Packed Schedule

The past few days have been filled with nothing but ROD, CIP and loadsa preparation, don’t even have time to mug my Physics and Math that I can’t understand during lesson 😦

But I’m really enjoying every day that passes with my platoonmates because well, anything you do will be fun with awesome company. Especially when Charlie ’11 comes together, its simply more than awesome hahaha.

Took a lot of pictures during the process, will upload all of them after Sunday. And oh Lang Arts free period now that’s why I can blog hahaha, won’t be blogging much this week ohwells don’t even have spare time because I’ve something to keep me occupied every single day.

I hope this week will end quickly so that holidays will finally come and we can get our well-deserved rest. On another note, I hope all the fun and joy we have in this last week of school will never end. 😦


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