I completely flunked Chinese Paper 1 that was received today.

I admit I didn’t work very hard for the paper, but what the, the score are completely -.- below my expectations thanks. I know my Chinese already damn noob but I didn’t know it would be THAT noob. Seriously 语文表达 3/9? Wow -.- that’s truly remarkable.

Also, I didn’t do well for LA Essay as I said. Sigh, I worked so hard for it. Memorised like mad across all 3 topics and tried my very best to ATQ. But still can’t do well…. perhaps I’m just not cut out for expository essays -.- Didn’t do very well last test either. Last test I didn’t study much and I actually got a B3. Now I’ve dropped to…. kns

WHATEVER. I wasn’t that much affected until my dad said..

“为什么英文考 B 而已? 这么差, 好像越读越笨这样。”

Thanks that was so extremely encouraging, wah so freaking pissed I just dao-ed my dad, threw my bag on the floor and went straight to bed. Where I’m blogging now -_-

ASDFGHJHGFDSD PEKCEK WHAT THE I WORK SO HARD FOR SHITTY RESULTS NOT MY FAULT RIGHT. Wah damn angry and sad 😦 feeling depressed all over again. I really tried my best to study what do you exactly want me to do… It can’t be helped what… 😦

Haiz. Shall go sleep now. Good luck to the Part Bs for Orienteering Competition tomorrow. You guys have worked hard, no matter what the result is you guys will do fine 🙂 woohoo leave class at 10am. But that means that I will have to miss Eat-With-Your-Class-Day again.

Sigh, nevermind. Sacrifices have to be made for everything…


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