Test week

Somehow blogging during this really tiring period brings me hope.. and I guess some consolation? I feel a lot better after posting stuff actually. Can’t talk to my siblings at home coz they’re gonna laugh at my state and go like

“I now also very stressed!” or…
“wah my secondary school stress about thinking what to spend my time on”

…. how sensitive to my feelings -_-

Anyway my confidence boosted doing the revision paper that Ms Loh gave out but when I looked at questions on assessment books I totally. OMG. Haven’t memorise this, haven’t memorise that. Then I get really scared… and I haven’t read up on Air 😦 Gotta chiong memorise my notes, do my revision papers already. Thanks Kim Yao for your QA paper btw 😛 Feels lika pro when the flowchart came out in my class quiz today hahaha!

But no matter what I must complete revision by today ahh.. around 6 more hours for Chem for today I guess. Hopefully I can complete-

Realised I’ve never been so hardworking for test week- at most it was exam period. I guess the horrible grades (written at the top of my computer- the wall) “6/10, 16/30, 5/12, REDO ASSIGNMENT” are scaring me quite a bit. Useful anyway, I can’t afford to let my grades slip anymore. And Chem is one of the only things I understand nowadays. How can I not work harder for it?

Characterised by horrible face conditions anyway >,< My pores are widening like crazy and I have a pimple on my cheek now ._. Oh god, please let it be gone by National Day -.- I don't want to go around taking pictures with a horrible face LOL.

Okay now there’s a lot of work waiting for me- and I have no time to finish something up… But I’ll be free by National Day I guess. Or perhaps I should spend that weekend catching up on my Math and Physics. Been pushing it aside lately due to the 4 tests on Friday. And honestly I hope I don’t have to bring the Part As to HQ on Friday for Trainfire -_- I might very well fall asleep in front of them oh god. And somemore must miss my 4 tests… woah -_- plz nooo 😦

Timetable for the day: PE, Recess, Physics, SCS (got test), Chinese (got test), Chem (got test), lunch, Lang Arts (got test). Ha I bet no one’s going to go for recess/lunch that day -_-

Ooh look it’s 7.20pm, time to comb my hair and start on my revision~ Ha mugger1996 activated now!


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