It’s been a cool last 5 days, with today ending off with Delta Company dinner treated by Tijany 😀

The 4D3N stay-in at HQ was really really carefree, first two days we just headed to Sumo House, bought Koi and went back HQ to spend the night. Spending 30 minutes to bathe, shouting in the toilet like nobody’s business because no girls are there to snatch the toilet from you, being afraid like a boss when the automatic lights turn off… playing uno late into the night and polishing shoes like pathetic girls along the corridor. And not sleeping at all on the 3rd night, behaving like a troll the next day..
….and was even able to sleep while standing, and the moment I sit on a chair I’ll just doze off.

It’s really part of an experience I’ll never forget.

And of course, my lovely Team 16 WE’RE SEXY AND WE KNOW IT that I’ll never forget. Last minute team, last minute AIs (was originally in Team 1) and LAST MINUTE AWARD! 4th place was really surprising because they were so last minute and their routine wasn’t completed by the end of Day 3. Not forgetting Randy, Shiyuan and I are all Ngs, SSC Platoon 4, and drill mutual 2. How amazing.

I really really miss FSD Course already. That 4 days were really the best times of this year, and FSD Course will always remain the best course, still 🙂

SM “Why do people want to go to Freestyle course?”
SIMPLY “Because it’s fun.”

I love all my AIs, the Uno clique, Delta Coy, Team 16. Everything’s just so amazing, taking away all my horrible moodswings, making me laugh until tummy ache. Really love NCC people 🙂 These are the only people you know who will never betray you, and will always stay by your side no matter what, just like my platoonmates 😀


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