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Changes in life

What I once thought was cool, has now become obsolete.
What I once thought was trendy, has now become a junk in the wardrobe.
What I once thought was delicious, has now become a food you avoid.
What I once thought was unbearable, has now become a piece of cake.
What I once thought was enjoyable, has now become a routine.
What I once thought was important, has now become a thing of the past.
What I once thought was neglect-able, has become something I can never lose.

It’s actually funny how things change at such a rapid rate- and despite the instability in all our lives, change will always occur. The only thing I cannot accept is probably the speed of it- I’m not an easily adaptable person 😦 Sorry, but I promise I’ll try my very best.

Now, what post do I want? Hai. This has been stuck in my mind all day. And even if I had decided on something, what would be my reasons? 😦 What have I been doing these 3 years in NCC, why am I so indecisive now… I clearly said I don’t like indecisive people 😦 I wonder how the specialist life would be like. Damn, I never ever want to take over. And I never ever want our cadet life to end. Charlie ’11 I hope nothing will happen to us 😦


End of the June Holidays

I’m getting complaints that I don’t blog often 😦

Anyway today was the first day of Term 3 and I love the awesomeness of how school ends at 2pm heheh, go home and just slack, sleep. Omg. I totally love this life 😦 Everytime I walk down the shelter home, I feel so shiok. Because home is just minutes away 😀 But I really dread the idea of having to rush homework when I reach home, and not being able to watch my dear dramas and all already :\ weekends please come quickly LOL especially Sunday 😀

I don’t know how long it took me to realise this- but you have really become a pest. Insensitivity much- really truly disappointed in you. I’m not sure what happened to you over time but you’re definitely not the person I knew from before. I’m not sure if those years have been in vain, but I’m glad I came to a realisation one day anyway.

But from now, I know I won’t regret. 😀 I’ve taken this path, I can’t anyway 🙂 And thinking about it, I’ve been really living in my own world and oblivious to everyone around me. Thank you so much for having been in my life thus far! 🙂


Jieling’s house ftw. LOL. I managed to finish all homework except History SBQ + Graphic Organiser (totally no idea about all these)

…but I’ll only do these on Wednesday because History happens to fall on Thursday LOL procrastinating ftw.

Space Academy Singapore

Okay the 5 days have been great, although 1/2 the time were spent on lectures and 1/4 of the time was spent trying to keep awake and doing loadsa lame stuff like scribbling, and everything just to try to listen.

First day was kinda disappointing, I reached there and they started with a series of lecture, like almost 3? lasting one hour each. Got one quite cool, you use the computer controls to control this wheel thing. Then it will spin etc and you must find out the sketch of the map outside 😀
Seriously lecture damn sian I not kidding I look bored too right.
But this continued all the way till lunch at 12pm omg at that time I truly regretted and I wanted Chenxi there immediately!!! Then somemore after lunch I stomach ache omfg.
Go paintball totally no mood. Want die max. Annoying Javier on the bus together with a stomach ache.
Ok paintball was kinda boring actually, expected too much maybe? And I was bruised all over but they gave the calefare award. Bloody hell, I seriously think they saw the wrong person because all the girls look the same- face and bun -_- under the paintball mask. I chiong like hell and shoot like crazy, get bruised the most, kena most paintball marks, then I go toilet wash off. And when I got shot I actually told myself “Huiping endure with the pain, your team is there waiting for you.”
Then the instructors say I’m the cleanest person on the field -.- just because I washed all the yellow paint off?! wth I got so muddy and disgusting I went home to wash my No.4 that day. I initially wanted to use 5 days straight plz. Not a good memory and I’m not gonna remember it.
Wonder how pissed I was heh.
Then it was debrief back at RP and then day ended.
2nd day was boring yet fun. Lecture in morning 3h 15minutes, then we play with computer and control the robot LOL then we went to hack other pple robot and they’re like “EH STOP CRASHING INTO ME LA” hahaha!!! They put the robot outside then you move it with the computer and you must estimate the scale of everything. It’s damn cool 😀 But lecture too long zzz.
I was hardworking and took so much notes, tried to listen so hard but I still fail the test -.- I guess this topic ain’t for me, I’m not gonna be a pilot/astronaut next time LOL!!!
Then afternoon swop with other group, another 3h 15min lecture then go launch rocket heh 😀 Launch before in CID Y1 so we lika pros, then the Sir keep bian us, say we not serious all that -.- Whatever lo hahaha also not aiming best cadet or wat. Then we created one rocket which looked totally epic, what first type of rocket ever -_- omg LOL.
Halfway through the rocket propulsion lecture got boring then Kailun took out his phone and started snapping lotsa pictures and it was so funny coz we were hiding and it was so retarded and we were laughing like crazy. Then I keep smiling to below the table which is totally retarded and I think Joey got pissed with us hahaha!
This is another part of the lecture notes btw, sometimes it got too boring we pass notes around the table -.- Mostly between me and Kailun coz Javier sleeping and Kiankiat listening. Wlao.. so serious..
Then we started creating our rockets and then we came up with really ridiculous ideas for our fins and everything…
Lmao epic rocket omg. Done by Kailun and Javier thanks much.
Taking picture with our rockets 🙂
Launching our rocket hahaha!
1 hour passed quickly after the launches complete, couldn’t find the person who kept our scores then just went home :\
3rd day wass greatt!
Morning started out with Snow City hehhh 😀 No, there was lecture on cold weather survival which was the best lecture. Interesting and coz Richard is a real good instructor heh. And he’s really patient and he really engage us during lessons, Joey and Tim and Brandon really put pple to sleep 😦
Played in Snow City and yeah we’re the group that has the best timing out of all the Space Academy for the Snow City task! Awesome. Then we had like 20minutes extra after completing the regolith lecture + snow city task + space task at SNOW CITY hence we went in to play omg. Then we take all the tubes and slide down everything. DAMN FUNNN~~~ Then took a lot of pictures and the photographers there keep kaobei us coz we like stealing their jobs haha..
While running up the staircase to take …
down 😀 HAHAHA LOOKS DAMN FUN RIGHT 😀 all ncc ppl all go down together, halfway through all will separate and meet again at the end LOL.
The igloo~
This picture was the last we could take coz they chionging us out, and I have no idea why Javier is in the picture -.- the picture is nice if not for him z.
Then went back to RP for more lectures, satellites 😐 Totally flunked that topic for the test.
They had a live downlink of the satellite that passed Singapore at like 2.30pm and then if you use the 3D glasses they provided can see heh. Took more pictures instead LOL.
Omg started out at RP, set out to Naval Diving Unit immediately 😀 And my medical checkup the thing, Yeos Clinic mark until damn damn damn fit so I damn happy, don’t even need 2nd round of checkup which most people need hehehe. Then went to change into PTKIT and slippers then we trained how to use the mouthpiece to breathe, and the oxygen tank, and the big big mask. Omg, I keep breathing through my nose and I’m like nose burning 😦 And luckily I could see underwater so when training for removing water in the facemask, I can open my eyes and do it which is a lot easier 😀
Then we waited for our turn to do the dive and we went down to the viewing gallery to see Ronald do! 😀 Omg it’s damn cool, then you must fix the screws. Faster went up to queue and get my turn quickly hahaha!!
Omg diving is my favourite part of the whole thing, because we use gloves then need screw the screws on the plastic, then is like 4m deep and I’m like lying down on the deep floor, totally never float at all. And I don’t feel the pressure at all, bceause I think I was damn scared at the stuck then keep equalize the pressure in my ear hehehe 😀 It’s so damn cool omg~!!!!! I wanna dive again 🙂 Hahaha probably the best part of my trip. Then faster went to get changed and bathe and wear back No.4. Think we took like 45 minutes LOL in the toilet, totally took our time and the sirs keep coming to look for us think we dressing up for party hahahaha but seriously the shower tap the sprinkles like stingy? LOL
Then we went to Boeing for site visit and then we slack a while before Group 4 set out, then we went to see the computerised systems, flight simulators, cabin crew training area and all the stuff. OMG DAMN COOL 😀 it’s like they write restricted area then we go in there like pros LOL. Omg damn fun 🙂
Richard & I hahaha. Flight simulator of 787 behind us, damn cool.
The flight simulator of the Dreamliner 787?? I think that’s what it’s called.
The area where they do cabin crew training heh, and dispense the oxygen masks.
THEN END, and Day 5.
Day 5 totally sucked for me, started out with lectures and also ended with lectures. Was real tired coz I slept real late the previous night and I kept struggling to stay awake in the lectures. Ended with a test actually and I walked straight into a glass panel, whole room laughing zzz ok let’s not talk about that. Totally flunk the test, was damn emo then people of different frequency keep talking to me and I’m like -.- eh don’t disturb me I feel like slapping you.
In the end I still got my wings actually but the horrible thing is that I feel I don’t deserve it 😦 totally emo all the way they don’t even wna talk to me lol. And I wonder if the Astronautics thing can wear on NO.4 or not, got NCC crest on it 😀 And Cpt Angela Soh say got No.3 badge hahaha! Then closing ceremony we spammed pictures with the instructors all that and I diam all the way, memories of Spec Course ahh. Snr Kendrick haven’t upload the pictures 😦
W the girls and the instructor Tim 🙂
Ah my salute not parallel to ground hahaha but this is a cool shot yea 😀
Cookie + the Astronautics patch with the NCC crest LOL.
Ok so that’s basically my Space Academy Programme, the 5-day course programme. Paid $40 for this and I will never ever regret because this course is like the awesome?! -.- Snow city all that, diving, omg. Totally affordable, subsidized like hell by NCC HQ 🙂 And even though I failed my test I still got my wings LOL they bluff us only.
Thanks Kiankiat & Kailun for sticking tgt throughout the 5 days, West all the way! Never include Javier coz he keep running off to find other girls hahaha, HCI despo -.- West District Phase 2 Spec Course ALPHA 1 PLATOON FTW 🙂 FTW~ 6 SAS all the way! Even though you all keep laughing at me LOL 😦 Just because I walk into the glass panel?!?! LOL. Haiz I guess I was so pissed after completing the test… Will add more details to the post when I remember more! 😀
Happy me though 🙂 HAHAHA.

Shuang holidays

Omg I really spending my holidays doing nothing hahaha

BUT I’M REALLY HAVING FUN BEACUSE I LOVE TO BE BORED 😀 I wonder how long has it been since I could spend my holidays doing nothing and just playing a fool 😀
I’m just staring at the computer screen every single day and doing rubbish hahaha, or else going out for lunch/dinner until very late, and totally sleep throughout the holiday.
BUT I HAVEN’T DONE ANY HOMEWORK AND IT’S THE 3RD WEEK OF THE HOLIDAYS OMG SOMEMORE I GOT SPACE PROGRAMME.. Can’t wait for it though 😀 Quite excited hahaha, the programme looks pretty cool.
BUT I GG MAX 😦 But I still shall not care muahahaha shall slack somemore before I start to hiong again 😦 I MEAN DO HOMEWORK. LOVE MY JUNE HOLIDAYS THIS YEAR MAN, SLACK UNTIL DUNNO WHAT 😀
Anyway I miss Spec Course a lot ): Hahaha! I knew I would miss it. And HQ, and all my friends~
With my rifle and my buddy and me~~~ 😀 I LOVE NCC LIKE HELL NOW LOL. Phase 2 totally rocks, can’t wait for my platoonmates to go Phase 3 then we all can enthu together 😀 So glad I joined NCC, and if I have a choice, I WILL DEFINITELY JOIN NCC AGAIN! 😀 Luckily I still put it as my choices even though I didn’t want to get into NCC at all last time ^^
THANKS FOR WAIYUIN AND SGTMAJOR WEELY FOR PSYCHO-ING ME THEN HEH. Because NCC has become a part of my life that I probably can’t live without 🙂

Sorry I can’t do anything to help

I don’t know if you will be reading this, now or even in the near future.

Even with all the crap that people have been telling me, even with all the harsh truths and reality that I’m facing because of what you said/did,
I’ll always support you, alright? Remember 老天有眼, that one thing won’t seal your fate ultimately. It’s really what you want that matters, and remember I’ll always be rooting for you from here, regardless of what happens to you. If they fail to recognise your talent, it’s their own loss and it’s not your fault at all.
Because you have been a really good friend, one that has been with me through crap much longer than anyone else and you know it yourself. No matter what, I will believe you. 🙂 But surely, I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can.

I have done my best

So, I do not need to worry right..?

Totally screwed trainfire today.
Miracle if I can pass.
Hai… WHAT’S gonna happen to me?? 😦 Screwed so many things, no ic/timer at all. Giggle…. fall asleep at parts.
First time for RV to get all 3SG…? 😐
Sorry specialists, sorry to the unit, sorry my dear platoon
for disappointing…