Ooooh look it’s Friday again.

Not that it ends off very well anyway. I’ll probably have to spend the weekend mugging my head off for Physics and Math once again. Okay, my fault my fault for failing my past term test so badly. I’l just have to work harder to pull up my socks from there. Isn’t that how life works, anyway?

Oh well but my my I’m glad those English and Chinese essays are over, at least I won’t have to worry much about my languages anymore, even though it’s likely gna drop. Cmon, getting an A for both languages? You’ve got to be kidding me. People laugh at the standards of both my languages -.-

//addicted to the new 8pm and 9pm drama ahahaha that takes away 2hour of my revision time on a regular basis…but the show is nice! Can’t help it 🙂 but a little too late to watch the 8pm drama because it’s ending soon. Like I started watching only at Episode 11/12?!?! Aww its kay I’ll catch up after my exams end which will be in 11 days time. My lovely register number 😀 soon soon soon!

Anyway the 2nd time this is happening sigh. I’ve seen the consequences and the process and it’s gonna be so hard for me to face it myself if it were me… 😦 truly hope it’ll never happen to me. I trust you, alright?

Okay time to sleep (and eat?) And subsequently I’ll have to mug for Math on Monday already. Thankfully I’m exempted from Geog or someone can just kill me from all the memorising now. Phew. Hard work memorising crapcool stuff about rivers and landforms…. the late night spent vetting our reports and projects definitely had not gone to waste 🙂 whee borderline A1* hahaha.

Almost had the urge to talk about FSD Experience for CL Paper 1 today. Before I realised… “终于成功了” was not appropriate at all, yes I’m still regretting. It could have been avoided, I still can recall the exact scene in my mind. Just because I made that stupid mistake…. Everything went to waste. Sigh…. Why? This is seriously a lifetime regret :/ Nevermind, like what I wrote in my 报章报道 today, “已经太迟了,没有机会改变事实了” 😦


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