Basic Survival Course

Back from 2 days of Pulau Ubin! Oh dear, it was definitely a very enriching experience, really liked it 😛

Taught on the edibility of plant food etc, how to test/identify edibility, knots, firemaking, tent pitching/dismantling, make traps/shelters, hunt for food, skin animals, find water on trees. HAHAHA. All in 2 days 🙂

And guess what. Like a boss, mustered the courage to skin the frog :DD Not trying to be inhumane here but I’ll never get a chance in my life again, so I’m soooo glad I actually had the guts to step forward and volunteer. And dig out all the gall bladder, kidney, intestines.. etc.. couldn’t get the intestine line out because it was so slippery. Putting out the skin was quite horrid, didn’t have nails so I had to use pure force. And damn it couldn’t come off because it stuck to the frog.

It’s quite sad when you catch it, lock the frog in place and then the heart is beating, and it’s struggling and struggling to get out of your grip. Then before you know it, you slam and the tongue is out. It’s dead. ): Quite sad actually, some people were crying during the process because it’s really quite cruel. Doing it yourself ain’t as cruel as watching though. That’s how I feel la.

And the next fun part was the Night Walk! Siao, totally cannot see anything. It’s really like closing your eyes, and I’m like thank god whenever I see a lightstick. Which means I’m on the right track 😀 Accidentally walked into the tentage area and I’m like hmm. Wrong area, then walked out LOL.

They purposely put two white plastic bags by your side (with a lightstick inside) to make you feel like people are following you behind (and you won’t dare to turn back). I didn’t know until the other girls told us, I felt like there was reflection but I ignored it all the way.

The Sir said use this as your motivation: Imagine your loved one is in there and you have to go save him/her. Then I just walked like a boss with my hands in my pocket. Siao like completely fearless in the dark night. Then I walk every few steps I’ll tap on the floor to check if it’s concrete LOL. Didn’t walk on the bush at all hoho and didn’t shout for help! 😀

And midway I could hear the walkie-talkie “WHERE IS NUMBER 7!” “7 has marked my position.” Walao so obvious LOL. Did I walk too slowly 😛


Morning PT was fine, the quick walk was horrible though LOL I’D RATHER RUN ANYTIME. Food was damn amazing I finished the whole packet every meal hahaha and just nice fullness ^^ Overall the course was fun, really enjoyed it, because I sort of cut of contact with the world for (2 days), but still, it’s been a long time since I actually did that.

Oh and Jiawei & I were like bosses. We had the lightest bags (actually, I HAD because Jiawei brought… BREAD?!) while everyone else carried sleeping bags, shoe bags, 1.5litre bottles, groundshets, brought mess tin and everything. Super big and full bags then they can’t even balance LOL THANK YOU LOVELY PLATOONMATES FOR THE “UPDATED PACKING LIST”.

Definitely learnt something from this course. Happy happy! But I’m itching all over from the rashes post-course, especially the area around my garters 😦 Rashes in a circle damn. Hope it’ll get better by tomorrow! Even though sleeping conditions weren’t too good, sanitation was crap (NO WASHING OF HANDS AFTER USING TOILET/FLUSH DOESN’T WORK FOR ALL TOILETS), no bathing, no brushing of teeth (but I cheated and used mouthwash)…..



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