Outreach + Aesthetics Display

Whoo luckily I’m not down for Outreach training on Saturday, or else it’s gonna wreck up plans quite a bit.

Had outreach training for the past few hours and it was quite okay (pure theory without me falling asleep is really… Okay.) Wonder why my alma mater didn’t invite RV back 😦 I wanna go back CPS quite badly hehe. Haven’t been in there for so long, miss the classrooms and everything.

Oh well, I guess I’ll be quite occupied these two months. Can’t wait for Dec I’ll just sleep forever ^^ I miss Nov 2010, the time when my entire platoon was in full force hehehe. Let’s hope this year will be extremely enjoyable as well!

Had dance display today, the final performance. Honestly I think we did okay compared to our assessment already but WHY IS THE AUDIENCE LAUGHING THE MOMENT WE COME OUT LOL. Very funny mehz! But everyone said it’s the guys part so hehehe.

AWW sucks to be a grass anyway :p but I’m glad it’s all over and I’m quite glad we had to go through this torturous experience because its very very funny hahahaha! Oh well, 3G won entertainment factor ^^ OH AND 3K DANCE DAMN NICE ROARRR ALL FIGURE DAMN GOOD. NOPE, not jealous hehee.

Told Sarah to take a video and when I took my camera back…. I realised my camera was set to mute omg I think I can just kill myself now for being so smart. Sigh can’t see how funny we look. But hahaa at least the audience laughter is blocked out LOL

Y3 cohort damn awesome hohoho I think every group’s choreography damn zai 😀

Shall go home to upload pictures of the epic day at Choo’s house ~ my blog needs to stop being a wall-of-text :/ damn boring I’m bored by my own posts.


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