Disappointment much.

I sacrificed my revision time… Chiong-ed out all my badges. Didn’t even take a nap today. Sigh could have done much more constructive stuff in this hour.

Sigh I guess I asked for it so I shouldn’t be complaining right here -.- I just know I have a shithell loads of homework to complete when I get my ass home. And I still have to start polishing my shoes from its base foundation. Looks like I don’t have to rest tonight.

Edit 11.15pm:

I feel for her now…

When what I’m doing goes unappreciated…
why am I still doing so much?

Putting in so much effort… when you don’t even care. A single bit.

Tired of giving in. Sigh. Sooner or later I’ll collapse.
Please let me survive this week.


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