Challenge Quest 2011

Slightly outdated, but all the busy days are finally over and I finally have some time to blog. My blog stats are falling, it seems like I’m the only one reading my own blog HAHAH

Uploading pictures right now so I’ll prefer to blog about Challenge Quest LOL.


Okay Challenge Quest was on the 27th of October. 3 years ago, it was an extremely horrible day. I even tweeted the day before the competition “3 years ago it was a horrible day, hope it will not be the same this year.”

And the curse happened again. -.- When we reached HQ it was about 1pm, and registration was to close at 2pm. I saw people taking out their ez-link cards, then our Part B didn’t bring her ez-link card. Which was totally CRAP because we asked the Maam, “Maam, if never bring ez-link card, will we minus marks?”

“Of course! 50 points!” was the reply. My heart sank. On the school bus I even asked her “Hey, you got bring ezlink? Oh never ah, nevermind, I don’t think need.”

I felt so horrible, it felt like everything was my fault. I didn’t inform them, I didn’t read the AI properly, I didn’t check properly before we went out. Orienteering the same thing happened (the shit about the compass), and this time it happened once again. Not forgetting FSD when I completely screwed up just because of minor slips.

I myself couldn’t even do 50 pumpings and here I was, giving 50 points away. I didn’t even care about the competition, it felt so horrible. I just felt that we’re going to do so badly for BUC again. Last year I pulled down the BUC, and if we were to minus 50 points now, what are the chances of maintaining a gold again this year?

We asked Sir to ask ANY random platoonmate, senior, or teacher to just rush down, and he kept saying,


NO CANNOT, at most you don’t win this competition.

NO CANNOT, you think teachers very free ah?

NO, treat it as a lesson learnt lor.

This is life.


I.FELT.LIKE.KILLING.SIR.SO.BAD šŸ˜¦ Then I just burst out, all those trainings in the morning for nothing? All those coordination, all those staying back after act just to chiong run, all those muscle aches every weekend. All for freaking..nothing?

Then after so long of calling we managed to get Senior Xiuyun to rush down for the ezlink, then Sir lent an umbrella from a random HCI guy carrying it and ran to Admin Branch to change our penalty points with all our ez-links. He had to run to and fro twice because they needed the ezlink card of all the team members haha. Maam Peijia helped us a lot too, by spamming phone calls to all the seniors. After that Sir was so nice LOL but before I seriously felt like killing him.

And thankfully, everything paid off because we managed to clinch 2nd for girls šŸ™‚ This year got 4 awards, last year only got one lol :/ Especially the skipping component. We screwed up the first jump, then the second jump onwards it was 50 consecutive. SUPER SHOCKING LOL WE HAVE NEVER HIT SUCH A STANDARD BEFORE, at most 30+. First time we jump 50 consecutive with a crying Jiawen LOL. Yes it felt great because it seems like our efforts did pay off šŸ™‚

And congrats to the RV Guys for clinching 2nd in West district too! You guys trained hard too, and thankyou so much for teaching us the skill we much needed for our skipping! RVNCC ALWAYS THE BEST šŸ˜€

This was such an amazing… nerve-wrecking competition/experience. But after committing the same mistake thrice, I swear I’ll never commit the same mistake again. NEVER.

//and after the competition we found out that the 50 points wouldn’t affect BUC -__- WHAT THE. But at least, because of all our panicking and shit we managed to get the ezlink card eventually šŸ™‚ And of course, winning the competition was a ++++bonus too šŸ˜€


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