Last night had to be the worst day of the semester -.- Or not I’m really screwed.

Was reading up on Circular Measure in front of my computer and I freaking realised I didn’t understand anything. Couldn’t even start doing my assignment. Bloody had so many things undone and was completely unprepared for the 4 tests on Friday. Together with what happened yesterday, my mind just went crazy. And I was feeling so cold and horrible. I needed to sleep but I just couldn’t put everything down.

Then my brother had to sleep and started to chase me outta the room. It was late.

Started tearing out of nowhere. I don’t know why but I was really totally worn out from all the work the past few days. Accumulated stress, maybe. Whatever happened to myself promising to maintain good grades in Term 3?

I couldn’t take it. I went out and cried so badly. and I couldn’t stop. Just kept chewing and chewing on gummy worms to choke back my tears -.- exhausted my supply alr ;\ Forced back my tears such that my eyes were so freaking swollen it was painful to open -.-

If I could survive yesterday,
today would not be a problem at all.

Must chiong Chem. 😦 And somemore tomorrow got stuff like the dumb photoshoot which lasts till bloody 6pm -.- Time is not at my luxury at all. Sigh. Why is Week 6 so full of rubbish? Man… oh well, at least I managed to complete the NDP video yesterday.

Thanks Cathy & Gracie for your Math Assignment 😀
That was so needed..

Brace myself because no one’s gonna be there to help me when I fall.
This shit will make me stronger I swear. 🙂


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