When things finally get better

I was re-reading my blog posts about a month ago when all I complained was my failing Physics & Math. But after that happened so many times, I decided that complaining wasn’t the way out -.- I had to do something or else I’ll just continue failing like that.

Doesn’t this serve very well as a reality check. Just check out those hot grades. So disgusting.. D7 and C5 are you kidding me lol. My table’s glass so I stuck my photocopied progress report with all those disgusting grades underneath my table to remind myself of how much harder I should work- or else I’ll just land myself in deep shit once again.

Percentiles 2 and 6 definitely weren’t pleasant… not just my grades, my own pride couldn’t take it. 😦

After reviewing the process of my hard work for the past one month (i.e. start of September all the way until the day of the examinations), I’m really really happy to say that I haven’t regretted a shit because finally for once, my efforts paid off. Definitely took a lot of effort on my part 😦

What a reminder huh LOL.

My coverpage for my Physics file, after which followed by my failing 15/40 score. To make sure I covered everything in the syllabus 😦

All the important things (definitions etc) we had to memorise + questions for Mr Chua during consultation (heh the notes were in green but I tore them off one by one after I understood the questions- hence only left with yellow)

Now for Math~

‘Subject’ on the foolscap paper speaks for itself. Ooh and pretty nice handwriting + presentation there LOL

Getting Trigo questions from everywhere just to practise. Hahaha. Other than Panpac la.

Lmao I am so proud of this junk- chionging log for 2 days straight woohoo. And all the colourful titles I made hahaha, it definitely paid off 😀 so much prettier to see now, omg totally can’t bear to throw those away 😦

Omg and my self set trigo table (wooohooo made a trigo table for myself so everything will be easier, NICE OR NOT) + junk workings HAHAHAHA for nicer presentation ftw~

My file was exploding. duh HAHAHA


And after all that hard work for so long, I managed to do quite well for both Physics & Math :DD I was really really really worried for a very long time, because I didn’t want to put in so much effort and fail once again.

Didn’t do very well for LA Compre that was received today- but still- the effort I put in it can’t be compared to Physics & Math at all 😀 Just really worried for essay because I have put in a substantial amount of effort for it, but I guess it can’t be helped :/ History repeats itself like last year, LA drop from A2 to B3. I guess I’m never fated with As for languages, I guess I’ll be fine as long as I don’t drop too badly.

I’m really really happy that my efforts paid off. Sorry to whoever that feels insulted, but that really took me a full month of effort.. feeling so helpless and shitty in the middle of the late nights 😦 NOT THE TOP SCORER BUT STILL, who cares about that when you got 15/40 and 14/30 previously. I know those owling nights from 2am to 6am purely mugging Physics + Math, doing Trigo & Log (my most hopeless topics) , are all worth it. The sleep I lost, it’s all worth it 🙂 For this final push of the year..

Love Heymath love everything, love all the practices that I chionged.. & not forgetting, thank you to Kim Yao so much for teaching me how to draw Trigo graphs just because I was sleeping in that lesson 😦 Or else I wouldn’t have earned those 6 marks in my paper, hee. Really, thanks so much :D:D

Geog & Chem were returned today but I didn’t take those papers.. but our class didn’t do very well 😦 Did the Chem paper yesterday night and I think I’ll do really badly under exam conditions too. Must mug Y3 chem during the holidays or else I won’t be able to catch up with everyone. I think I’d die next year without exemptions for these subject. Sigh, I’ll set a goal for myself to take all the examination papers next year. Must start mugging early 🙂 Start the mugging culture within myself!

Fearing for LA Essay, Chinese & CID now. Let’s hope for the best, because I know I had put in effort this EOYs and I should not regret any score I get… I guess. No matter how horribly I’ve done for LA, guess that’s just my true ability. :/

Time to go off to do other stuff now. Woohoo, motivated. Must do my best for everything from now… Gotta memorise the script for Outreach soon 🙂 maybe tonight if I’ve the time.


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