What went wrong?

K looks like it’s been a week since I blogged, say a long week at that? But I’ve been spending all my time at home so I don’t really know what has been actually going on around the world. Say.. the long weekends was some time for reflection again?

I want to jump back. The chat with my primary school friends just now was sort of an eye-opener once again into our too-different lives, and sometimes it’s just so difficult to relate anymore. But what can we do? It’s undeniable that the bonds we once forged have somehow become history. And the things that they say are actually insanely true. But why can’t it be different for once? I just spent my whole time thinking about what I could do to improve the situation- and I realised there’s absolutely nothing I can do.
Many people often complain about their problems to me and it seems like I give them the perfect solution ever. Wow and a whole load of advice that I can think of. But when it comes to mine, what do I do now? I ought to learn how to think logically. Sigh.
Yes, I’m very very sure I have already tried my best. But most of the times, you do know that things do not go your way all the time. But I really don’t know what can be done this time 😦
Amazingly, SSC is just a mere 4 days away. Was thinking of bringing my non-camera phone so that our specialists could contact us. But I’m thinking otherwise now. Maybe I should just cut off 3 days from social media. The last time I did that was 2 days in CampSTEEL (and I probably almost died). It creates too much problems for me.
Oh well, I wonder if anyone knows what I’m talking about. What even went wrong in the first place? I’m such a coward I don’t know how to face it. This wouldn’t be working all the time. Avoiding wouldn’t be the solution.
Why are you unhappy?
On a totally unrelated note, I think you’re quite mean. The coveted.. sigh..
Falling sick right before SSC. Please let me be well these 4 days, and hopes for 2C class outing to go well tomorrow. Sigh.

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