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我的快乐 会回来的





Ah I just got addicted to a new drama 😛

Sat down on my chair since 1pm, ate lunch at my computer, watch all the way till 1am hahaha with a few breaks in between of course to bathe and stuff.

One episode lengths about 90minutes, and I’ve watched 7 episodes just for today LOL almost 1/3 through the show omg. 630 minutes – 10.5 hours? LOL. It’s too addictive to stop lmao.

It’s so touching and sad yet funny at the same time! Keep laughing and crying hahaha finally a meaningful show 😀 Dream High was kinda boring for me because the plot didn’t really make sense- and I watch dramas to fall in love with the cast, not watch the cast to fall in love with the drama…? 😛 RUAN JING TIAN IS SO CUTE HEH HAHAHAHA OMG. My sister said he’s ugly and when I watched the show I was like NOOOOOOO HE’S SO HOT LOL.

Ok I think not many people get what I’m talking but anyway even though I’m 3 years late in saying this…

FATED TO LOVE YOU is damn nice ahhhh thanks Weiling for the recommendation 3 years ago, but I’m so sorry I watched it this late haha!

And the OST super nice 😛


I don’t like

Failure to upload pictures so the post below is still a draft waiting to be updated -_- Hopefully Photobucket works by tomorrow, or not my uploader works.

Anyway I’m looking through Tumblr now, and I’m thinking..

…have I changed? drastically? I wonder how I’m like last time.

But one thing for sure, that hasn’t changed. But it doesn’t matter at all now because no one cares 😦 To think I pinned my hopes so high, all that sacrifices for nothing. Thanks so much.

I feel like a toy. A miserable one.

Seoul Garden

Ok I just woke up! Didn’t eat dinner today coz too full from lunch (a.k.a breakfast too? LOL) Ok my stomach is kinda flat now HEARTS hahahaha

So I was back in school today- really really pissed, BCEAUSE I freaking went through the 1hour travel time to school and then they tell me the progress report slips were not ready today -.- Seriously super irresponsible, make me wait for 30mins and tell me they are not ready. Wah was super angry. Kept cursing the school coz I was so damn pissed and I was late -_-

Nevermind ate a lot of Seoul Garden to pay back for the pissedness hmph~!

Told them to feast before I came haha.

The camera woman’s big sacrifice

The pot they were munching from. I still remember the mushroom in the dried soup. Very nice leh 😀

The ice-cream I created!

One mushroom that went into Jiawen’s…

this? HAhahaha. We kept adding the pepsi float, then weird stuff, Chenxi’s ice cream, mushrooms (?!) into her ice kachang-like thing and she decided it was INEDIBLE hahaha. Omg so sorry HEARTS go create a new one la HAHAHA

Chenchen’s raw egg

Jiawen help us take. Lmao my long skirt 😦 I made all of them wear school-based tee just because I just came back from school hahaha

MY awesome float! Pepsi + Alot alot of vanilla ice cream 😀

Half-boiled egg lmao the soy sauce nvr came 😦

The pigs feasting..

Total of what we ordered hahha so awesome. Got more but I never take the 2nd page, I believe Jiawen took it or something 😛

Bill was $85.85, by the time we paid we were probably exploding haha.

Ok after that we headed to my house playground (?!) to play then went up. Then did my NCC notes, everything’s done except for the manual now hai. And FSD. Thinking about it makes me stressed again- they’re putting stress on us again 😦 I swear I won’t do that to the next i/c, if the i/c not as strong as me (heh :D) I think they will just cry burst and explode. Argh anyway jiayou and survive the annoying part of everything~ Treated you guys le so don’t pig anymore LOL. Almost died laughing today, when Jiawei played some weird song and started singing along to it (?!) LOL.

Was playing the song ‘Fiction’ and talking about it then Chenxi wrote it in her notebook HAHAHA!!!

The beautiful mess with some sleeping beauties 😛

And oh well, at least I managed to copy finish all the notes that they gave us at HQ!

Spec Course Phase 2 is truly coming up soon I feel the stress pulling me there again 😦

Before I fetch them to MRT, I did 50 situps, almost died. Gosh, what happened to my stamina, AND THE DOING OF 100 SITUPS?!?!?! gonna train again 😦 And I need to do some running very soon -_-

//will upload the unuploaded pictures tomorrow hahaha 😉


I think it’s disgusting to fake a smile to her,

so I’ll just give a cruel smile to her. 🙂
Nope, I’m not jealous.

Because you disgust me more and more -.- why have you changed so drastically? It’s so horrible it gets sad. Because I just lost a friend like that.

What’s wrong with the values you have? Stop thinking you’re right all the time.

Experience @ HQ

Yesterday was fun heee.

Not praising Weihan but seriously Jiawei & I almost died. Luckily we survived the day so oh well hearts HAHAHA The other schools ppl were very nice so that made it a lot easier 😀

After that we went to AMK and then we ate Mos (chicken teriyaki ftw) and queue for Koi!!! HEARTS JIAWEI FOR YOUR $2 🙂 HAHAHAHAHA when do you all want your treat. WAIT OMG I JUST REALISED I DREAMT OF IT THIS MORNING. WENT SOUL GARDEN AT 2.59PM I THINK AND THE BUFFET WAS OVER SOOOO WE LEFT AFTER EATING A FEW FISHCAKES… AND STUFF. OMG I ACTUALLY DREAMT OF IT?!?!?!?! ok //which means i treated ya’ll alr jkjkjk hahahaha

Hahaha then walked around the mall aimlessly looking for something to do- which eventually turned out to nothing? 😛 Then we just sat and then there’s this group of NSmen who came to us (1 out of the 4 guys are cute :P) and asked us to film some video for the NDP 2011 thing HAHAHA. Initially super reluctant but since there’s a cute guy, OK I SHALL ENTERTAIN YOU HAHAHA then we pushed everything to Jieling luvs hahahaha

“The singaporean spirit is the close bond between each and every Singaporean”

Then after a while some guard came to chase us away and then he asked us to sit behind which was the shopping mall entrance. BLOODY RIDICULOUS 😦 BLUFF US ONE. Then since we were finishing our drink alrdy.. Just walk around a while then go home le.

Haven’t had such fun of dinners in a very very long time, heeeee and after yesterday @ HQ I think I’m actually liking FSD more and more. Mainly because…. I guess we don’t have to feel stressed anymore. And there’s no risk of feeling sad too.

And my mother just viewed my report card and she viewed ‘keep up the good work’ and ask me to 加倍努力 AHHHHHHHH TRANSLATION FAIL :((((( but at least I could twist the remarks for her hahaha

AND SHE SAY MY CID LA CHINESE VERY LAN, doesn’t seem to rise. omg dont curse me leh 😦

Mdm Ong has left

Ok once again I haven’t blogged in a long time because I have been busy this week T_T but I guess I have some spare time on my hands once again 😛

On Monday there was footdrill mutual after school! Damn pekchek people keep cutting my platoon when I obviously said EH DONT CUT zzz the guy just look at me and stare away. EH DAMN YOU stupid ass. Ok that’s not the point.

Then after footdrill mutual I dragged Chenxi along and met Edina, where we met Wantian & Lijun and went to stalk 2PM!! Haha. Coz Edina didn’t manage to see them the day before then she damn sad, so we decided to go stalk them @ Clarke Quay! Then they really came :O And there was a white limo. All along we thought they were inside but nah.

After that we tried to chase their bus but it was too fast. And they take some orbiang bus -.- and all the workers open the umbrellas to block our view.. stupid -.- Didn’t manage to see all of them coz they block like crazy, only managed to see their back views. Oh well, I’ve seen them before anyway hahaha don’t really care 😀

After that was contemplating whether to wait for them to finish eating- then they came out again! In less than 15minutes or something -.- wonder they go in for what, thought they having dinner. Then me and CX took the train home hahaha. Almost couldn’t find our way back.

Tuesday was fun~ 😀 Dismiss at 2.30pm coz no CCA, damn shuang max. Then I met Jiawei & Chenxi and we went Subway to eat (they eat only actually) and buy their stuff for Mdm Ong. Haha~ then I did my pretty cards 😀 Went home to sew rank coz next day got Refresher Course.

It’s really shuang to sew your own rank even though I took a long 3 hours for that 2 pieces of cloth anddd poked myself like crazy. Omg a few hours after sewing my finger still felt like it was being poked by infinite number of needles -_- And until now my finger still a bit pain coz I really keep poking myself and the needle damn hard to pull!

Then I finished all my homework at 10.45pm and decided to do some cards for my platoonmates heee 😀 In advance for Spec Course I guess =)


Oh well good luck to everyone going Spec Course be it Phase 2 or Phase 3 coz RVNCC’s gonna own your ass off 😀

Wednesday was Refresher course-.- Damn it we fall in at 7.15am then those taking prac test had to leave immediately and take the afternoon slot -_- All that preparation in the morning for nothing hai! Anyway the people we met at the course were mostly Phase 2 and they’re all damn nice 😀 Wheee~ They all damn friendly and we were talking alrdy hahaha~ I honestly can’t wait for Spec Course but I can also wait for it to come because I’ve barely done any preparation!!!

GG MAX CAN! All the best for my trainfire 😀 And zzz Kenny bit the firing pin wts I still can’t forget that dumb scene. And I was totally “Omg where are all the zai ncc guys why all go Fujian” and Jiawen saw her power ranger!!! //annoyed 😦 Nevermind Phase2 😀

Anyway they gave us some tea break and we rushed back to school for Eat-With-Your-Class-Day heee didn’t bring camera, but anyway when I reached there all the food was depleted. But there was some pudding left! Think I ate caramel pudding. Damn shuang. I’m perspiring like crazy and then it’s cold and soft and hhhh :DDD even though no pizza also nvm 😛

And today nothing much happened, just Mdm Ong’s last day? Passed her the card and then she flipped at seeing her own photo at it hahahaha 😀 “WHO DID THIS?!?!?!!?” and her face turn uber red omg. It’s super funny and the whole class was laughing like crazy. Never see before seriously!!! Hahaha. I’ll miss her like mad 😦 But I think when the new teacher comes in to teach I’ll miss her even more… so can’t write now!

Flunked History but oh well. Shall write about this more during the weekends, rushing to nap HAHAHA seeya ~ Now I’m thinking… one test leads me thinking. Was taking History the right choice in the place?? I’ve been getting A all the way for ALL my assignments but when a C hits me.. I start to really reflect :((( Hai why am I so easily affected by results. Anyway my grades totally remain the same. GPA 3.6 anyway :\ quite upset that some of my marks fell but nevermind, I guess I’m helpless. Shall be satisfied.

Gonna send blog invitations now 🙂 platoon only at the moment hahaha 😀 And maybe I’ll slowly expand out to my level mates. Coz I don’t want this to be totally a private blog, I already have one TO COMPLAIN ABT PPL~~ 😀

Many events

Ok my weekends (plus Friday) has been crazily busy so I have to blog to finish it all off!!

But before I start, this is my 800th post and also the day when my blog goes private heee later I’ll invite some people or else no motivation to blog LOL 😦 Keep procrastinating my posts. Ok it’s been a long time since I blogged so there are seriously MANY MANY events to talk about (and a lot pictures heh)
Ok so start off with Friday!!! We had Promotion Parade hahaha.
So before CCA someone actually told me “eh you all having some grand ceremony today is it…? oh… are you not supposed to know??” HAHAHA so cute zomg. So I knew 😀
Ok so indeed. HAHAHA. The CCA started off normally, and because we can’t sit on the floor after that we were brought to the canteen tables to sit! 😀 And then talk awhile.. then time to fall in. We were warned that the parade will be kinda long.
..and it really is HAHAHA
Wah the marching.. some people. The guys, gosh, march super slow. And then wearing the heels, my legs want to break LOL seriously. So high for what T_T
So Jieling is the Best Cadet this year! Congrats! Yay our platoon no repeats ^^ Great job to all!
After the long ceremony….
This picture looks like a pretty semi circle hahaha! 🙂
Another platoon picture 😀 I realised we have many pictures which is awesome duh 😛
Charlie company picture!
Whole company 😀
Before everything started when we were “out there” 😀
And with this, we are Corporals le!!! :O I can’t believe it. And somemore in 2 weeks time we gonna change rank again 😦 OK HOPEFULLY, I scared I OOC 😦 It sounds freaking easy to OOC. I haven’t even sew my rank on my No.4. Hai. 3 years of NCC boil down to this. How come time pass so fast?! 😦 I don’t even feel the specialist life coming AT ALL T_T But nevertheless thanks to everyone who showed me support…
…tmr got Footdrill Mutual Test must do my best T_T
Ended off and went to eat Subway for dinner hahaha 🙂 First time trying Roasted Chicken Breast, turned out okay. Shall start eating Subway on Monday 😛
Also Friday was probably one of Yangxi’s last days with the whole class (next week a lot of ppl going on OELP) so we had a farewell for him. Vivian bought a cake for him w class fund and then we gathered around… 😀 To sing 朋友 for him then cut cake. At first I didn’t really feel anything because it was only half a year and then I don’t really have a lot of feelings with him. Somemore he must be damn annoyed and shitted up by me coz I record him using HP before lol. But oh well… I can’t believe he’s gonna go just like that? 😦 I mean afterall, he’s a part of 3G. We met, we exchanged and then that person will suddenly not be a part of your life anymore. It’s so… ugh, unexplainable?? IDK lah 😦 It’s just sad!
Cake pictures with Sarah will upload another day!
The first full class picture we have (!!!!!) yay so nice 🙂 All 35!
Ok I don’t have much pictures because all in Sarah’s camera hahaha, and the cutting cake all that. Omg I’ll probably miss this for life or something 😦
Then Saturday we had class outing to celebrate for him, but apparently he wasn’t coming?!?! Or coming after his dinner. Wah Jia Wen cheat our feelings until crazy, meet at 6pm in the end all of them reach MRT only at 7pm, then wasted a lot of time, couldn’t go Barrage 😦
Poor souls wait super long
And then the scholars had to return to hostel by 10pm, so in the end we went to Marina Bay Sands (walk there la).
Then we walk damn far -.- damn sian.. just walk walk to the food court. In the mall la.
SUDDENLY. One whole bunch of security guards (LIKE PROBABLY 30 OR SOMETHING??) just walk pass us. Then I was thinking, “Hmm is it a star? No la I dun think so, coz no fans at all. Probably a minister since all aunties behind.”
Then I just walked pass liddat.
And then Jia Xuan caught up from behind and he was like “WTF DID YOU SEE THAT?! DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!?! IT’S RAIN LEH!!!!” The Jia Xuan tone zomg
Then me and Edina were like HUH ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Then Jiawen join in. And then we chased, all the way. Sprint all the way to the back where we just passed by -_- then the security was like “Excuse me Miss” then I ran all the way to the other side. And I missed him by a few metres!!! ARGH DIDN’T get to see him. Cathy said he wear western suit, shades and some V-neck shirt. DAMN. EVERYONE SAW EXCEPT ME EDINA AND JIAWEN, THE ONLY 3 WHO ACTUALLY WANNA SEE.
And everyone thought we saw so they’re like “Omg I thought you saw eh, YOU DIDNT?!?!?!” ._. and he’s short in comparison to the 30 guards or something?!?!?! Damn kua zhang he one person walk through this ulu mall need 30 guards. If he walked with one guard or something probably no one would actually realise -_- ARGH I CAN’T BELIEVE I SO HENG, YET SO SUAY. zzzzz. I just walked pass him liddat?!?!?! WTS?! And I didn’t see him upclose 😦 so sad. Was so near yet so far -.- Zzzzzz argh still very annoyed.
But couldn’t stalk so just went on with our class outing. Then just ate at food court, walked out and sat down somewhere and talk ._. Kinda a fail class outing but oh well, I like to go out at night so nothing else matters 😀
The view sucks w my camera coz my camera don’t really have night scene LOL 😦 Damn slow and blur.
Makan 😀 Ok la maybe food court is actually cool.
Talk about rubbish, then Yangxi came, then we talk more by the river and left at 10.45pm argh photos with Jia Wen 😀 the pretty place zomg I can’t believe Singapore looks so pretty. Left for my sister’s shop, checked it out and all her friends were like “Eh Shihui sister” and repeat x100 ._. so paiseh LOL. Then waited for parents to come fetch us and went home~~~
Quite an enjoyable day actually even though outing and stuff was damn boring. Had swimming at 3pm that day because I changed from Sunday 😛 quite fun actually even though damn rush!
Ok so we had CIP today. Frankly in the morning I was like -.- why are we doing this because I had to wake up at 6.30am when I slept at 2.20am the previous night!!! Then my eyes couldn’t even open when I left house. But oh well when we served the elderly it was freaking sad especially for the old folks at my table because they seem so 可怜 :\
Anw we reached there early (earlier than all the seniors) hahaha we almost couldn’t find our way there, then we managed to find some Orchidville??? Then we asked if it was an old folks home or something, and it was actually the venue of the CIP!!! Shocking max. But oh man we walked in and we were kinda shocked by all the tables and stuff haha 😀
Whole platoon is around!! Lovelies 🙂 This is outside the entrance~
Went in to play a fool because the specialists weren’t around yet 😛
Then take a bit of pictures and went out to wait ler, coz we were scared we get screwed coz we were told to meet at entrance hahaha!
As promised to upload those pictures! 😀
Then the specs came and it was so awkward because the whole load of guys and the girls and we were like errr hahahaha what are we supposed to do. Then we were led into the dining hall and then they briefed us on what we were gna do today. And of course, free breakfast/lunch for us(?) because we were gonna have a long day! Ate quite a lot and of course, the food was quite nice 😀
While eating and waiting for the elderly to show up hahaha 🙂
The tables meant for the elderly. While waiting we were playing all the ‘trick games’ eg. the light shine from chilli to cup to my spectacles to…. etc HAHAHA 😀 And the click click click who am I taking? Bang who died? How many angels falling from the sky? HAHAHA 😀 It’s seriously seriously quite funny when some people don’t get it. Like you think it’s very obvious but to others is like WTH IS THIS?!?!?! lol!!!
Then the elderly from Banyan Home (which I was in charge of) was first to arrive! 😀 And I was kinda scared to take care of them because I had sorta a communication barrier and I really didn’t know what to say to them -_- So I just told them what they’ll be doing for the next few hours and yea… Just stood there. Literally.
For 5 hours.
But at least near the end we helped to serve the food (the guy let us! :D) and then give them 🙂 Hahaha. They’re actually pretty nice, they won’t demand much. Hai, but only at the end did I find out from the woman in charge that they’re mentally ill patients 😦
It’s kinda scary because when the food was not served yet, one guy kept eating the chilli and drinking the soy sauce omg 😦 It’s like they’re real hungry and then they’re talking crap on stage and singing and then they’re trying to kill time which obviously doesn’t work because the elderly at my table were not interested at all 😐 And he kept using an empty spoon to scoop an empty plate and then put in his mouth when there was obviously no food. It’s like they look so … ahhh, damn heartwrenching to look :\
It’s so sad seriously and this volunteer told me to hold them if they couldn’t walk properly/straight coz maybe this is the one time in a year that they exit their homes to attend this dinner, and they’re very excited and kanchiong. Then they cannot walk properly and may actually faint and everything. Isn’t it very sad?? Then one was saying, his sister’s son run away… never come back etc. IDK I just feel for them like that, but I don’t know how to express it hai.
I think I need to do more of this kinda CIP to actually improve on helping them, but for now I think while I still got this childlike mindset and the reluctance I better stop. Coz sometimes I’m actually scared of them and that totally defeats the purpose of the CIP 😐
Stood for super long, legs were breaking. They finished their 8 course meal eventually, hopefully they were full. Then they were one of the last to leave -_- first to arrive and so late leave. Hai so we had to stand the longest. Nevermind, train my endurance.
And I haven’t complain about my group leader -.- he totally disappear with his girlfriend more than 90% of the time, not exaggerating AT ALL. Don’t know he go there to have a date or do CIP -.- Seriously so irresponsible how did he even become a group leader? Then keep disappearing, and when we need help he disappears all over the place. So much for relying on our group leader eh? We actually had to approach our specialists’ group leaders for assistance zzz and somemore our home was for the mentally ill not funny at all. He totally heck care them max. Tch..
Then after that we had a small debrief by the in-charge and then I rushed home to go to Uncle’s place to celebrate his birthday~
Went there at about 5.30pm and then I was real tired. Read the newspapers and I decided I couldn’t take it anymore, I slept on the sofa HAHAHA. Woke up after 45minutes and time to leave for dinner le~
Went to Wavehouse @ Sentosa. Seriously before the thing I was expecting that we might go to Sentosa because I had a gut feeling (I think is coz I went Sands ytd and I saw Rain, and I knew that 2PM was at Sentosa earlier) so I thought we would be going to Sentosa. And truly, we went there. But of course la by the time we went there they were probably all gone already -_-
The restaurant was totally empty, but the ambience was quite pretty and could watch guys and girls surfing and falling down hahaha 🙂 Quite cool.
Quite dark and pretty I guess? 😀 Then didn’t wait too long to get our food because the queue was kinda short (I mean DUH, there’s totally no one in the restaurant, seems like we book the whole restaurant lidat) hahaha
Looks damn nice right the food?! Pizza, wedges and chicken wing. The chicken wing is damn small but damn awesome. Ah the food is seriously damn nice but THE PORTION TOO SMALL!!! 😦 So we ordered another pizza from the guy after finishing out food and then they freaking nvr key in so we waited for about 30minutes without our food coming. And then we ask the guy here and they said they forget key in zzz pek chek max. So he said we’ll wait another 10 minutes.
… so we waited. And then he came along saying wait 5 more minutes -.- WAH SIBEH PEKCHEK WE DAMN HUNGRY HERE YOU DRAG DRAG DRAG. Ok so we just cancelled the order settle bill and left. So little ppl, forget the order alrdy still take so long to serve -.- laying what kinda eggs man. Seriously, damn screwed service. Don’t forget we’re like one of the only customers there zzz
After that my sister wanted to check out Baskin Robbins but too late already. I guess we can only do it another day 😛
Ok so I went home and quickly drank something to make sure I won’t get hungry again -_-
Okay am real tired now, slept at 2.20am doing up my footdrill mutual notes and then woke up so early for CIP and was so tired during the day coz I kept standing and was walking around like crazy argh. Thank god I did my mutual notes though, hai. I scared I screw up tomorrow, it’s the final test I can’t screw up just like that!!! Must do my best I’ve been preparing for forever. And Phase 2 is coming so soon,
gosh this week’s gonna be a mugger week for me!~!! The moment I reach home I shall mug NCC website, and practise trainfire/target indication like crazy 😦 Preparing for Spec course after 3 years in NCC is like preparing for PSLE after 6 years in primary school. But this time I’m only left with a week plus (NOW!!!) and I’m damn screwed because I’ve barely studied.
Ah last week to the June holidays and to be honest I can’t wait already -.- I’m so tired of school man 😦 But holidays probably will be damn packed too. Ahh damn tired in advance :\
Will send invitations tomorrow heh 😀