First time drawing No.1

Wahaha went with Yixin and met Tijany on the way, and met Ian at HQ.

TO DRAW NO.1 FOR COC PARADE TRALALALA. Still can’t get over how lucky I am~ heh 😀 Really never thought I’ll geapt a chance to wear No.1 in my life 🙂

Omg I thought I gonna try like 3 minute, take a random top and leave the store.

THEN WE HAD TO FIND A PERFECT SHIRT. OMG WTS. And need the buttons for Staff Sgt rank so that it’s easier to put on. So we had to find a top which sleeves fit perfectly, collar when put together won’t die… I FOUND OUT I AM SO UNIQUE-SIZED, no one else my size has worn No.1 before -___- So the best top I’ve found is one with stains and MARKSMAN BADGE! WHO THE HELL WORE IT BEFORE ME, GOT TWO BIG HOLES ON THE LEFT SLEEVE 😦 Ugly but omg sacrifices to be made for a perfect sized top?! I NOT MARKSMAN CAN’T AH 😦 The sleeves were almost touching my knuckles anyway but NO MORE OTHER SIZES LIAO LA so duh bo bian ._.

Not forgetting the pants, must touch the corridor of your boot, cannot be too tight (I MEAN DUH) and siao it’s either too long or too short (OR DUH TOO TIGHT) HELLO IS THERE NO FEMALE IN NCC THAT’S 156CM?!!?! 😦 Don’t want horrible memories of NCCDP to repeat again- CANNOT EAT DINNER OR ELSE CANNOT FIT INTO PANTS so I had to find something more loose LOL

After 1hour yeayyy! DONE! Then there’s the peak cap @#$#@&$*#@$& and once again MY HEAD SIZE IS SO DARN SPECIAL.

Buttons and rank all that they helped us. Then went gift shop and sent my buttons for tailoring because the person before me don’t know how sew buttons LOL NOT ON THE LINE AT ALL so yeahhhh spent $6 FOR 6 BUTTONS BLEH THE NEXT STAFF SGT WEARING THE SAME NO.1 TOP AS ME BETTER BE THANKFUL FOR MY GENEROSITY 😦

HAPPY TO have drawn the uniform though! 😀 It feels damn shuang carrying the uniform cover back hahaha. Once again, I never thought I’ll have a chance to wear No.1! Looking forward to COC Parade + Rehearsals now 🙂 Especially when most likely my whole family turning up hehehe. MY FAMILY’S THE BEST, AND WILL ALWAYS BE (L)


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