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General Elections 2011

“What you want to see is the performance on the job, not the speeches they make. The reason why I’m here since 1959 is because I not only speak, I do. I carry out what I say. At the end of the day, you want to decide, can this person deliver? Never mind all the gloss, the panache with which they present themself. Can they deliver?”
– MM Lee Kuan Yew
No wonder they say he’s such a powerful speaker. :O
It does sways opinions a little, doesn’t it?

Sports Carnival + Stalking of HK Stars!

Sports Carnival 2011

Today was Sports Carnival! πŸ˜€

In the morning was pretty much disorganised- didn’t know where to go etc. But it went pretty well after they called all the people for their games and the relay run started! πŸ˜›

While waiting we just sat at the steps there and took picture ._. Nothing else to do what!

The various tents set up by the school for the events. Quite cool!! πŸ˜€

Didn’t participate in anything this year because my class is way too zai- I’m like the worst runner/worst player among them lmao!

3G people playing Frisbee :D:D

The players/runners!

A group picture amidst nowhere! But a pity couldn’t capture everyone because some of them rushed off to get milo from milo van liao. LOL.

And anw Jolyn good job! The whole team is crazily fast lol omggg ): literally blazing the trail.

Runners πŸ˜€ Super unglam. Hai, painful memories from last year…

Next few rounds of Frisbee~

Went watch water soccer and oops threw Jia Wen in. Milo van and pocari sweat ftw hahaha reminds me of persuasive speech- maybe they could have sent our persuasive speeches in! πŸ˜€

And most of the time my camera was held with different people (i.e. not with me) This time was probably with Szemin, and Szemin what on Earth were you doing with my camera?? LMAO. Good shot nevertheless! πŸ˜›

At water soccer…

My school’s better than yours! πŸ˜€ Haha jk. But it is seriously damn cool man.

Took group picture because we couldn’t find out how to play- either that or we couldn’t play.


Hahaha. I’m in yellow house duh!!! Never won a sports day/carnival my whole life, I’ve been winning awards for cheers all along (primary school, last year). Lmao.

But this year.. WOW πŸ˜€ Awesome sports class. Even though our level kinda pulled down the scores (lol my class lose frisbee :X) but the other levels first first first! And our relay run got a few firsts :)))

Great job YELLOW HOUSE~~


Ended day with mass dance/massive jumping and then rushed home! (to prepare and find out details for tonight :P)

Stalking of HK Stars!

Anyway I went home to sleep (and woke up at 5pm panicking!!!)

Sister was home and then we faster change rush down to Farrer Park MRT – City Square Mall to catch the HK Stars hahaha πŸ˜€

Bosco Ron Moses Kevin. Originally was there to see Bosco and Bosco only!!!! But then suddenly Ron.. Kevin. OMG. AHHH. Was excited all the way from morning because I can’t believe I’ll be seeing them.

So the thing was to start at 8pm, was there at 6.30pm. Then we just stood, stood for 1.5hours.

How the stage looks from behind. πŸ˜€ Pretty right!
And then they arrived! DAMN PUNCTUALLY. At 7.55pm. EARLIER SOMEMORE. The Kpop stars are always late, either that or they never attend. Awesome. I like nice stars.

That’s only Bosco bcoz me and my sister were standing at the right and blocked by the host most of the time -_-


Toldya the host was blocking me!!! ._. But I can see with my tilting of heads and whatever, but my camera couldn’t really capture hee.

But errr honestly I was kinda disappointed when Bosco appeared bcoz he looked older than his shows (must have been watching too much ε†²δΈŠδΊ‘ιœ„- that was his 8 years ago D:) and he never shave his moustache omg. Disturbing facial hair.

BUT RON LOOKS DAMN.YOUNG. Totally doesn’t look like he’s around 30, just like 23 24. Ah, why my brother don’t look like him :(((

Then there’s some interaction w fans for a while and Moses & Ron were super lame. Moses keep saying he wna give a “WET KISS”… and Bosco was like “Moses WET KISS, ζˆ‘ε°± DRY KISS le” HAHAHA~

Those lucky people. Hai, I guess I’m one of the unlucky people who didn’t get to answer it lo~

And Ron keep saying lame things- what there’s this small guy whose probably 8 to 9 years old, and then he was picked to take a pict – he looked super unwilling LOL. WTH choose me lah lmao!!! Then he gott the ticket to get a ζ‹₯抱 from Bosco. Wah jealous max~

And Bosco was like saying there are different types of hugs- η†ŠζŠ±οΌŒδ»ŽεŽι’ζŠ±… asking the small guy what he want

…then Ron say, also got 抱衷ζ₯ HAHAHA~ Omg I wanna be a guy too!!

Then those 5 lucky ppl who answered the questions got to take pictures with them, after which was their autograph session already.

They signed for like 1.5hours?!?!? For the whole queue, like damn damn damn damn long queue. Damn (Y) leh, not like Kpop stars sign like 100 for 30mins then gone already -_- Okkkk I gotta stop comparing HAHAHAHA.

Was still blocked most of the time. By that lady in black and security -_-

The best shots I could manage =P

The rarest shots whereby I could get all 4 of them into the picture.

Done with the autograph session after an hour plus!!! Damn weida leh.

Saying bye πŸ˜€

Then they left via my side- took a damn nice video wheee and I tried to chase but thennn too slow so the van left alr ah.

17894 VID
NICE RIGHT, WALKING DOWN THE EXIT. I start and stop at the appropriate time somemore, LMAO! Unlike last time πŸ˜€ AND CAPTURE ALL OF THEM SUPER CLEARLY WHEEE //HAPPY

After every one left, me and sister stayed behind with her friends to take picture with the stage.

With her friends!!! Who were also tempted to go to the concert HAHAHA.

SO TEMPTED TO GO CONCERT BUT NAH. SAVE MONEY AND Studyyyy for next week(!!!!) at most if I finish homework by tmr I shall let myself go and send them at airport!

Will put up pictures for both events tomorrow! Whee it’s been a great day πŸ™‚ But sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to stalk stars alr.. getting busier haiz. Today go stalk them also need to bring my books along and read them while standing. SAD LIVESZ~!!!

and I’m sorry Ling Sheng for not attending the dance showcase!!! I’ll watch it somehow! πŸ˜€ And don’t be sad, because Bosco is not as good looking as in the TV. But Ron is OMGGG HEAVENLY :DDDDD

There’s no way I can escape


Sorry for the blur image..

Running a slight fever- but my headache’s already crazy. Everytime I stand and sit down it seems like my head is getting pulled by something. Please, don’t get worse 😦
But I gotta pull on. There’s way too many lessons that I cannot miss tomorrow, and most importantly there’s Chinese zuowen 😦
Jiayouuu hopefully the panadol will help me. Hai, I don’t know why I always fall sick after EVERY school camp. Orientation the past two times, 2nd to 4th as well. However, the only camp that I won’t end up falling sick is March Camp.
How ironical. Maybe it’s because it falls on the March Holidays, so I just get home and sleep throughout.
Haven’t had enough rest in a long time, please don’t let my fever get too horrible tomorrow. I wanna survive tomorrow ): I need to. Please let tomorrow be blessed, fever you can come attack me over the weekends. I don’t want another period of long sickness- just like FSD period. It was crazy and I never ever wanna try again ):

The role of a class chairperson

Today got caught for eating in class- by a teacher I saw for the first time- Ms Ling I think???

But that’s not the point, and it isn’t her fault because I WAS eating in class trying to stuff about 1/4 of a bread into my mouth 5mins before the end of lunch (hungry hungry)
And then she started to yadayada me about BEING the chairperson and eating food in class.. …. what’s my name, teacher etc.
So I was thinking.
For the past 4 months being a CP, I’ve been caught countless times (okay I guess twice) for flouting some classroom rules… or probably not doing something a CP should be doing.
But isn’t it tiring to be a good girl? It ain’t fun anymore. I was some naughty little crap in primary school, but I truly enjoyed those days πŸ˜€ I will never turn back if given a chance- coz I really had fun.
I don’t want it to turn out a case whereby I’m always having to
“Eh stop using your HP plz”
(which is what I’m doing now- which is TOTALLY FAKE. As if I don’t use my phone in class. Even if I do not do so anymore in Year2/Year3 – I did so in Year1!)
“Eh stop eating in class”
(which until now I’m still doing, sadly I guess? if they extended the recess/lunch times I probably wouldn’t be so sad case)
For sure, they may say being a class chairperson means having to take on the role of a role model and be some extremely good girl so that people will listen to you (eg. if you eat in class and ask your peers not to- will they listen?! duhh no.)
But I’m not being me.
As if Huiping nvr use handphone in class before.
As if Huiping nvr eat in class before.
As if Huiping’s name nvr enter the management diary before.
I hate how people use handphone, and when they catch my eye, they immediately keep it. I wanna be seen a classmate and not someone who’s like “omfg better don’t let her see me using phone” like some scarecrow :\ And I’m not “brave” enough to write names into the management diary. IDK, whenever I write an entry.. I’ll keep looking at it.. looking at it.
Even though I look pretty much heartless entering names into the management diary, I know how it sucks to get even ONE entry. Seriously it’s screwed. It’s like getting some criminal record.
I want to be that girl who sleeps in class occasionally. And perhaps flout some rules and get into trouble with the chairperson/teacher. I don’t want to be one who gets the class into trouble all the time for setting a bad example, having the teachers get the blame especially ι™ˆθ€εΈˆ.
ι™ˆθ€εΈˆ is damn nice in my opinion, for he has helped me attained marks in Chinese I have never attained before LOL. That’s not the point, he’s too damn nice and I think I’m not doing a good enough job for him :\
I don’t mind planning class chalets, or outings. Or maybe setting up some duty roster? Or maybe.. occasionally helping the class to sweep the floor. Or… sending out reminders via SMS every night.
But I’m tired of having to be that perfect role model. That good example, and that annoying little brat that everyone hates for entering names into the management diary.
Just a few days ago, we had to submit some rubrics thing for some chairperson thing. And I swear, I don’t even feel good writing in the boxes.
Sigh, I hope I can finish one whole year of CP term. IF I can last till then. If one day I just give up….. will I be much happier?

Flame of the Forest

Flame of the Forest flowers! (also Yellow Flame right?) Haha. This picture’s taken from my block πŸ˜›
It’s been a year again, the last time I saw them bloom and fluttering all its flowers onto the grass (Then it’s damn yellow and pretty omg :()
Last time Michelle (my tutor- yes I call her by her name oops) brought me downstairs to collect leaves and flowers for the Young Scientist Card thingy- should be Botanist. She explained every single tree to me, then the pongpong, poisonous or not poisonous, the flowers, the fruits all that. She majors in Biology I think, she probably finds plants particularly interesting. But that was rich knowledge for me definitely =P
Unfortunately, I’m no longer taking Biology. I hope I won’t regret this path I’ve taken because I probably have to stick with this all the way already! :\ And I do miss her! She taught me since P1, she was 19 then. All the way till I was P6. She was already 25 26 by then. She taught me algebra, techniques, ways to ace a comprehension. I did pretty well in primary school. Most probably thanks to her? My P1 grades were kinda sucky at first, but with tuition it miraculously shot up like crazy, and I got like Band 1s straight. I got 26/50 for my first Primary 1 English test. Cried like crazy and mother scolded like crazy (hated her to the core then, of course not anymore :P). Then she got me a tuition teacher -_- But seriously until now I’m still bewildered at how I attained such scores LOL.
Now I’m living well without tuition I guess. I can’t imagine how I would be with tuition. Amidst all my busy schedules and rubbish I’ve to attend, I can’t imagine if I’ve got another few hours of tuition every week. I think I can just explode. I admire those who can survive tuition up till now lol.
Wanted to post this up yesterday but sister got me out of my house immediately to eat Ajisen for dinner so… πŸ˜›
Clementi Mall’s library is open anyway! Since two days ago. Even though it’s small but it’s still a library at least! Ah I love Clementi πŸ˜€ I borrowed two books. The whole shelf is like completely new, no books are dog-eared or anything. But I guess that would change in probably a month time.. When books from other libraries will be returned to Clementi and all the pretty books will be borrowed away already 😦
…..and the cool thing is I borrowed two chinese books! HAHAHA! OH well.

I need to do everything I can to improve my Chinese already. Must force myself to read the books, perhaps I’ll find them interesting. EL Fiction at the libraries is not really my type- mostly about relationships and all that. Difficult to find good books because most of them are already borrowed away. Kinda gets boring- every book has the same storyline. Time to opt for some Chinese books πŸ˜›

And many of CPS’s art works and compositions are published in Clementi library! And you can totally see CPS from the library too. In 2007 when I was P5, they used to bring us to Queenstown (Wednesday 11am if I remember correctly) every alternate week to borrow/return books. Now, they can just walk to the Clementi library… -_- But now that means that it’s a bigger excuse for the TEACHERS to get the students to read! πŸ˜€
Nevertheless, I’m really proud of my primary school, and will always be! πŸ™‚

Y3 LCD Camp ’11

Didn’t have fun the first day coz the sense of dread and SIANNESS was still in me.

Nevertheless I did open up slowly as the camp progressed!! πŸ˜€
I really love the time we spent together as class, even though I may not mean it in my words (I guess I’m just better at writing to express my thoughts and feelings). I hope you all have enjoyed this as much as I did.
Honestly, I did not expect myself to miss this camp so much, because I was really damn sian at the start. But I really miss camp now!
And I’m not sure if I regret asking my parents not to write for me LOL. It’s like during that emotional moment I was probably the only one among the people around me who didn’t have a letter. And while everyone was bawling their eyes out at the contents of the letter, I was like :\… how am I supposed to feel when I stopped them from writing for me? Then I also found out that this is probably the only chance I can find out how my parents feel about me hai. Like maybe I’m stubborn or whatever??? It’s still touching to read what!
But ahhh I know their luv wouldn’t need to be expressed through words πŸ˜‰ But I think this part was a success because many people definitely changed their view of their parents!! Seeing them run and hug their parents after that, linking arms and slowly walking out of the dance studio. Omg, it’s damnnnnn touching =( And many guys showed their weak side too. I think some of them look damn cute crying hahaha!!!
Oh wellz, all’s over. And I’m glad I had gone for this camp, from the original attendance of 0/35! hehehe. πŸ™‚
Enjoyed this meaningful experience and 3Gonometry ’11 will always be together!!
Some class photos! :D:D
I’m gonna give up right now. Bcoz I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore, right? I’ve kept it inside me for so long. Perhaps I was wrong to think that all along, you were someone I could rely on when I fell, someone I could find comfort in. Someone who could cheer me up when I’m feeling down. I thought I never expected too much. But I guess what I expected is what I’m experiencing right now. And I’m taking the blame for everything instead.
I guess changing myself to become another person is way too fake and absurd. I’ve promised myself before that I will never do that. I wouldn’t care any longer. I’ve never blamed you for anything, but I can’t tolerate it any longer. I’ve tried my best for everything and you don’t even give a shit. And when the blame comes, you don’t even trust me a single bit. Trust is the main foundation of everything. You didn’t believe a single word of mine. Why are you getting so uptight when it’s not even related to you? It’s at least 15 times more. But you don’t even care about that 15.
I feel like crying again 😦 I haven’t cried over this for so long. I thought I was the happiest person on Earth with all my family and friends around me. I gained so much, learnt so much from my existence in the world. Tears not just because of the touching scene I recall right now. But also a realisation I made after being a fool for so long. It will never happen. Again.
Thank you so much, anyway. Why is there no one I can talk to at this moment?

Must get rid of weight

Thanks for telling me I’m became fatter and repeating 100 times D: NOOOOOO I’M NOT SARCASTIC EVEN THOUGH YOU KINDA SUCK FOR DNG THAT HEEEEE

Because from now on I’m gonna run 5km twice a week.


GOGOGO HUIPING~~ The jogging track/canal shall be your new home again. (orienteering days booya!)

Ok no wonder I was so skinny during that period. I ran…everyday. Ooooh, I can improve my 2.4km timing too! πŸ˜€

//actually it was coz I was backtracking my old posts and once again I was like. WTH, I WAS ONCE SO SKINNY?!?!?
And it was just last year. To think I already thought I was fat enough during then :O Ok must lose weight 1000000%
And I shall stop eating loads and loads of ice-cream durians yogurt etc etc HAHAHA SHIT LA MY HOUSE TOO FATTENING -.- or maybe I should clear the supply first NO LA HAHAHAHA from today onwards!!!!!!!
And I shall stop eating lunch in school. Time to sleep in class ^_^
AND NO EATING BEYOND 7PM (even though I reach home for dinner after this time -_-). NO SUPPER THX