Losing my things

Hate losing my things so much.

EVEN if it’s just something small, like a pin or whatever, I still can’t stand it.

Especially when it’s because someone threw away something that’s obviously yours. Bloody hell, did I tell you to touch my belongings. I left it there intact for a reason. Just because it looks like rubbish doesn’t mean it’s rubbish.

Venting my anger on everyone now.

Couldn’t keep it for the first time and now I lost the 2nd one too. :@ ANGRY LIKE A MAD COW. ESPECIALLY MEANINGFUL THINGS. IT’S JUST SO ANNOYING.

And today swimming wasn’t very pleasant either. It was a public holiday, but I only found out upon reaching the place, so I swam with my father first. And the people there just kept criticising my swimming. Ask me to use my hip to swim?! whatever. Then asked me 为什么小孩子不会放直手的. SHH, I BET I SWAM BETTER THAN YOU AS A CHILD.

Seriously, just swim your own. I have no intention to take part in competitions and get owned. And so what if I put in too much effort in my swimming, I CAN LOSE MORE WEIGHT THAN YOU.

Roar I seriously damn angry today -.- I’m going to shout at the next person who disturbs me. IT’S A BAD DAY.


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