Owl lifestyle

Hmm, taking a pause from my Brownian Motion after dinner (but I’ll probably continue mugging like a tard after this blog post)

And I’m gonna be sleeping at 9pm, and gonna wake up at 2.30am to continue with my revision! Yes, leading an owl lifestyle now (and it’s EXTREMELY effective because no one is awake at 3am to disturb you- hah.) But this means I’ll be ignoring all messages sent to be from 9pm onwards (which is like the peak??) Let’s hope I’ll be able to keep up with this lifestyle until the end of my exams- and hopefully I won’t fall asleep doing any shit in school hahaha. If this doesn’t work after a while I’ll probably switch back to the regular distracting lifestyle 😮

Alright, that’s not the point. Surprisingly I’m taking quite a positive mindset towards my studies this time- not the “Die lah test next week I haven’t study anything” but instead “Haha I’m gonna be ahead of class” kinda thing. It’s surprisingly quite enjoyable- in fact I’m still wondering how I’m managing my Facebook addiction so well. I’m extremely active on Twitter now that my other half of social life is gone LOL. I wonder how satisfied I’ll feel when my social life officially comes back on the Oct 12 😀

Let’s hope this will be a memorable mugging experience for me 😀


Just now I had duck soup for dinner. Hmm.

The last time I had that for dinner was probably in P5 or P6? I remember during then, my parents were just changing shop from Clementi to Tiong Bahru (now they’ve already retired- but that’s not the point). And my family wasn’t doing very well then? Competitors like CK Dept & Shengsiong started popping out of nowhere and business got worse every day…

My maid cooked duck soup that day and then my Dad asked me “你叫她煮的啊?” then duh it wasn’t. And after that my dad told my maid to stop cooking it because duck was very expensive ($7 to $12?) And the next time I drank duck soup was today.

I still remember how my dad gave my maid only $6 for dinner (me, my sis & my maid). He told us to buy something $2 each hahaha. And then we bought one big packet of hokkien mee + one packet of fried rice and we had to share amongst ourselves.. fully utilising the money given lol.

It’s not that I’m saying we were in dire straits last time, but I still remember the days when cash flow was tight and we couldn’t enjoy nice dining unlike now…? It’s not that we’re rich now (we’re far from that), but it’s like I’m happy now that my parents are earning (not earning, actually) sufficient to support the entire family.

It makes me feel so fortunate 🙂 Shall stop complaining and end here abruptly- time to get back to Brownian Motion :S And oh bed time’s in 1.5hours hahaha.


And ooh, by the end of the week, I’ll be nghuiping@live.com hahaha. Memories much… fruiteen@hotmail.com to fruitee@live.com to nghuiping@live.com. I wonder what other emails I’ll create in the future.


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