Happy Birthday!

Okay all my relatives and friends are gone and here I am at home with aching legs for standing for… 2 hours?! T_T but hmm it was cool hehehe.

Was a great day, thank you to all relatives and friends for coming over hehehe, platoonmates, thanks! Hahaha hope it wasn’t awkward with my relatives around. Just talked rubbish~ and sorry it was gonna be awkward :/ hahaha.

Booo no pictures yet, Yixin’s DSLR was like god today because everyone else held compact cameras HAHAHA WOO YIXIN. Sister camwhored like mad HAHAHA.

Siblings and relatives went to watch Sherlock Holmes, which I watched yesterday, hence I didn’t tag along~~ Oops hahaha 😀

Oh well, ending the birthday soon. Which means I gotta start on homework soon. 😦 Like.. tomorrow. Ponning FSD AI Outing to finish homework, let’s hope I’ll be productive tomorrow -__- Shall switch off my handphone until I’ve got 3 things done!!

Wanted to go somewhere today but everyone got curfew so eewww!!! Went home at like 10.30pm LOL Wish I was born a guy 😦

…and the clock goes tick tock, I’m officially 15 :(((( So old, gosh my NAPFA gets tougher urgh.


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