Pulau Semakau

It wasn’t exactly a very enjoyable trip because of the long boat ride and the fact that we had a Math test the very next day- but definitely something that took our minds away from work for a short while I guess.

The lecture which made me fall asleep -_-

With the scenery behind us..

Were only allowed 10minutes to take pictures so we spam like crazy, but at least we had a class photo

Ok that’s all, the landfill was quite pretty, everywhere was grass. Then read some board that said there was this couple who came to this place to take wedding photos. “Love for nature” as it proclaims.

Hmm, wedding photos at a landfill, interesting.. But oh well more unique than others who just go to Botanical Gardens etc- one trip there and I could see 4 couples taking wedding photos the other time LOL. Quite an okay field trip I guess, at least we went to a place that normal people wouldn’t be allowed access to. And the long boat ride! Almost got seasick and it was tiring to endure the rocking boat but at least I could experience it And Sentosa Cove is damn pretty ohgod

//can’t upload NCC Day Parade pictures -_- Photobucket is screwing up again. The pictures from here are all hotlinked from Facebook, but it’s not possible to do that for NCCDP because there are too many pictures :\ and if I hotlink and one day FB gets removedddd T.T my pictures gone too!


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