15 minutes

The whole class is going mad now. Because paper’s in 15minutes.

Me too, dying a little inside every minute.

And why is the toilet suddenly so smelly. I don’t want to smell it for 4.5hours.

Oh screw I better go back to thinking about CID. Damn the invigilator is here.

Edit: 9.36am

CID’s over. Almost fell asleep while thinking but thankfully I managed to crap so much out. But did I just forget to number the question? Nevermind, I have Math to care about now, can’t give a shit about that.

The true death toll’s coming in 50minutes.

And Mrs Lai said there are 2 girls who failed Math Paper 1. I can’t think of anyone else who would fail besides me. My confidence is crushing slowly with time.

Shall go back to last minute intensive mugging because I look like a hell of slacker on my phone when everyone is talking about Trigo and Log. Sigh.

It’s the last lap. But please don’t remind me that I’ve to do dance in 3 hours time.


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