Choo’s house

First time uploading pictures with my laptop.

I think I can just die bceause it is uber slow and it took me a few minutes to resize 6 pictures holy. I miss my computer already 😦 But hahaha at least I’m finally putting this laptop to good use unlike the past year LOL just leaving it to rot beside my computer πŸ˜› My hard drive the best man.

Whoo looking at videos hahahaha

Ended up on the floor though~ from MY laptop LOL

And some chips brought by Annqing :DD

My USM and ASM hiding forever sigh tryna be #glamqueens1996?!

Jiawei forever in her awkward position with Yenting HAHAHA

Jiawei and Annqing~ Annqing reading book after she was bored of stalking (?!) Sigh Chinese god for life.

Yeap that’s all the rest are mostly repeats because they are hiding from the camera hahaha!

Photobucket screwing up again, uploaded it to WordPress and took forever. Oh well, at least the uploading is faster, but I still like Photobucket πŸ˜€ Easier to format~ Ahh I miss my computer 😦 IT Show come quickly!


All the Aesthetics dance tracks are stuck in my head now~ Mei gui mei gui~ and the gui fei zui jiu. Ling mei mei also, basically all the dance tracks besides my own group’s LOL. DAMN NICE SERIOUSLY I DOWNLOADED THE SONG HAHA it’s damn cool I keep listening. But others don’t think it’s nice, I guess you have got to watch the performance first. Shall put it on loop again afterwards hahaha

Dance is over πŸ˜€ Finally after the CHIONG-AFTER-EOY mood.. whee. We did it, regardless of whether it was an embarrassment or not πŸ™‚ 3G the best~

3K’s dance damn nice omg and all the girls were so damn (Y) LOL. Damn nice curves I swear. And also that dance reinforced my point about guys looking so much better in formal HAHAHAHA. Quite glad they won really can see all their effort in the dance please.

Ooh and I realised I am quite mean to people I don’t like ^^ HAHAHA πŸ˜€ at least I know I’m not fake oh wells, hate being nice to people that I secretly feel like stabbing inside. My true self πŸ™‚


I hope it’ll be back to normal soon.


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