for everyone who have played a part in helping or making this possible..

MOST IMPORTANTLY, thanks to the team for bearing my repeats (According to my DEAR PLATOONMATES) “Last one, this is the last one, ok again, this is really the last one.”

And having to sacrifice and commit so much. It’s been hard on you guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Qinping/Huimin/Kayvin for your rings..

Thanks everyone who have supported me and encouraged me throughout the process.

This wouldn’t have been possible without you guys…

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, THANK YOU TO JIAWEI JIELING CHENXI JIAWEN for all the help in choreographing!!! I’m sure we’re one of the only batches that did EVERYTHING together. I’m sure this wouldn’t have been possible without you guys, and we will be DEAD without all of you!!!! Thanks for Chenxi‘s epic videos and all her recommendations, Jiawen‘s PMSrejections and spotting out cool stuff, Jieling’s dancing machine, Jiawei‘s “OI FASTER LA 33 DAYS LEFT ONLY” and her spamming writing on all the book of suggestions and stuff hahaha

And Maams and seniors who came back to help, give suggestions!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

And so from now, let’s try to enjoy it?

When Maam Peijia asked if my FSD was stessful or enjoyable. The only word that seriously came into my mind was STRESSFUL. Like what she said, your school has won the 1st time, 2nd time, and naturally you would want to win the 3rd time. And yes, it got my mind all boggled up coz of that, and I was super super super tired each day.

But it’s all worth it now. And I’m glad…. very very glad. And here comes another month of stress ๐Ÿ™‚


CNY 2011

Been one week since I was here hahaha my blog posts are really getting… RARE -.-

Ok so I’ve been busy having fun recently?? ๐Ÿ˜€ But Bali trip was still filled with stress honestly. Everytime I’m free on the bus I keep thinking of weird things and circumstances that may just happen sigh :\ I sure hope they don’t come true.

Bali was crappy. I’m not even gonna elaborate like last time Hong Kong and Korea because it sure wasn’t a very memorable trip -.-

Let’s share a few crappy stuff.


The first 30minutes I arrived in Bali was alr crappy. The toilets were crap seriously. Airport toilet already …. …. standard. Nothing much to say about the rest of the island? ๐Ÿ™‚


The first night dinner wasn’t provided (apparently supposed to eat on the plane but I’m not a fan of plane food so we had dinner by ourselves). So we settled for the best place which apparently looks like this.

Ignore the people in the picture haha.

Then at the end the guy asked for like 264 000 ($39.60) for like 8 ppl?!?!?! Then my father gave 300 000, asked that guy to keep the change but we realised we calculated wrongly so we demanded the change back. (oops) Then we calculate here calculate there also think that IMPOSSIBLE for the price to hit 264 000. Requested for a receipt then we saw the rest of the accounts all the prices for the previous few ppl ALL BELOW 30 000, only ours 264 000. We didn’t even eat that much! Then we were charged like 10 000 ($1.50) each for ONE small piece of chicken. WTH. EVEN MORE EX THAN KFC. And it’s not even VERY nice zzz

Spoil mood again, somemore food not even nice. Not like HK wth those streetshops are so damn delicious. Zzz.


Sis bought this CRAPPISH WOODEN bag which was bargained to 30 000. (about $4.50) Then my sister accidentally gave the woman 300 000 (about $45) (WHICH WE REALISED ONLY THE NEXT DAY) then the woman pretend that she didn’t know and just kept the money. Wth its a loss of like $40.50?!? Like seriously. I mean it was our fault that we didn’t check the cash properly but if it was in Singapore I bet nothing of the sort will happen. THAT WOMAN STILL PRETEND TO BE SO NICE AND STUFF GOSH. Totally spoil my impression of the ppl there. Just because of money so bloody damn unscrupulous.

SO WHAT IF WE’RE TOURISTS? Does that give you the right to freaking take advantage of our DUMBNESS in checking our money?

My sis was like “Lesson learnt la lesson learnt la.” and I was like GOT WHAT LESSON TO LEARN? I’LL NEVER GO BACK TO BALI AGAIN.


Last day the temple was lined with monkeys kinda thing. You’re there not to see the temple and whatever, you’re actually there to see monkeys.


Yeah. These monkeys. But our tour guide told us one special thing. These monkeys are EXTREMELY playful. They snatch spectacles, wallets, earrings, anything they can find on you.

And then they can run away in 1 to 2 seconds. So one moment your specs are gone and the next moment the monkey is gone. IT happens damn fast. SUPER damn fast. Not kidding.

And to get your items back (specs have a tendency to be broken under the monkey’s clutches- or thrown into the sea, bitten, because they are hungry), you have to pay this man 100 000 (which is $15) to get back your items. And the person will give the monkeys food, then he will throw the items back and run away with the food.

So here is a recall of events: My mother’s pouch snatched, brother’s specs snatched, cousin’s son’s specs bitten, aunt’s shoe pearl also bitten and gone. Wow pearl also want, pathetic like hell. All of them had to pay to get them back. Except my cousin’s son, coz his specs was badly bent by the time he got it back. Couldn’t be worn anymore. He made a large din. Nevermind that’s not the point. $300 gone like that by a stupid monkey.

So these monkeys are trained to get FOOD by snatching tourists’ items and I think that’s very shitty of those ppl to train them like that. They earn from tourists seriously.

I seriously can’t stand how much Bali is like a holiday destination. Everything is overpriced but of crappy quality. I mean I wouldn’t mind spending more on Korea goods or something because they are of QUALITY. But seriously, Bali?


All the shopping is just souvenirs, cheat tourists money again lor in other words. Stupid, damn annoying like to the max -.-

Here are cool pictures though.

Sea turtle ๐Ÿ˜€ Damn big right.


The signboard

Waiting for the flying fish (which I think we wasted USD35 on -.- wasn’t as thrilling as it looked)

Our lunch area.

Some place… hahaha I forgot alr. A lot of red ants on the ground :\

My awesome relatives ๐Ÿ˜€

The sea was just behind us, no barricade at all. Damn scary. Lose your step and you’re gone bye and there’s no way you can come up.

Nice scenery right.

With brother with the sky~

Restaurant for dinner

Group picture at where we had lunch the next day ๐Ÿ˜›

Holy water behind us.

With relatives in a sarong hahaha (must wear sarong into temples- short shorts NOT allowed)

Tour picture.

Me and brother opposite sides on the ‘stairway to heaven’

Act dua hehehe

Emo-ing facing the sea after spa.

Some sally yogurt thing. Quite delicious =P

Where we had our last lunch. Aglio Olio was quite delicious =D

Monkeys area thats why not wearing spects.

Last scenic area: by then my feet were crying and scraeming.

Pretending to be the tortoise? ๐Ÿ˜€

The supposedly ‘taller than Statue of Liberty’ statue that will not be completed anytime soon due to lack of funds hee hee.

Cool right~! My relatives ๐Ÿ˜›

The colourful umbrellas they gave us to return back to the bus coz it was raining.

The scenery there can be nice, coz it’s like an island. Just forget the crappy experiences -.- You guys have no idea HOW MUCH I missed Singapore gosh. Singapore I LOVE YOU MAN.

BUT! I enjoyed ๆ‹œๅนด at cousin’s house (immediately after the trip), as well as dinner with my family yesterday night. But no pictures because I look really crappy ha ha. The same and yeah everything. And I did realise I have many new year clothes =P I got 7bei for the 2nd time in my life~! HEeee~ And my CNY was so tiring I slept like hell on Monday coz I didn’t have enough rest throughout CNY :\

AND OH, school is here again zzz But CNY at Bali seriously didn’t rock. I miss Hong Kong so much. I think we’re going there again next year ๐Ÿ˜€ Yay. Will probably never get sick of that place (and food and HUNKS hahaha) and esp now when Raymond Lam has a special significance HAHAHA~



In 12 hours I’ll be completely cut off from the world for 4 days. Honestly, yay.

I don’t think I’ll miss this place a lot though, it’s been giving me a lot of stress lately.

But I hope to cope with it, get it all over and done with.

I love my family and relatives and I sincerely hope this trip will be a great bonding time once again ๐Ÿ™‚ Afterall it happens only once a year. Although I think I will prefer Hong Kong… ๐Ÿ˜› last year was awesome + the missing of 2 school days (which led to my shit GPA)

Nevertheless… I miss that place! (Raymond Lam hahaha now got more significance) kkk no link.

Happy CNY to everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€ And I hope everything will go well for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Oh man it’s 1.13am now and I don’t feel like sleeping. Oh well. I’m too excited I think. No use also ๐Ÿ˜€