Orienteering Competition

Great job to the Part Bs today, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise afterall that it rained? 5th position is damn good liao lor (ahem compare to us first hahaha) Since I guess you guys did OKAY for theory 🙂 Hehe. Am very very proud of you guys, you guys worked hard~

Attended only 2 hours of lessons today? FTW LOL. Whole day was NCC. Sigh. Was so bored at HQ~ until the prize presentation lololol I remember Gertie & I were worried sick when they haven’t come back LOL. Oh well luckily the tide’s over~

I’m still quite sad about Chinese. ): I know it’s really really common for me to do badly, but I haven’t seen such a score before…

Sigh don’t even know what to pack for school now, shall go to school with an empty bag. Looking less and less forward to school nowadays, just so tired of the horrible routine… getting really tired of RV. It’s really tiring, after exams. I don’t even know why.  😦 So tired of everything, I can’t wait for holidays to come. I don’t feel like going back to school anymore…


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