Slacking in class~

Whee don’t have to do anything today because NCC don’t have booth for flea market so I’m slacking like a pro in class. Hehehe.

Ms Loh gave us the Chem EOY Papers to do (all exempted students) and she wants it submitted by Monday. So damn happy, at least I can keep the Science papers (ultimately the subject that needs the most “foundation”) wah Ms Loh seriously damn awesome I love her man, can she follow us up to 4G?

Recently rumours have been going around that we’ll be changing classes… I don’t want, beginning to feel really attached to 3G now and I don’t want to change classes. I’ll miss all the crazy times we had in class, annoying teachers (together) and pissing the teachers off. Hahaha 😀

Let’s hope nothing will happen to our class arrangement because of the school being a wreck in our triple-science system (specifically for our batch, treating us like guinea pigs kns). I still want to spend more time w 3G (another year) ):


Sigh miscommunication- or lousy communication? Either way, I’m glad the problem is resolved, and on the good side, at least we have more preparation time?


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