Driving me mad

This week was supposed to be an extremely slack week- but then it was damn roller coaster and damn tiring for me to go through -.-
Results were out every single day and I swear it breaks my heart any minute for Percentiles 2 & 6, honestly I had never seen a single digit in my report card before and now I get two at once. Wow.
But I’m not complaining even though I mugged like a bloody shit for these two subjects I got single digit percentiles for. It reflects my true ability, at least. Time to really look at what I’ve been studying wrongly now -.- And work even harder. Isn’t that the most I can do now?
I don’t know how to make a proper update here because there is technically nothing significant that went on this week besides sadness, depression and (boring) HSK lecture? And waking up to panicking… having to rush my homework in the weekday mornings -.- But my mood had been ruined these few nights. Thanks for ruining my mood during act today too. -.- And it just happens to be the last.
Feel so bloody misunderstood and accused. When honestly, I felt like I haven’t done anything wrong at all. And I actually meant well. Never mind it’s okay, I always go unappreciated anyway. Expected this from the very start haven’t I? Thanks a lot arh, seriously, thanks a lot. You just made me show a side of myself I have never seen before.
Happy Birthday Ling Sheng &
Happy Belated Birthday Kay Vin 🙂
I’ll work on both your birthday stuff this weekend :))

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