Mugger lifestyle

Tired of mugging.

Seriously even after a week 😦 What happened to my stamina! Sigh I gotta hold on or else I’m going to flunk my exams like never before…. I’m so afraid of failing Math and Physics I even dream of it T_T They said when you dream of a test paper, you are not ready for it. YES I’M TOTALLY NOT AND I feel that time is not on my side even though there are still a number of days to the exam!!!

And sigh forever unproductive on weekends. Only did 2 LA Compres today (although I did massive filing for 3 hours 😀 which I’m extremely proud of).

Stuck at Pressure assignment Question 1.. still can’t figure out the method. Sigh, blame myself for not trying to understand during lesson -_- and now I die at home. :/ Okay my blog posts recently are gonna be very short and mugger I guess -_- Boring lifestyle holy.

Hold on Huiping because you’ll see brighter days~ effort will pay off eventually yeah.


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