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Oh well, today is the last day of 2011. And I shall not touch any homework or revision because that would totally spoil the significance of it 🙂

So.. Many things went on this year. Especially…

1. NCC

Of course, what marked 2011, has definitely got to be FSD. As an event, this would probably be the best and worst memory of 2011. Started the year off well, I guess. February 19 drew nearer and nearer. We started 60-day countdowns when our routine was barely up yet. We started meetings with no goal in mind.

We had completely no idea what to do/how to start, and our December and January months were completely filled up. Looking for inspiration and realising that there’s nothing original. In class in the morning, I’d honestly dread FSD Practice. It was horrible with no progress.

Sometimes, I feel really really sucky, and there are definitely other members who can be a better IC than me. I wasn’t the one who came up with most moves, I wasn’t the one who led the team in everything, and I WAS THE ONE who kept on missing practices because of orientation, just to see the doctor (isn’t this a common excuse to miss CCA?), and Jiawei/Jieling/Jiawen/Chenxi had to tank everything.

Those months made me felt like a failure, and there’s study stress too. But I focused on CCA much more than academics because it was the only chance in my cadet life- and the worst of everything, I was sick. Very sick. I was sick for 3 months, and my sore throat kept on coming back, for goodness knows what reason. I didn’t have enough sleep, perhaps. Being able to sleep at 1am daily was a blessing, and I had sinus for 3 months. I exhausted so many packets of tissue paper during those months.

I wasn’t even able to rest on weekends- because those weekends were the only free time we had to meet up and come up with even more. I was mentally and physically strained.

Our practice area every-single-day with our pathetic small speakers, and squeezing for space with the guys 😀

Repeating this photo for the 3rd time.

Well, we did well for Districts, but not for Finals. So I guess, that mistake we made during Finals… it’ll always be my biggest regret. Those 3 months of effort, all I feel is that it went down the drain. Nothing else.

But oh well, we were lucky enough to be pushed into the 5 schools performing for NCCDP because Fuhua was Best Land Unit (i.e. involved in GOH). And of course, that’s a pleasant memory, with RVNCC (G) and (B) peforming together 🙂 Made many many new friends as well. And NCCDP 2011 is definitely, the best memory for FSD.

NCCDP team memories 🙂 No.3 with Pants hehehe.

With the Pasir Ris girls, hehe.

And of course, not forgetting RVNCC (G) + (B)!

Thinking back, if I were to restart the months from January, I’ll never do it again. It’s too tiring for me to even endure all that again. Perhaps I would restart the finals? Sigh.

Then there was Spec Course Phase 2! This was totally the milestone of my cadet life- when everybody becomes specialists. Everyday I was equipped with disappointment after I came home from my tests- I felt that I flunked my trainfire (I REALLY DID, NO KIDDING), didn’t do as well for IFC as in school, didn’t have enough initiative… and worst of all, it’s the feeling of disappointing the unit. Failing to carry on the success of the previous batches.

Perhaps I set my personal expectations too high, but I really felt that I could have done better in many ways.

Not very glam but it was a nice moment! Hahaha 😀

The award winners in Alpha Platoon 1, together with our PC Sir Justin and APC Maam Janice 🙂

With our platoonmates who came to support us! No idea where’s Annqing and Jiawei 😦

RVNCC (G)! With the donuts that I brought home 😀

Never in my life would I have expected to clinch an award! It’s not some bigass award or anything, but I worked hard for Spec Course. There would definitely be people who are unhappy about me getting it, but I dare say I’ve worked hard for it, so I can ignore those comments 🙂

And 4/4 2SG from Phase 2, not to forget of course! We were really, really happy 🙂

Not forgetting POP, when we officially took over the company…

Before POP, NDP Celebrations, entire NCC slacking at the back 😀 Because we couldn’t sit on floor in No.3 hehehe.

From above, however, I can’t say the same for SSC. I don’t really exactly know how I even got into the nominated 3 (or 5?) for interview, because I was like a sick bird. During lectures I couldn’t even pay attention because my stomach was being an ass, rumbling around… even vomited after the lecture when everyone was doing pace stick drills.

I was forced to fall out after morning PT (how ironical) for that 3minutes, before I fell in back because I REFUSED to be like a useless kid. During then, it was the mindset of “This is your last course, screw it up and you’ll have no more chances.” It was horrid, to say the least.

And during armdrill mutuals, I was perspiring profusely- but the wind is so cold!!!!! Ohmygosh, it sucks to be sick during a course -.- But I survived through those 2 horrible days and I was finally fine during foot drill mutuals.

It must have been a blessing. I honestly think I did well for my foot drill mutuals, didn’t miss out any important points. All those worrying was for nothing. Practising in front of your mirror like a retard really helps, heh.

SSC West + Sea Bravo Platoon 4!

Never expected this too, definitely.

Award winners from the course, dominated by West 😀

It’s definitely understandable if everyone is sore at me for getting the award. Firstly, I myself can definitely see people in the platoon who pia-ed much more than me, and well it sort of sucks to win it from them too :/ And to top it off, I was sick. My standard was definitely much lower than what I could actually show.

Sigh, another regret for me too. But of course very proud of my other platoonmates who definitely deserved it 🙂 Jiawen, Jieling and Gertie. And then there’s Weihan who got his wish! Hahaha 🙂

OF course,

ROD 2011 + CIP @ Taman Jurong CC!

A month of being busy, rushing to buy materials, but that sure made a lot of time for company bonding, and I’m quite sure that RVNCC (G) and (B) got quite close from these two events 🙂 Had to work well together, cooperate and everything. And those were the amazing busy days I’ll never forget.

Then there’s Challenge Quest 2011, training up a month in advance, meeting every morning to chiong pumpings and situps to improve our physical standard (I would dare say I’m much more fit than I was 6 months ago). There were slip-ups during the competition but thank god it still ran smoothly..

Finally brought something back for the unit after so long 🙂 2nd for girls!

Then there’s Engineer Camp, Basic Survival Course, all of which has no pictures. But they were fun! Really really fun, things that I’ll have never expected myself to enjoy since I joined the CCA in Y1 🙂

RVNCC Annual Company chalet was fun as well, the first night the whole place just belonged to us heh. But from the busy week all of us were really tired, and we spent most time in the chalet sleeping and slacking the day away :/ Okay but it was still fun! CCA chalets are always the craziest, wildest time that all of us will have. And heh, it was a real special chalet- a truly vulgar chalet hahaha. (reminded of KBox, those who went would get what I mean :D)

And not forgetting, FSD AI.

Delta Company!
It was a coincidence to be in the same team as Randy and Shi Yuan, and definitely enjoyable. The stayover nights with Jiawei Tina Arina and Shiyuan was equally awesome too, gossiping and eating at night, playing Uno at night, treating HQ like our home, to return to after dinner 😀 It was a fun-filled 4 days.

Team 16 was amazing as well, they came in 4th! That may not be very glamorous to some, but it was purely based on their own efforts, everyone putting in ideas together, working hard to finish the routine, coming to HQ at 6am (like WOW?) just to rehearse more. I’m soooo very proud of them 🙂

Also, there’s 61st COC, when I got to wear a No.1 with Yixin for the first time..

61st COC Flag party! 😀

Engineer Camp group! 😀

RVNCC! Forever awesome hehehe.

Camwhored like mad that day, it doesn’t feel that long ago 😦 Will always cherish those memories!

There are countless other small memories such as watching NDP 2011 (or selections), going to watch FSD Districts for Central, March Camp, Space Course, but they don’t make up a major part of everything so yea 😀

Other NCC pictures!

Excitedly camwhoring with Yixin’s new-bought DSLR hahaha 😀

Camwhore queens during Post-Exam Activities hahaha 😀 Nice picture!

Going to HQ for the ceremony while NDP 2011 were preparing to head to the… that area beside Flyer 😀

Phase 3 POP 😀 I’m in No.4 because I rushed there immediately after Space Course!

Being gay at MacDonalds because all of us were so happy 😀 (post Phase 3)

That CIP in May that lasted 7 hours, my feet were breaking 😦

Huimin’s birthday celebration in April, looking through this album really makes me very happy 😀 Everyone looks so genuinely happy!

Tomorrow, the Part As will officially be Part Bs. Part Bs 2012. And I hope they will start to like the CCA, no matter how tough it may be for them. Hopefully, enjoy CCA acts as well. That’s my biggest wish as their PC 🙂

And this basically spells out Part C 2011 life. Definitely very fulfilling, and I enjoyed every bit of it 🙂 Part C is probably the best year in NCC already, I hope the Part Cs 2012 will have as much fun as we did! All the friends I’ve met in NCC as well, caused my friend count to jump from 300+ pre-Spec Course to 600+ now, and I actually made a few really really close friends in NCC 🙂 I feel very blessed to meet all of you!

Truly truly love my platoonmates, of course 😀 RVNCC Charlie ’11, it’s our last day as Charlie. Hope we’ll always remain strong as 12, remain close, and remember all the promises we made together alright! Down the road I’ll always remember 🙂

And I know, no matter how many years down, joining NCC/putting NCC as my 6th CCA choice will be something I’ll never, ever regret in my life! 😀 RVNCC has provided me with the best memories ever, great times that I will never forget for a lifetime.

2. School

I was extremely lucky to be nominated as the chairperson the first day I came into 3G. I mean, really lucky. Coupled with my CCA stress, I’m really glad that everyone understood me, didn’t kaobei me for anything. It was tiring at times, having to collect forms, remember deadlines, collecting some subject homework if the subject rep wasn’t around.

But it was fun working with Kenny! (and throwing a lot of saikang job to him, like walking to the General Office- LIKE WHY ON EARTH IS OUR CAMPUS SO HUGE)

And then my academics went really well this year. Despite all the CCA commitments, stress and everything, I guess my teachers helped me a lot. Mr Chen, Mrs Lim, Mr Chan, Ms Loh (Mdm Ong as well!!)… teachers who I’ll remember the most for pushing up my grades. And to be very honest I was REAL annoyed with Mr Chua for putting down NCC in front of the entire school, totally generalising us -_- Entire school UG people were all raging- because now it’s “NCC’s turn”, after SJAB and NPCC were put down in the earlier months. We were already despised by all, and what he said just made things so much worse. But he helped me for Physics, consultation and everything so.. hahaha. Looks like I can’t say much on here.

Failing tests were horrible, printing my results slip and placing it everywhere to remind me of my horrible failed grades, putting my failed test marks as the first page in every file to remind myself to study whenever I open it. Math and Physics were exceptionally disgusting. I swear failures are my source of motivation. But eventually, I did well 🙂 Hard work does pay off.

And the focus is not at the GPA 4 T_T I’m seriously not niao-ing anyone omg. I mean, look at the C5 and D7 (horrible Term 3 column) and underlines were something I’ve never gotten… so yeah 😦 it’s just a failure of personal expectations… Especially at subjects that I once was good at.

Edusave scholarship! (not bursary woo) 😀 Yeaaaa I have never dreamt of it appearing in secondary school life!

3G was really fun too, they helped me survive through (SOME) boring lessons, and even though some (from other classes as well) may hate 3G, I’m very glad to be in this class, and I wouldn’t be able to imagine myself in any other 😀 Made a really close friend this year- Sarah duh! 😀 See this don’t ego kay! Regretfully, I couldn’t stay for the full duration of 3G Chalet 😦 Hope there’ll be another next year!

3G during LCD Camp!

Will always remember the major event- RV Carnival 2011. Everyone was so tired and everything, but it was fun! An entire day of doing everything, doing accounts, sorting out the prizes and trying to attract people to our games store.

Looking forward to the next chairpersons! Hehehe 😀

3. Relationships

This might be the first time I actually leak (a bit) about my emotional streak on Twitter near the end of years.

Yeah just like any other girl, I’m foolish because I didn’t listen to my own advice since Y1. I fell too hard, I believed too much, and I kept it too well.

But still, thank you for the encouragements through the busy periods, thank you for the help you were always willing to offer, thank you for everything that ever made me happy.

Some ask me why I refuse to leak anything about it. To make it simple, I am selfish. I don’t want people to judge me, and people telling me shit like “It’s just puppy love, it won’t last.” Yes, it is annoying.

Things are sour now- and will always remain sour, but I can only blame myself for being dumb. Because I should have known better.

I guess there’s this generalisation in everyone that I will never like guys/I’m a lesbian or whatever. And if anyone is shocked that I would actually fall for someone, I told you I was straight. 🙂

2011 was a great year of memories, experiences, and things that will remain with me for a lifetime. I really really love 2011, and it’s my favourite year, YET. I don’t bother making any New Year Resolutions because I know it’s gonna depress me December 31 2012 when I realise none has been accomplished.

And lastly an event that just happened a week ago- My birthday!

My lovely family 🙂 Who’s always there for me 😀

Let’s hope my wishes come true 🙂

Thank you to my platoonmates for coming down! Jiawen, Chenxi, Yixin, Huimin, Jieling. And thank you for all the presents, and all the well-wishes from everyone, no matter where I received them 😀

This year passed really fast, extremely fast. They just go faster and faster, and I’m glad it was a great year overall 🙂 I’m not ready for Y4 yet, but I dare say, I’m done with Y3!

This might be the last post of 2011. 🙂

Let’s hope 2012 will be an equally great year as well!


One more day.

Omy my favourite year 2011 is ending soon 😦
And what am I doing?

Homework. 😀

Okay, I’m only left with R10, R11, R12, SCS Essay, Sihan, Zuowen, Duhougan, and memorising 100 shit.

That ain’t a lot actually. Compared to how much I had left on Christmas 😀 And you know what there isn’t SCS and Chinese on Tuesday which means I’m left with Math to complete for school reopening HAHAHA.

Omg you see! Strategise yay.

Shall pia Revision 10/11 (say say only) today, I’m not going to do any homework tomorrow 😀 Shall purely play for the whole day, the last day to slack before school reopen pleasee. New Year’s eve woohoo can’t wait for countdown with platoonmates 😀

Okay this post was to wake me up from toa cah soh, seriously damn boring ._. AND REPEATED ONCE AGAIN, I’m losing faith in interpersonal relationships woohoo, everyone is so bloody fake ewwww and things change so easily. It hurts very much to dgaf when it’s everything on your mind, but who cares? 😀

And at the end of it all, no one gives a shit anyway~ well well well.


I’m a blessed girl

Cards to presents anytime wheeeeee love all the stuff written with sincerity (L) hearts!!! Especially handwritten ones, really damn (L) hehehe. All the cards this year from this year yayyy 😀

And of course something I expect every year- HI BURNING QUESTION WITHIN ME WHY DOES EVERYONE CALL ME A PIG/HUIPIG, RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

But anyway, thank you to the friends who came into my life, supported me, helped me, and never left.

Really, really thankful. 🙂 Am a blessed girl. So I should stop whining -.-

Random shit:

And my cupboard decorated with all the photo frames given to me, ROD presents and my trophies HAHAHA DAMN COOLL Alpha09, Bravo10 and Charlie11 all spotted in there 😀

Didn’t know Clementi got such scenic view omg damn cool.

Wow Jieling writing on my Geog Coasts notes ftw I only saw all the scribblings few days ago LOL CHOO ARE YOU SO BORED. Meh feel bad for ignoring coasts during lesson HAHAHA

Mind effing all the Macs people today when we went down to buy takeaway for 12 people during Act hahaha they counted over and over again, waited super long LOL. But they damn patient anddddd…. yeah 😀 damn nice


PDS is so cool omg. Random but D: and RV FSD GIRLS + BOYS 2012 jiayouuuuuuu :)))))))

And hmm I should upload photos to Photobucket soon instead of hosting on WordPress, I’m afraid one day I don’t use it anymore then all my photos will poof and bye D:

Signing off with..

Only bottom two words important!!! Yay like duhhhh!!!!! HEHEHE AWW JIAWEN IKR :))

Time to chiong homework, hope to finish R10/11/12 by tomorrow. I really really don’t want to do homework on New Year’s Eve/New Year ugh.

Happy Birthday!

Okay all my relatives and friends are gone and here I am at home with aching legs for standing for… 2 hours?! T_T but hmm it was cool hehehe.

Was a great day, thank you to all relatives and friends for coming over hehehe, platoonmates, thanks! Hahaha hope it wasn’t awkward with my relatives around. Just talked rubbish~ and sorry it was gonna be awkward :/ hahaha.

Booo no pictures yet, Yixin’s DSLR was like god today because everyone else held compact cameras HAHAHA WOO YIXIN. Sister camwhored like mad HAHAHA.

Siblings and relatives went to watch Sherlock Holmes, which I watched yesterday, hence I didn’t tag along~~ Oops hahaha 😀

Oh well, ending the birthday soon. Which means I gotta start on homework soon. 😦 Like.. tomorrow. Ponning FSD AI Outing to finish homework, let’s hope I’ll be productive tomorrow -__- Shall switch off my handphone until I’ve got 3 things done!!

Wanted to go somewhere today but everyone got curfew so eewww!!! Went home at like 10.30pm LOL Wish I was born a guy 😦

…and the clock goes tick tock, I’m officially 15 :(((( So old, gosh my NAPFA gets tougher urgh.

Die liao.

Okay I know this is the worst topic to talk about on my birthday but… homework I’ve left D:

Language Arts Comprehension + Summary paper
Math Panpac Revision Exercises 10/11/12 + Worksheet 17 (WHICH I LOST T.T)
Physics Assignment 14 on Latent Heat and whatever
Chemistry Worksheet (thousands of questions gosh)
1 DUHOUGAN on a Chinese movie that I barely paid attention to 😦 Don’t even know what’s the title ohmy.
Geog Holiday Assignment (of so many questions and charts T.T)
SCS Essay on Singapore’s present development (how do I even start)

KKK GG THIS IS A REMINDER THAT I REALLY NEED TO…. START HOMEWORK SOON ZZ instead of just writing my name on the foolscap paper and throwing everything aside omg.