Mugging hiatus again

So the time of the year comes whereby I start to keep myself away from social networks again (I didn’t do that last year- probably Facebook didn’t affect me much.) Also I start to restrict the use of my phone (turning it off when I’m studying)… All’s done except for uninstalling MSN 😀 But I just can’t because I need answers hahaha! And sometimes when you’ve got a question you would need to ask people questions mah.

Damn shag today slept in Geog lol. Complacency got the better of me sigh, just because I was exempted from the subject it gave me the heck care feeling during the subject lesson.

Suffering from a pimple breakout :/ 5-6 on my face today. Probably gummies + coffee + 3.30am sleeping caused it bleh. Let’s hope my face condition will improve tonight.

Nothing much more to say in this space, besides the fact that I’ve got a throbbing headache now. Sigh why does this always happen after a nap it’s pulling away my concentration from my work. Needs to really mug Math tonight or I’ll just continue to be screwed during lessons 😦


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