RV UG Exhibition 2012

I was tracking my old posts to find out more about the UG exhibitions the past few years..

And I found this LOL I stil can’t get over how fair I am omg. It’s the difference between pre-NCC and post-NCC HAHAHA.

But at least I know I’ll never regret joining this CCA hehehe. Reading this post makes me laugh. But come to think of it, at least I resigned to my fate and I was one of the only few people who went for the UG Exhibition in 2009 LOL. I remember Senior Shereen was super super super high when promoting it to me hahaha. And the day I entered NCC LOL. I can’t believe my NCC life is coming to an end soon…? half more year, and it’s going to be over… I can’t imagine, “that sickening 4 years”, it went by too quick isn’t it?

Today is a sore throat I haven’t gotten in a long while- hardselling our CCA like mad, holding the 10 iPads loaned from the school and chionging to every single Year 1 class, asking “I’m sorry 1G (eg), I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE 3 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME.” Fighting all the cheers and whatever that the Y1s were doing, and fighting the music volume in the canteen, fighting the cheers volume, just to promote NCC. My throat is dying.

Started going off about ICEP- riding on camels (?!) and visits to places like USA Germany New Zealand and.. India? (main selling point of the day), how our uniforms are free (?!), space course (sitting on flight simulator, showed my face to them hahaha) and there’s the occasional show off line “Personally, I’m flying off to New Zealand next week while most of you are studying, it’s a NCC initiative”… which makes them go wahhh (HAHAHA)

Ripped all pictures off Facebook and I’m sure most of the Year 1s were quite interested after that. Disturbed them again during lunch and kept going around with the iPad promoting and promoting..

but what really makes up the sense of satisfaction is when I asked “Are ya’ll more interested in NCC now?” they will give a nod. And that isn’t a sarcastic one because most of them are shy 😀

And there’s also “What will your first UG choice be?” and most of them “I think I will choose NCC.”

DAMN STEADY YO Y1s you’ll never regret this all your life okay 😀 Oh my I’m so happy hahaha, the success of this UG Exhibition will be determined when the Part As come in in February 😀 Let’s hope there will be at least 15 girls!!! 😀 Guys seemed very very interested in live range and shooting… and THE IPAD LOL.

YAY 😀 It’s a job well done, RVNCC FTW.

I love NCC. 😀


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