Self own

I think today is a horrible day.

Okay so some context here. I set alarms to 3am, 4am and 6am every single day- be it weekends or weekdays to reply messages in case there’s anything important. And of course, I usually wake up at 6am to go to school la.

So firstly, I woke up at 3am and saw 2 missed calls from my sister. Then I saw a lot of Facebook notifs & Twitter notifs… loads from Twitter asking me to sleep (?!) and ALL FACEBOOK PHOTO TAGS. And my cousin was tweeting me to open the door for my sister? And my sister said she couldn’t come in and she asked if anyone was awake at home… at about 1.30am?

Half awake at 3am, didn’t want to process any information hence I just went back to sleep HAHAHA then I woke up at 6am again. Then I saw my sister right next to me (which meant she managed to get into the house)…

So I continued sleeping until 10.15am when I had to wake up to go swimming..

Got up and my mother asked.. WHY NO ONE OPEN THE DOOR FOR MY SISTER HAHHA

Okay so I learnt from her that she rushcab home at like 1.30am, couldn’t find anyone at home then she cabbed back to club LOL and went home eventually at 4am damn funny. Better than being stuck outside the house at 1.30am, at least.


Okay that’s not the point of this post.

My mother asked me to go swimming myself today. Then I was thinking, aiyah later my handphone stolen how. And I was lazy to use the lockers so I left my handphone at home. And didn’t bother to bring any money to swimming.

Walked up the staircase to the complex when I reached into my bag and I realised…



Stood outside for 5 minutes looking like a despo… tried to borrow some money from the Indian kid from my class but he also brought exact change -___- walao who will bring extra! Then another small kid from my swimming class came with her mother and I borrowed some money :DD She gave me her card to use and she (the mother) paid the fee. Felt so bad :s and sooo grateful LOL imagine I walked 15minutes to the swimming complex for nothing.

But I’m glad I swallowed my own pride and actually opened my golden mouth (!) to borrow money. Half of myself was wondering “This is fate, so you don’t need to swim today.”

For the first time in almost 2 years, I talked to them during the swimming class. Found out that the Indian guy was 14- WHICH MAKES ME THE OLDEST PERSON IN THE CLASS- and he was from “deeebleesee” (???) Couldn’t really understand him because his accent was so strong.

Okay but that was such an embarrassment 😦 Almost 2 years of swimming and I actually forgot… I must and will never forget my entrance fee ever again! Oooh and I must must must remember to pay her back the next lesson LOL.


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