Past 2 enjoyable days~

Okay so the past 2 days have passed by very quickly- completely slacking all the way LOL.

I mean duh?! Check out yesterday’s schedule… NCC didn’t have booth for flea market as I said, so my schedule went something like this:

8am to 9am: Slacking in class (While other CCAs preparing for booths)
9am to 12pm: FLEA MARKET (i.e. walking around the school aimlessly)
12pm to 1pm: Cabinet Council Address

~THEN DISMISS (?!) but afterwards we had training, duh šŸ˜€

During the 9am to 12pm timeslot really shuang. Went around booths taking polaroids, spamming pictures with Yixin’s DSLR, camwhoring like a queen, going up to classes and gossiping (before getting bored), heading to LT1 (FINDING IT) to watch 17 Again, walking out canteen to buy food whenever we were hungry. Did that for 3 hours, truly a fulfilling school day man…

WHAT A SLACK SCHOOL DAY. NO teachers no nothing, just playing HAHAHA. Omg if only everyday was like that šŸ˜¦ Nooo. Lessons gonna start next week and all the examination papers are gonna be returned to us šŸ˜¦

So here’s one of the platoon polaroids we took! Gonna display some in NCC Room omg oh so cool~ And of course, waiting for the pictures we took on the field with Yixin’s DSLR, camwhoring like mad LOL Gonna mass tag like a boss ^^ ahh damn fun. “One year ago we were here in No.4, one year later we’re still here…”

DAMN SO COOL. And all the jumpshots šŸ˜€ but of course this time, it’s done with a better quality camera, i.e. Yixin’s DSLR ^^ COOLEST BUY EVER. & spamming camwhores with Sarah + the polaroid. Omg she got a freaking wide collection of polaroid I swear. LOL DAMN NICE. If I have I think I’ll just wreck every one of them omg LOL.

Then after dismissal we had training~ finally we’re getting on the track~ ready to go? šŸ˜€ OK TRYNA BE LAME. ZZZ. Lucky the noob communication was resolved~ so happy šŸ˜€

Nothing much, just that dismissal was early and when we went back, the NCC Room was so clean HAHAHA yay successfully cleaned it up! Charlie Company ftw šŸ˜€ Go training awhile, come back so clean and neat liao! So awesome~ then gonna display all our pictures and everything, going to make the room so girly the guys buay tahan! HAHAHA JUST KIDDING BUT omg so excited kekeke

After which we went for dinner~ Almost went Clementi but ended up at Kopitiam. Ate early, went home early. Coolll~~ Wah I miss drinking Koi omg.


Had training at Chinese Garden today! Okay it’s damn cool, it’s so sad that we never got a chance to run outside. (and my cool job was to take care of the bags at Chinese Garden MRT…) BUT NEVERMIND! Good point umm, at least I don’t need to wash my No.4 top?! Then it’s gonna be in damn good condition if I just iron it.. once again?! HAHAHAHA.

Hahaha Chinese Garden reminds me of 2C ’10 outing last year immediately after exams. Omg that was damn cool, I miss 2C so much. Luckily got chalet!!! šŸ˜€ Ling Sheng’s planning ftw!

But seriously what happened to my stamina. I really need to run during the holidays. BUT I KEEP TELLING MYSELF THIS AND IN THE END I’LL JUST “HAHA NO I’M LAZY TODAY” zzz. Okay I need to swim more often… must push myself more during lessons. Cannot bother competing with those kids coz I sure win.. holy.. MUST MAKE MYSELF DOUBLE THEIR SPEED! Ok cool aspiration much.

After which we went to eat lunch with the orienteering team at Sumo House hoho. And drank Each-A-Cup šŸ˜€ But I still miss Koi! Super long never drink already hmm.

Then…. Managed to get Jiawei and Jiawen to come to my house to slack for a while ^^ but in the end also stay until late evening then go home HAHAHA always like that one mah šŸ˜€

We watched Hello Strangers (oops I slept 1/3 of it because I was too tired- WOKE UP TOO EARLY LAH) from my small laptop screen, almost died while lying on the floor LOL like straining our eyes to the max. Then we spent the rest of the time stalking people / watching dance videos on YouTube/Facebook (like I said, our batch ftw :D) and reminiscing about SYFOC 2010 awww.

Cool day ended with a nice dinner~ Somemore don’t need send them to MRT because they know the way already! šŸ˜€ Awww I really love post-exam (before all the lessons start again).

Damn need to do Chemistry EOY Paper LOL ANTI CLIMAX MUCH. Okay that’s all for now… Damn that’s quite a bit that I blogged. Super high today, because I feel so happy~~~

And thank god everything is okay, no mishaps šŸ™‚ I feel so blessed.


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