After so long, finally I have some days when I’m completely at home doing nothing. And actually finding something to do. 😀

2C chalet’s just over and just like RVNCC chalet, I don’t feel like blogging about it because I don’t have pictures anymore LOL. Just that Issac attended and it was a pleasant surprise- I wonder if he’ll ever see this but he’s a really changed person. Hope he’ll always continue to be like that and hopefully his past doesn’t come back to haunt him.

I hardly bring my camera around now for the fact that there are many DSLR holders and I’m lazy to take pictures. Yeah. But I think I fully used its worth already, I recall paying about $300+ for it in 2008. Okay that hurts actually, but anyway a pig sister brought the camera to USA with 2 batteries and now it’s left with one.

I still wonder where the other one went.

11/11/11 was yesterday and I forgot to blog. What holy shit 😦 read the papers today that 574 couples got married.

Hmm okay la not a lot actually.

Lost my ez-link card today, I don’t know if I left it in South View Primary School during Outreach Session (which was very fun today because there are parentssss :)) or dropped it in my teacher’s car on the way to SVPS. Anyway I’ve already called the hotline to disable the ez-link card so no matter what I’ll still have to pay the $18 admin replacement fee. 😦

And now I have to create a library card because I can’t use my ez-link anymore. Shucks, no longer as multi-purpose. Can only blame myself for dumbly being careless, why didn’t I put it in my bag. It probably fell out when I took my handphone in and out of my pocket :/

Sucks, for the first time. Stored value still got like $38 or something, so very glad there will be a refund for concession cards :/ Still remember how Kim Yao said “Later you lose your ezlink card” and I’m like “I won’t lose it lah, I put it separately so even if I lose my wallet, I won’t lose my ezlink card.”

What kind of shit was that -_- Heaven’s trying to punish me for saying those?

Don’t even dare to tell my parents, I’ve been spending so much money on shit like these. But I’ll fork out my own money because it’s my own stupid fault -.-

Not forgetting that my phone bill exceeded $8+ 😦 I know it’s a really small amount to exceed but I don’t see how I called 152minutes last month, I don’t even remember calling anyone for more than 5minutes. I’m very very very sure my touchscreen didn’t lock and something stupid happened. Urgh.

Suck it up I’ll just have less money to spend this holiday. Sorry Mum & Dad for wasting money 😦


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